Top 10 Best Cinderella Songs

One of the best bands to come out of the hair band era. Tom Keifer is a great musician, can play lead and rhythm guitars, piano, sax, steel name it! This band sold a ton of albums, had a ton of airplay for their videos, but they really brought it live also. After years of vocal trouble, lead singer Tom Keifer has never sounded better live and really sounded great on their 2011 tour. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Nobody's Fool - Night Songs
The ultimate Glam Metal power ballad. This song just gives me shivers... One of the best metal songs ever
Rock'n song that full of emotion and power. One of my personal top 10 songs of all time. Simply rock and roll at its best.
Was a great breakout song for them I was junior in High school when I heard it. Great song great memories.
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2Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) - Long Cold Winter
I vote this song this song is amazong
The Greatest Power ballad of the eighten's, knowed from New York to Paris, Moscow & Tokyo. A must heard!
Megadeth - reckoning day
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3Somebody Save Me - Night Songs
Great songs, very catchy, great hook and lyrics that everyone can relate too!
Kick ass love the clip from 91 in philli
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4Coming Home - Long Cold Winter
A straight forward rocker with excellent guitar, vocals and song writing.
Great song specially 4 those that served 4 r country
Simply a great rock song regardless of when it was released. Back to basics.
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5Gypsy Road - Long Cold Winter
Great opening riff. This one gets your blood boiling
Kick ass song, awesome riff. no doubt greatest cinderella song
Why isn't dis nr. one?
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6Heartbreak Station - Heartbreak Station
As a teenager I grew up with the powerful tunes from cinderella. On one hand they could rock the room, and on the other hand they could sing the songs that could touch the heart. Thank you for all the Cinderella for being a part of my life.J. pounds Atlanta, Ga.
One of the best.
Touching heart very much!
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7Night Songs - Night Songs
From the slow build in the beginning this song is a classic!
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Should be higher; amazing slide and vibe
I very very like song shelter
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9Bad Seamstress Blues / Fallin Apart at the Seams - Long Cold Winter
Great bluesy start and then this songs just heats up into a smoking rocker!
Simply put, one of the five best rock song's of all time!
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10Push, Push - Night Songs
One of those songs that sticks in your head, very catchy, fun, and it rocks!
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The Contenders

11Through the Rain - Still Climbing
Sometime sometime through the rain
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12Shake Me - Night Songs
Shake me all night long
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13Nothin' for Nothin' - Night Songs
Very catchy, full of attitude, straight out rocker.
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14Hard to Find the Words - Still Climbing Listen to sample

15Take Me Back - Long Cold Winter
With a lyric like "I was raised by my daddy's hand, my mama taught me how to pray", this one sticks in your head as a rocker that came from the heart!
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16Talk Is Cheap - Still Climbing
My favorite song off a very under rated album. You can feel the anger in this song and the lyrics are biting.
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17Hot and Bothered - Still Climbing Listen to sample

18Hell On Wheels - Night Songs Listen to sample

19Bad Attitude Shuffle - Still Climbing Listen to sample

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