Top 10 Best Clothing Brands


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Polo Ralph Lauren
The best brand of men
Been a fan since childhood. Now that I have the power to spend, my money goes straight to the pony. Excellent fit, design, comfort, the value's just so rewarding.
I have polo shirts bought in the eighties, they are classic Americana.
[Newest]Nobody will take the place of the Polo Ralph Lauren

Because this brand export materials from other places
A true brand created by gauchio gucci a shoemaker
This brand seriously has everything you need from luxurious professionals outfits to more casuals looks and also fine Jewelry I like that their clothing is 100% cotton making it more comforatable n yes its really expensive but truly worth the price
[Newest]Gucci is where it is at because of the quality and it's product.

The quality of the fabrics is awesome ^. ^
Good stuff expensive but worth it
Levis is good type of clo0thing for men and it is comfortable in summers
[Newest]Great quality and excellent comfort

Nike is the best. Straight up they make everything! And they own air Jordan
They amazing I have loads of pairs
Nike is the best I have a bunch of shoes they rock. Everybody loves nike
[Newest]Love nike I'm a nike freak!

Adidas originals. Make awesome tees.
I live a every product of adidas...
I really lie this brand as it has a vast range of clothing
[Newest]It's cool & awesome fittings.

6Abercrombie & Fitch
Abercromie and Fich is a great clothes brand I love it is cool for everyone it is for every season.
I like the designs of Abercrombie & Fitch. I buy most of the clothes for my hubby from A&F.
I love abercrombie just as much as I love hollister. Expensive, but nice :-)
[Newest]They are the coolest

7Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy just takes the cake their brilliant! The designs the patterns and the transition of color is keen. My hat goes off to Hilfiger for their epic sense of style!
The best clothes I have ever had
Also they make bigger sizes
Tommy hilfiger is the best. The clothes are comfortable, elite and sobor. The fabric and the quality is amazing. The service which you get in Tommy Hilfiger is great. The staff treats you so well and the customer service standards are above xpectations.
[Newest]Tommy is perfect fit for me, I like I like I like!

8Dolce & Gabbana
The best clothes I have ever seen.
Iam Using More Than 100 Companies T-shirts, But Dolce & Gabbana is the best one I have ever used among all.

9Giorgio Armani
Top designer clothes from milan in Italy, with pure lines and good textile quality
Designer clothes from milan Italy, with pure lines good textile quality, which make it top at topbrand in fashion world
This is on no 5 or 4 but you put it on no 9 that is shoking

I so love dior collections!

The Contenders

Its nice I love its fitting is awesome
It's a cool brand with long lasting products
Its very good and very stylish also
[Newest]I like very much is puma brand

I think is this simple and best
It's stylish and cool
Its very good and very stylish also

So chic never seen nothing like it. 💥💥

I love Aeropostale, they have great clothes and they are affordable. I love their jeans, they fit great and they have a good selection to choose from. I usually shop at their online store because I can almost always find a coupon code at
Yeah, the only reason Aeropostale isn't at the top is because these idiots think that more expensive is better.
I love Aeropostale it's affordable and there clothes are my style! Jeans fit really well and are comfy. I also get a ton of coupons!
[Newest]3%?!?! Aeropostale is better than abercrombie & fitch

15True Religion
I love them I buy a pair at least every two weeks they are great quality they last long and the way I think of it is you pay more the longer it will last if you go spend 22 dollars at WalMart for a pair of jeans you will wear them 3 times and boom holes and rips you go with true religion 500$ last you long time
There jeans are so genius! I love them, I own like 20 pairs
Yes good brand but one comment made about Wal-Mart jean 1000000000% wrong Dickie jeans, Wrangler jeans, Lee jeans are made for working an working hard an out doors the last longer specially if you don't abuses them they last forever kock Wal-Mart company but not the brands they sell because those brands will last 10times as long as this one an yes this is a fact.

Your collection! <3 plus your shower gels.

I love lacoste specially its logo
Chemise Lacoste is the BEST "Polo" shirt ever made. They fade in a beautiful manner as they go through a lifetime of wearing. The less than knowledgeable people who refer to the alligator logo need to learn a tad of history about the origin of the brand and they should refrain from using the abominable name of Izod since they no longer the true make the true product.
Much better than its rivals Ralph Lauren. Polos have a better trim, more quality, less mainstream and exactly the same price! Why Ralph Lauren is top I have no idea...
[Newest]Lacoste is the best. The colour of their polos and design and quality of fabrics is just awesome

18Flying Machine
This has Nice Jean Outfits
Best in jeans category
This is the best brand in price wise and in fit wise to all type of people...


