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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown
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This song is amazing. By far the best song on the album which includes paradise and every teardrop is a waterfall which are both in my top 5. That's how good this song is. It needs to just explode and become huge because while I usually like to keep my favorite songs to myself this song is so good it needs to be heard by everyone
First the music in this song stood out immediately, it's got such a triumphant, yet heartfelt feel to it. Once I learned what the song is about, it became even better, as it is a very touching story (part of an even bigger story which is the entire album), and the music fits the story so well. It's just perfection.


Charlie Brown should definitely be in the top 5. Beautiful melody and great-sounding guitar. Ultimate jam song. The piano at the end is beautiful. Whenever I hear this song, I need to sing along to it. Great lyrics. Everything about this song is awesome!
The riff in this song is just awesome. The lyrics are awesome. The vocals are awesome. The bass is awesome. The drums are amazing. Everything is put together so well... Even the piano outro is awesome.
Simply put, the big chorus with the guitar melody just does it for me. Especially later in the song when it goes from that quiet transition into the glorious hard-hitting reprise. So yeah, number 1 for me.
Amazing live. It really is a classic that should be higher than 15th. I mean you have just to wait for it to kick in and it just gives you a great feeling inside! Come on people, move this up the list!
Absolutely EPIC song. This is sure to become a favourite and is one of the best songs Coldplay have ever produced. Deserves to be Top 10.


This song is just simply amazing and is my favorite. The guitar was just so beautiful that it inspired me to learn guitar myself.
As a young Teenager I've been a fan since 7, This is my favorite song it has made me happy when I was sad this song is unforgettable to me Coldplay Rocks!
At least in the top 10! Come on! I mean this song has such a deep meaning but at the same time lifts you up with the beat and lyrics
This song is the reason why I started worshiping coldplay's songs... This songs takes you way beyond your daily stress... Makes me alive... Just love it
Viva la coldplay. We'll be glowing in the dark! This song is going to be remembered for a song time. It's brilliant.
This song makes me fly. Is amazing that coldplay still making beautiful music. JUST LOVE COLDPLAY.
This song was the best of mylo xyloto album. No doubt about it. The lyrics, the music was fantastic. This song should be on top 3
I love this song. It was a hard choice but after much thought I thought it was my favorite, it AT LEAST deserves top ten.
SO beautiful and empowering... this song hits you all over and makes you feel completely and utterly alive.
Really good music, though am not a big cold play fan but kind of started liking it through this song
Good Enough to despise rest of their songs. If you are making a list please put this amongst top few
This song seems like an anthem for my generation, its nice to hear music without all the cursing.
This Should Be On The Top Now! The End With The Piano Is Just EPIC! Coldplay Is More Than Too Much!
I don't know how this isn't on the list! It's an amazing song with a catchy sound and great lyrics!
Best song they've done since The Scientist, Mylo Xyloto but this is truly wonderful stuff
Absolutely EPIC song. Pure music bliss and is sure to be a Coldplay classic for years to come.
Coldplay's greatest song in my opinion! It will make you smile every time you listen to it!
Charlie Brown, the notorious leader of the Lost Boys. His heart was broken when Mylo rejected him for Xyloto.

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