General Santos City


A wonderful city that have beautiful department store, malls, restaurant, hotels, and other commercial building

The gateway of the south, beautiful malls, highly urbanized, the home of the champion

The best city.. Very young, clean and friendly.

Young and blooming, producing champions!

Its more fun in general santos philippines

The most effective city in Mindanao! Reliable city

A fast-growing city in terms of industrialization, yet offers a low cost of living. Love this place!

One of the progresive sity in mindanao. Have beautiful building

Gensan is the gateway of the south and the land of the champion

Its bomming city and a lot of beaches to adventure

Growing city in fast development will eventually be second to none

I love thi city now we have veranza mall and green leaf hotel

Gensan is very clean, very progressive, a true booming city. A place for chilling and shopping with their giant and elegant malls. One of the treasure cities in the Philippines. Lots of opportunities and investments sprouting like mushrooms in this tiger city of the south. Truly #MagandangGensan

I love General Santos City

Gensan is the best city to invest.. Less crime.. Free of typhoon and a lot of things to develop.. Industrial city and 3rd tuna capital of the world..

Very young progressive city!

Gensan is the best city in the Philippines because this is the city in Mindanao has a good govermnet.

General santos is the best capital region in mindanao because of "tuna capital of the phillipines

A bustling metropolis and a vibrant city of the south. General Santos City is a highly urbanized first class city located in South Cotabato. The city is the center of trade, commerce and logistics in the SOCKSARGEN area. This is a bustling city with good and friendly people. It houses the flagship and the largest mall of the Robinsons Land Corporation, the Robinson's Place Gensan. It also caters the Philippine's largest mall chain, the SM malls, namely the SM City General Santos. Aside from Manila based malls, it caters local mall establishments like RD Plaza, Gaisano Gensan, Fitmart Gensan, and known as the local pride mall, KCC Mall of Gensan and its sister mall, the Veranza Mall. Gensan, as the locals names it, this is a city of potential and talents, as this city is also known as the city of champions. A city filled with pleasure and vibrance. A city that you must not miss and witness. Come and visit, Gensan, the home of stars and champions.

I love Gensan because it is good city in mindanao and a lot of resources...

Gensan should be in second.. indeed it is young compare to davao and CDO the vast improvement of the city should propel us at 2nd place sooner we will be at 1st, surely it will take us time but we will get there somehow, it is unmeasurable how gensan grown from a simple baranggay to a highly-urbanized 1st class city of the south and we are just getting started...

A small and simple city but one of the sources of the most powerful and influential people in the country, not only in the country but also in the entire universe. General Santos City was also dubbed as "Home of the Champions". The city is also powered with Gigantic and famous malls such as, SM mall of Gensan, KCC mall of Gensan, Veranza mall, Robinsons Mall, and fitmart. Jam-packed with Two Top Universities which Provide Quality education such as Notre Dame of Dadiangas University and Mindanao State University.

A small city but rich and abOndant, there's lOt's of malls cOmpare to the other city in the list gensan is the best

The only city in Mindanao has a good development without affecting our nature.. And known for investor, no wonder why a lot of business company investing in the city of champion.. And as of today Gensan is also known for showbiz.. Go Gensan! Taas nuo mga heneral..