Best Coheed and Cambria Songs

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Welcome Home
This song is EPIC. If you haven't heard it, do yourself a favor and go have a listen. I mean, I always though coheed and cambria was an overrated band. After I heard this... my god, it left me speechless. I wanna see them live!
Very good.
I don't know much about coheed and cambria, but I think that this song will be a classic in about twenty years.
All of their other stuff wont be known much, but this will live on.
One of the best songs modern rock! One of the most wicked solo's to ever be heard by any rock addict... in one word EPIC!
[Newest]One of the best songs ever made

2In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
Tons of great songs to choose from, but this one inspires, rocks, and frightens. It is intense and keeps you coming back for more.
One of Coheed and Cambria's longer tracks, it's definitely an unforgettable one, the always find myself listening to it in it's entirety.
This song is a masterpiece, by far my favourite, full of emotion and powerful moments!

3Mother Superior
This should be number ONE. People that say Welcome Home are the people that ONLY know that song. They have dozens of songs better. Every song off Second Stage Turbine Blade and In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3 is better.
This is honestly the best song ever written. The emotion that comes out of this song is breathtaking. Mother Superior is the best taste of Coheed that one can get. The way the song progresses and builds up to that last minute is amazing. Ever heard the crowd sing that last bit at a Coheed show? Amazing.
When I first heard this song, I knew right from the start that this would become my favorite song from Coheed and Cambria.
[Newest]The general creepiness behind this song is overwhelming, and it is overall amazing

4Key Entity Extraction I: Domino the Destitute
Amazing song, totally deserves to be in top 10!

5The Broken
This is ROCK! More rock that the others! This is what puts the sun in the sky even if it's raining. Yeah man!

6The Suffering
How the hell is this not number one this is there biggest song without a doubt. It's the only son that gets radio play.

7A Favor House Atlantic
The best song they do in my opinion, I understand its more punk rock then Coheed's normal style, but it shows the extent of their musical prowess by going into a different style and being better then just about everyone else.

Ralph, PA
Best song ever made by coheed and cambria. How come pearl of the stars isn't on this list? I cry when I listen to that song. All of their songs ar

8Here We are Juggernaut
What?!? Coheed and cambria I probably one of the most best bands I know! Amasing music, breath taking meaning to their songs. But I was positive this would be nere the top! Oh we'll I gues it's just my opinion :P I'm also curious why the crowing isn't in the top 10

9The Crowing
The Crowing is one of the greatest songs from the definitive album of the legendary band Coheed and Cambria. Instead of opting to follow the typical verse-chorus-verse song structure so often followed by bands, The Crowing does a couple simple verses and choruses, then changes direction completely, with a long bridge and interlude section, before heading into the minute and a half outro, complete with an insane breakdown, that makes the song the incredible piece of art that it is. Not to mention, it is one of the trickiest songs guitar-wise that Coheed has ever written. My personal favorite, along with IKSOSE:3
AMAZING SONG! I'm a drummer and it's one of the few rock songs that I can really enjoy playing along with. I love how much thought went into this song. The drums are just so tasteful, and I love how complex the drums are without the song sounding like a big drum solo. I know this is definitely centered from the drummer's perpective, but that's what I am so...
The absolute best Coheed and Cambria song! A paradigm for progressive music to follow. It is written like a short suite, without many interludes, instead just delving right into the next part. Absolutely fantastic!

10The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut
This song should easily be in the top ten
These douchebag fans wouldn't know a good song if it bend them over and banged them all night long!
Musicianship at it's absolute finest! This incredibly beautiful and powerful song moves me to tears with its breathtaking skill and seeing it performed live is a religious experience!
[Newest]This song should be in the top 5. The only reason "Welcome Home" is #1 is because it is a mainstream song. There is so much more greatness deep inside the belly of this band.

The Contenders


12Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry the Defiant
New song and I can't stand to not listen to it every day. Amazing song!
"Give them a fight that will open their eyes! "

13Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial)
Coheed does a lot of things very well, and sometimes their progressiveness get's lost on some people. However, I don't care who you are, if you are not tapping your foot and nodding your head by the end of this song, you must be deaf.
One of the first songs I've heard, and it's remained my favorite. Definitely reccomend it for top spot.

