Best Contact Lens Solutions

Using a good contact solution helps keep your eyes comfortable throughout the day and cleans your contact lenses at night. Here is a list of the top ten best contact solutions.

The Top TenXW

1OptiFree Express

It is the only gentle contact lens solution I know that you can use both as a cleaner and as a mosturizing solution without hurting your eyes! Please do not change it!

2ReNu MultiPlus
3Aosept Disinfectant Solution

I have wery sensitive eyes, when I switched to aosept my eyes feel great.

4ReNu MultiPlus with Hydranate
5CIBA Vision SoftWear
6Unisol 4
7Opti-Free SupraClens
8AMO UltraCare
9Sensitive Eyes Saline Solution
10 Advance Conditioning Solution

The Contenders


This is amazing. Everyone I know uses it!

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