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1Everybody's Somebody's Fool

One of her best! Number One hit too! Connie had a special way with country style songs.

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2My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own

Another of her best country style 45 hits. Reached Number One also. hit also. Sung with all her heart as always.

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3Don't Break the Heart That Loves You

I second that best vocals in this time

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4My Happiness

Connie revived this old standard as. No one did. Beautiful recording! Her vocalization superb.

5Who's Sorry Now

Her first big hit and one she reluctantly recorded.. The recording grabs. You from the opening bars. Excellent!

6Lipstick On Your Collar

Lipstick On Your Collar followed her previous hit "Stupid Cupid". We "kids" at the time loved it and danced our feet off too! Connie was at the peak then.

7Among My Souvenirs
8Many Tears Ago
9Breakin' In a Brand New Broken Heart

Beautiful! The double tracking added a lot and Connie's special gift with country sounding ballads. What a profound gift from God her timeless voice is! Wish we had vocalists like her today. She is unsurpassed.

10Second Hand Love

A beautifully recorded ballad again with a country flavor to me but a recording not often or seldom if ever heard on "oldies" programs. You can feel the wistful heartbreak in Connie's priceless voice. She is definitely Number One Female Vocalist for million around the world even today.

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11Stupid Cupid
12Where the Boys Are
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1. Everybody's Somebody's Fool
2. My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own
3. Don't Break the Heart That Loves You



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