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21Like You

Bow Wow & Ciara are the greatest Collaboration! - rogerberbarijr

22Can't Leave 'Em Alone

R you guys sick... This song is like anything.. D 50 cent added his best stuff... It is d best song of ciara... I can bet.. Just listen it 1 time and you will know.. Wht m saying and I mean it..

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23Super Turnt Up
24Dance Like We're Making Love

I love the song the video is amazing and the dances are awesome


Catchty and awesome to dance to, high quality recording I love this

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26Livin' It Up

The song is funny and great.

27Read My Lips
30Ciara to the Stage
31That's Right

The song is totaly and highly underrated. It deserves 2 be at the top 10 come on the chick has a talent. THE SONG IS 4 A CLUB BANGER

33Cool On You

This one of her sexiest songs. This chick freakn hot and her music is good. I'm so addicted to dis song. I give this slow jam a crown

35You Can Get It

Princess of slow jams that's all I can say. Its her softess song ever and her voice gets me laid

36Paint It, Black
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