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August 4, 2015 - CNBLUE is a KPOP band. Here are the Songs which you can choose. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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I love this song the most. I can listen to this everyday. Even thought I don't understand, I still love it. And I especially like Jung Yong Hwa! I love his voice.
Very impressive song! Love this very much :D
This song is very catchy, I can never get out of my head. Unlike some other bands songs, they come and go but CN BLUE's song are always in my head, especially alone/I'm a loner.
[Newest]I love this song with jung yong Hwa

2I'm Sorry
Really like this song... Yonghwa voice is so amazing and of course the music although I know nothing about korean.
I really really like all but "i'm sorry" is my very favorite so good luck cnblue I love you all :)))))))
Re:CNBLUE the rebirth. This is song addicting, the tune, the guitar sounds, yonghwa's voice, and jonghyun's bridge.. Everything about it is perfect.
[Newest]Really love this song -hart hart- 💘💕 -

3Love Girl
This shows how much a boy can do for a girl.
Cute and lovable song for a girl
His voice is so great, so clear :D
Like this so much
[Newest]Really love hearing this song, although I know nothing about Korean. Yonghwa's lovely actions, I just love them.

4Hey You
I have a thing for "sad" songs that sound happy, so Hey You is a perfect combination of the two. It makes me want to get up and sing and dance, when I am crowned the world's most god-awful dancer. In particular, I think JongHyun's voice really stood out in this song and blended great with everyone else's; and YongHwa's opening was just... Fabulous. All of them sing amazingly in "Hey You, " and the various vocal techniques incorporated throughout the song just complete the piece perfectly. ^_^
They sing it with great enthusiasim and its got a great beat. It makes you wanna just jump up and down to the music. It's really catchy and the instrumentals are good and their voices sound great.
<3 C.N. blue rocks..
I really love this this song, especially when they all sing together :))))
I hope I can see them in person..
More powers to Jung Yong Hwa and C.N. blue..
Hope they can have dramas and movies together!
[Newest]I like the song. I can feel the it.

5You've Fallen For Me
I just love how happy it makes the cnblue boys when they sing it live
It's got great beat and has the cute arrogance of a guy who is confidant in his love for the girl and the girl's love for him. It's tune is also awesome. You'll never get bored of this song!
I love this song so much! Because I heard this song from koreandrama "you've fallen for me" and I like the tone
[Newest]I like this song. It's melody make me happy. When I watch the video from YouTube, I feel the feeling as Yong Hwa sang the song and make me fall in love...

This song means what love really is.
I love this songs. I felt their emotions and their passion in music. =, ]
This song is enjoyable for my ear

7I'm a Loner
I think this is the best song ever.
Because of this signature song, I get to know CNBLUE's existence and even got an opportunity to watch them once live at Seoul! I'm really blessed to get to know this talented band and it's a huge thanks to this wonderful song!
Love this song! The first one I heard and forever my favorite song of theirs!
[Newest]This is best of the best songs I like. Yeah. I'M A LONER. You're a Loner. We're a Loner. Cheer!

They use this song to thank BOICE!
I love this song when I first heared I was like... OMO
Very lovely songs,
Me, one of the fans totally love it!

9Love Light
I really love the two versions of it
I just absolutely LOVE this song... I don't really understand the lyrics, but I feel the music
I can smile all day just by hear this song. I love you Jung YongHwa!
[Newest]I always listen to this song ~

10Blind Love
Its super beautiful song... I love it <3 and I love you kang min hyuk
This is such a beautiful song. Jonghyun's so talented.
The song is awesome
[Newest]I really love this song ❤❤❤❤❤

The Contenders

11Teardrops In the Rain
The meaning of the song is no one sees how it hurts for someone to be hurt.
Its a really great song! And I like how yonghwa's voice shows the real hurt that someone can face in one time! Th instrumentals fits amazingly and all of it create an AMAZING song!
I like this song so much...
and I fell it with some feelings...
[Newest]Love the song - makes you want to hear it over and over again.

12Don't Say Goodbye
I love this song..SO MUCH! And I love Yong Hwa more.. His voice can makes my heart beat faster...
Heartfelt song. :) I love this song.. So much emotion
Almost every night when I off to bed I do online just to watch previous concert of this amazing cnblue band and it captured my heart en soul this song don't say goodbye, the instrumental so daebak, wait just a minute, I'm on cloud nine my ticket for can't stop concert here @Singapore just delivered I'm so happy, see you soon guys on May 10 2104 @indoor istadium, sarangheyo, fighting GODBLESS, big hugss,

13Try Again Smile Again
The best song I'd ever heard!

14One Love

15Cold Love
Cold love is one of best song CNBlue has ever put out, you can feel the emotion of the song in everything from the bass to the straining of the guitar. The recorded version sounds great but when heard live, Yonghwas voice has so much emotion that its not even humanly possible
I love this so much! It's full of emotions and you'll have this feeling that you will like it the first time you hear it!
I want to search this song and download all their songs. This is because CN Blue is my favourite band.

16Can't Stop
This song got me addicted to CNBLUE. Started off innocently enough - heard it out of curiosity but then I couldn't stop listening to it. Yong Hwa sure is something else when it comes to bringing twists to his songs and those vocal, ah! Super stuff!
I like CNBLUE's new style. It lets Yonghwa show off his range.
Just can't stop listening to it
[Newest]This song is really good! I really like yonghwa's voice here! His voice is really amazing

17First Step
I love yonghwa voice... His voice was great!

I don't believe that this song is low in the ladder. In my opinion this is one of the best songs from Blue.
This is ranked 17?! Like what. This is one of their best songs by far and my favorite song. If not first place it should at least be on the the top 5 or even top 10. But 17?! Aaarrghh.
Yeah should be higher ranked!
This song is one of my top three cnblue songs
[Newest]This is the best song of cnblue it should be number 1

19In My Head
Super good.. I love this song so much
This song makes me move on.

20Blue Sky
This is very good song, I like this song
Whenever I hear this song my tears are always coming out.
I love this song since first hearing

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