19American Apparel
Great casual clothes. Good stuff!

Affordable and best design clothing
Fabric is very soft
The best relation price/quality ever
[Newest]Good price good design

21Urban Outfitters
Affordable indie hipster clothes.
Just my style in a shop

22American Eagle
I just LOVE American eagle. I like to shop there a lot! They have a lot of variety and Aerie is also part of it


24Under Armour
Best brand on the world
It keeps you warm
It makes you comfertable when you play sports

25Mosh It Up Clothing
Awesome dudes. Ran into 'em at Mayhem Fest, even though I've had my eye on 'em for a while. Bought a few shirts while I was there as gifts for the friends who couldn't be there!
The owner is genuinely one of the most down to earth people I talk to. Great prices and amazing fan appreciation!
Great shirts awesome guys you can't beat what they do

26Abbey Dawn

27Lee Cooper

28Ralph Lauren
Started a job at 15 so icould buy my polos,33 years later and still wear nothing but polo. Love them, last forever, colors are awesome and never go out!
Ma brand thea brand babys Love that horsemen or pony ma brand don't care how expensive

I love there trench coat

30Brandy Melville
I love the simplicity of Brandy Melville. It's cute clothing, for a reasonable price.

One of the best polos in the market
Should be in the top 10 list, great quality cloths that has an amazing fit.
Unique in all they do


33House of Worth
Fashion brand from Paris since 1858, founded at a English mann, pure lines and good textile quality

34Louis Vuitton
Ummm duh! It's a no brainer! Louis vuitton is the hip, new fashion elite empire in the world! Even though it's been around since the 1800s, it's still one of those you never get tired of n it never gets old. Go Louis vuitton!

35Sissy Boy



38Hugo Boss
If you like comfort check out there Maine brand jeans they are really soft and light for summer
Best brand in the world. Top brand at Laguna clothing


40Yves Saint Laurent
Very expensive French brand but so classy
So chic! Very fashionable! Expensive, but worth it!

41Armani Exchange
Armani is great quality... It's literally amazing, you'd be suprise how long your clothes would last, but it has to be taken care of, it's guarantee to last up to 10 years until wear and tear starts to happen.
Topdesigner clothes with pure lines and good textile quality, should be placed upper at this list

42New Balance
I love new balance trainers they are awesome especially the retro late seventies eighties styles

43Ecko Red

Good brand for men

45Fruit of the Loom


47Bad Girl

Best in jeans! Love it!

Medusa hed on me like I'm illuminati

50Max Mara

It bather than any

52Paul Smith
This brand is top ten.. simple


54Indian Terrain
IT s simply nothing but comfort. Excellent wear for Indian heat. Quite rightly named so!
Booklean fit trouser are good fit. I like it

Great!, their shoes are cool especially chuck.

Dc are amazing they do caps, chav clothes, skate clothes, poosh clothes, belts, wallets and much more!





60Wills Lifestyle


62Louis Philippe
It's a good brand for man shirt
Fabulous in checks shirts
Quality at its best
[Newest]Really it's so nice


64Allen Solly
It is good brand
Best brand ever... allen solly



It will be the tops shop... No. 1

68Robin's Jean

Cool Jeans and Marvelous Shirts
They are really good clothes!

Guess is THE brand for classy, sexy and confident womens

71Forever 21
Best and very affordable

Always stylish and perfect fit!
Buffalo David burton jeans the best




76Immunity Clothing






All Style, raw materials, well made. What else is there to say?



Best clothing brand representing the best music!

86For the Kids

87Isabel Marant



90Jack Wills



One word about it AWESOME

94Sink or Swim Apparel

95Chrome by Westside
Great belts & accessories




99Vera Bradley
Vera Bradley is so beautiful, it should NOT be this far behind. Also, how is "Justice" like 10 spaces in front of Vera Bradley? "Justice" is just a bunch of sparkly tutus and lip gloss. Vera Bradley DESERVES to be number 1!
Uh, why is this 89? Vera Bradley is so beautiful I really love it so much #underestimated

Best in class... Quality fit amazing compare to others... also note design checks colours.. Are unique compare to other local Indian brands.. Try it

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