Best Computer Animated Movies

The greatest movies where the entire finished result is created and rendered by computer.

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1Toy Story
I'm sorry but I think the Toy Story Collection should always be no. 1... I can watch these movies over and over again and never tire of them. All my kids have grown up with these.
I like this one better than the second movie, I havnt seen the third yet.


Best kids movie ever. One of the best movies of all time. This blazed the trail for animation! First 3D animated film.
[Newest]Brings back many memories


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2Finding Nemo
Cute, funny, heartwarming, exciting, adventorous. If you like these adjectives you'll love Finding Nemo!
I like panda and nemo but I chose it.
panda is also great hmmmmmmmmmm most of the animated movie are very good and I like much of them
I loved this movie! I have seen it like 10 times!


[Newest]Only watch it when I'm sick but its still my 2nd favorite pixar movie


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Heart touching and sentimental movie with a strong story content... ! Really it takes human imagination ability into a new level... !
This movie should be in the top ten, just for the montage at the beginning.
A very funny movie, with some very emotional moments.
Up is my favorite animated movie of all time! It should be number one because it is hilarious for all ages unlike Wall-E!
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A movie for all ages ,with a memorable soundtrack


Classic movie! Timeless and wonderful for all ages. Absolutely hilarious and a must-see.
Great movie, but the 2nd is still slightly better than the first.


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5The Incredibles
Great action and very funny


One of my favorite superhero movies


6Monsters, Inc.
Underrated. A classic any parent should show their child.


In my opinion, the best thing to EVER come out of Pixar!
Definitely. The film is hilarious, touching and emotional. A masterpiece, I say!
[Newest]My cousin really likes this movie


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Ratatouille's position is so low, I can't believe it. This movie is awesome and hilarious. With mind blowing picture and colors. And for the first time in a movie, all characters are likable.
Ratatouille for the number 1 spot!


The Ending to this movie left me completely speechless.
It rocks because it stays in your hearts forever and is truly a great movie
8Ice Age
Sid Is So Damn AWESOME!
I absolutely love this movie. You would think this is for kids, but think again! Adults will love it too, I do. It has so much character and thought but into it. Even though love was between robots, I still think this movie was original. It also made me think about the nature of humans, that we all are some way flawed.
Wow I love walle
It's plot and animation is just... Beautiful.
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I think it deserves to be no.2

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11Toy Story 3
The number 1 animation of all time it should be further up, I reckon this movie is a sure favourite for the Best Picture oscar and it will no doubtably win Best Animated Feature film, this movie is a big underdog for Awards night


12How to Train Your Dragon
One of the best computer animated movies ever. This should be higher on the list. Awesome graphics, beautiful soundtrack. The water and clouds look so realistic in this movie. Don't even get me started on how well animated the dragons are and with all the flying, fire and other complicated things to animate, this movie is just so amazing. Deserves to be number 1.
Its such a beautiful movie with awesome soundtrack that it can touch the hearts of all ages when they watch it! Should be in the top ten! Better than many movies at the top!
Spectacular story, you have to see this movie. Of course, this piece should be higher in this list
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13Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children
This movie is just brilliant. You kind have to be into the Final Fantasy series to really appreciate it though
Vincent valentine and cloud strife are the hottest guys in this earth but only after dante!
Vincent Valentine is the coolest dude ever!


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14Wreck-It Ralph
Amazing movie. Great storyline, great characters, and a good amount of humor mixed in. The perfect blend for a great movie. Wreck-It Ralph appeals to all of your emotions, making you happy one second and then crying another. There's a lot of classic video game characters throughout the movie, making it fun for the young and the old.
I haven't watched it but I know it's awesome!
15Kung Fu Panda
Man this rules! People of all ages don't be ashamed of watching it, its awesome!


Best Movie Ever!
Birds Rule!
And So Does This Movie!
Good movie but little bit of childish type.
This Movie Has The Best Music and Most likable characters
Of any animated movie I'v seen in awhile. It Should Be In The Top 10 at least.
Anna Hathaway was the best actor in the movie as Jewel.
17Despicable Me 2
Why isn't this film or its predecessor in the top ten? It was an outstanding film that was 10x better than Frozen!
18Toy Story 2
19Big Hero 6
Why is this not on the list? It should be at least top 5
The best this is all I can say
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