14No World For Tomorrow
What?! Not even on the list! I love all of Coheed's songs, I can't specifically pick a favorite, but seriously, this song is incredible and so catchy!
Welcome Home is a brilliant song, and I praise it for giving Coheed and Cambria the attention and recognition they deserve, but believe me, it's not the best they have to offer.
Wow, just heard it, amazing

15Blood Red Summer
Easily a top 10, probably top 5 Coheed song!
Why did I do to deserve THIS? I mean, I'm so happy listening to this song :D, Love Coheed and Cambria!

16This Shattered Symphony

17The Running Free
I love this song it catches people from different genres... it should be on the top 10... Coheed and cambria covering The Trooper from iron maiden should also be here laugh out loud ¥
The only ones who didn't vote for this song are the ones who haven't heard it yet. So catchy and just all-around a great song.
I love this song, especially I love the base part!
[Newest]Nhl 09 memorable song

18Gravity's Union
Quite possibly the best song of the Aftermath duo and one of their strongest across all their albums. The choruses are both big and bold giving of a cinematic feeling not felt in any of their previous releases. Although the guitar work isn't as crazy as many of Coheed's more bombastic tunes there's enough in it to give of a dynamic feel without detracting from the power of the climactic end chorus.

19The Camper Velourium II: Backend of Forever
I love all of these guys' songs but for some reason out of all of them this one just always sticks with me the most. If it wasn't this, it'd be Wishing Well II.
I like this music because its so very rock in roll
2 words. The harmonies

20The Light & The Glass
Why isn't this higher?

21The Hard Sell
2nd coheed song I ever bought. Still remains to be one of my favourites.
This song ROCKS! The blues-ish solo is beautiful.

22Apollo I: The Writing Writer
This song has probably the best chorus Coheed's ever written, and the guitar part is sick.
Loved this song since I first heard it!

Thanks all for sharing the best songs :) Made my life easier by picking the best ones.

23Number City

24Wake Up
Please make it to top 10
This is one of those songs that is fantastic and has deep moods. VOTE!
WHY IS THIS DOWN HERE! Wake up is an epic piece of theirs and shows their true musical abilities by performing almost a ballad :) luvz coheed
[Newest]Agreed! Needs to be at least top 15


26Willing Well I: Fuel for the Feeding End
A very complex song that makes the wait through some of the samey stuff in the middle of the album worthwhile.

27Guns of Summer

28The Velourium Camper III: Al the Killer

29Cuts Marked In the March of Men

30Dark Side of Me
By far an emotional masterpiece, I love every second of this... My number one for sure

Love this song! Wake up is without a doubt number one for me though.

32Pearl of the Stars
Glad to see that I'm not the only one who believes this song is really underrated, this song is really good and deep, give it a chance, you won't regret...
Most underrated song by Coheed, so much emotion in one song

33The End Complete: I, II, III, IV & V


35Gravemakers & Gunslingers
The single most unrelenting & heavy song in Coheed's arsenal


My favorite song of theirs.

36The Hound (Of Blood and Rank)

37Made Out Of Nothing (All That I Am)

38Time Consumer
Time consumer has the best intro serrated with raw emotions through the verses until the outro!



41Three Evils (Embodied In Love and Shadow)
For being a coheed fan for YEARS, this is honestly one of their best songs! It's so underrated, give it a listen. The harmonies are incredible.
How this is all the way down in 42nd is beyond me. It's like a better version of The Suffering
40!? Weak sauce. This song rocks.

42The Willing Well II: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness

43The Homecoming
Amazing demo on the first installment of The Afterman: Ascension Big Beige demos. Such a good song it shouldn't have been cut from the album. Amazing message.

442's My Favorite 1

45Delirium Trigger
By far their best work. SSTB blows welcome home out of the water. And this song is the best from SSTB. Fear through the eyes of madness should be higher. So should 2113.

46Goodnight, Fair Lady

47Justice In Murder

48Everything Evil


50Away We Go


52The Hollow

This song has so much emotion and it's conveyed so well through the vocals and even the distortion in the guitar. By far my favorite song.

54Keeping the Blade
This song's melody is chilking, and the story it tells without words is amazing.

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