Best Comedy Actresses


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1Dawn French
2Sandra Bullock

I like her very much and whenever I understand she is the actress of a movie I am breathless to see the her film. Gook luck and best wishes for her.

3Anna Faris

She deserves to be number 1, her sense of humor and her way of portraying stupidity is what makes her a great comedy actress, especially in the scary movie franchise. - lukestheman4

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4Whoopi Goldberg
5Goldie Hawn
6Drew Barrymore
7Renee Zellweger
8Lindsay Lohan
9Beverly D'Angelo
10Cameron Diaz

The Contenders

11Katherine Heigl
12Zooey Deschanel
13Jennifer Aniston
14Julia Louis-Dreyfus
15Debra Messing
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