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Orlando not a good place to live. The Disney Company because of their size, dictates the overall wage for the geographical area. And because the Disney Company is big tourist dollars, the Local Newpaper wont highlight big important stories. If you read the New York Post "" that is a Newspaper with a backbone.
Orlando is an amazing city and there is so much to do there!
To many Pedophile arrests at Walt Disney World.

It is going to be the #1 city in the world soon when the tallest building is built there called Miapolis in 2017

3St. Augustine
Surf fishing best in the world at the rocks
A great place to live, we will never move.
I wouldn't mind living in St. Augustine.

4Key West

5Daytona Beach


they'll win the cup this year I like Bruins and lightning


8Fort Lauderdale
I wish I had been to this city! It is very pretty and I would want to go on a cruise if I got there, with my family!


I live in fort lauderdale. I love it, its beutiful downtown, tue beach its just prety I love it.

9St. Petersburg

10Tarpon Springs

The Contenders

I live here so...


Been there. I like Jacksonville




15Fort Myers

16Melbourne Beach
This city has the most stunning beaches without a crowd.
Yes this list finally has it. I love this city


18Treasure Island
I think this is A Great city! Good job offers, Nice houses, And right near the Ocean. I've been planning my dream house for awhile now... And I think I might have found it in Treasure Island, So that's why I think people should vote for Treasure Island
- I wonder why people have not already put Treasure Island on here!

19Plant City
Quite and lots of PLANTS! That's why it's called PLANT City!


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