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21La la La

Yonghwa did a good job with lalala it is truly an amazing song, everything is perfect about it, I can gave it on repeat all day and I would never get tired.


I don't believe that this song is low in the ladder. In my opinion this is one of the best songs from Blue.

Yeah should be higher ranked!
This song is one of my top three cnblue songs

This is ranked 17?! Like what. This is one of their best songs by far and my favorite song. If not first place it should at least be on the the top 5 or even top 10. But 17?! Aaarrghh.

I really love this song!.. Its like an addiction

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23First StepV1 Comment
24In My Head

Super good.. I love this song so much

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It's th esong which led me love cnblue... So it's their music that really captured me and this is the song that represent their music initially. Jong hyun + Yong hwa's voice is perfect combo!

Such a beautiful song. It's like jonghyun poured out his soul into the 'oh' part. I will never get tired of this song.

I love jonghyun oppa's part and his guitar sounds in this song. His beautiful voice in "Lie" is no doubt. Listen to this song and I bet you'll be fallen for him. Really adore him. Jonghyun oppa is the best! JR-

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26Banmal Song

When I hear this song, I can't forget both of sweet potato couple :) yongseo!

Amazing lyrics, this is very romantic

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27One of a Kind

Really I like thar song. Their voices are very special for me! At the same time, the most important thing is I LOVE CNBLUE. !

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28Still In Love

It's about how hard to forget someone you love. When listened to this song for the first time I was just like ", this is just exactly what I'm feelin' right now! ". One of my favourite song ever!

Ever since the first time I heard it, it has been stuck in my head. It is quite an addicting song, so addicting I learned it in two hours. ♡♥=)

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29Let's Go Crazy
30I Will Forget YouV1 Comment
31One Time

This is one of the best songs! Listen to it and feel it. You… I have ONE TIME.! LOL

32Fly By IIV1 Comment
33Y, Why

I love the rock element in this song...and the lyrics are great!...great song for real MAN!...absolutely I'm a man...yeaahh!

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34Because I Miss You

I don't know korean..but still I can feel each and every emotion in the song

This song touches the depths of my soul. On the face of it, it sounds simple but then you hear it savoring the meaning with the melody accented by smooth vocals by Yong Hwa -just cherry on top!

I really love this music. Whenever I listen to it, I forget about everything and I only think about it. It makes me feel love

This song is so moving. Makes me cry.

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35Sweet Holiday

I love this song, it is the typical love song. It is incredibly adorable.

As what the title song it was also the sweetest song! Can I have that one! 1

The melody and the beat of this song is so cool and Kang Min Hyuk is one of the songwriter of it!

36Man Like Me

When I listen this song I feel full energy. So amazing song. I love this so much

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37See My Eyes

Kang Min Hyuk, the cutest kind of cute got it all. This song is so cute in his sweet voice that gives you a pleasant feeling... Lots of Love Kang.

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39Rock N Roll

Nice song... The best!

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