Top Ten Best Country Songs of All Time

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The Top Ten

He Stopped Loving Her Today - George Jones
It is rather simple: which of the songs on this list is about the only thing that ultimately matters (love), and which of these songs deeply touches your heart and forces you tonight back tears? Only one song listed here has this power. "He stopped Loving Her Today, " with simple, true lyrics, and with George's perfect phrasing and beautiful, deep, emotional voice, is the best of all time.
Should be number one hands down
There are a lot of great country songs throughout the history of country music. But George Jones as far as I'm concerned has the number 1 and 2 greatest country songs of all time bar none. 1. He stopped loving her today. 2. The Grand Tour.
There can only be 1 number 1, and there is only 1 George Jones!
[Newest]George was the best country singer there ever will be! His songs reached down deep into your heart and you felt what he was singing about! His song He Stopped Loving Her Today will always be the number 1 song of all time! Thank you George Jones for being you and singing the best in the world!
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2Song of the South - Alabama
She is now... Unfortunately, but Wheres Charlie Daniels at? Devil went down to Georgia!
I love Alabama! Taylor Swift is not even in the same universe as the other's on this list.
Can't believe Taylor Swift is even on this list. I like her as much as the next guy but even SHE admitted that she isn't country. Now Alabama... Well, Alabama is true country!
I am a huge fan of Alabama.. And I am 50 yrs old as of today
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3Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash
Acid Rock & Country. Do not forget this. From Ribadesella (Asturias-Spain) and in all places, Johnny will always be the best.
God Bless Johnny Cash.

"David el del Rio"
Amazing beat + amazing lyric + amazing voice = Johnny Cash
seriously It deserves to be in the first 10 best country songs
Go johnny cash man I love you in all your songs I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere in NSW near a place called wallgett and all my family and friends all know of you your the best johnny keep singing all those song and you will always live on through the world even when you pass
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4Love Story - Taylor Swift
This song is amazing it's actually based on the true story (Romeo and Juliet) but she wanted to give it a happy ending and she did by saying (He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring And said, marry me Juliet
You'll never have to be alone I love you and that's all I really know I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress It's a love story baby just say yes) awesome song it's my favorite from taylor I wish it was number 1 help me swifties
Taylor is so amazing and such an inspiration to everyone who listens to her. She puts on a show at every concert and always leaves us waiting for the next. Taylor writes all her songs, plays them, and even has the most amazing band! I love her
It's rather annoying when people say 'Taylor Swift isn't country' just because they think of her as pop. But if you listen to her first album, yes it country. And so are most her songs. Love story is amazing and so is Taylor!
Best out of all of these I see
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5A Country Boy Can Survive - Hank Williams, Jr.
This song should be number one it is the most iconic country song that has ever been written
This is undoubtedly the Best Country song in every sense of the term!
Heck ya this is the best
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6I Will Always Love You - Dolly Parton
This song totally great. This song make my spirit alive and dolly parton's voice is so strong. It is an awesome song
Without question, the most beautiful country song ever written, and its performed amazingly as well.
I never get tired of this song... The whole story to how she ended up writing the songs just makes me fall deply inlove with the song more... Dolly is a remarkable women, her legacy will live forever.
Certainly the prettiest Country Song there ever was. Beautiful.
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7Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
This song is so catchy like you couldn't move unless its over if you were to hear it playing in a shop while walkin down! Amazing guitar and Cash Rocks.. 'enough said!
Folsom Prison Blues is Johnny Cash
Listen to sample

8Friends In Low Places - Garth Brooks
I had a friend of mine tape this song over and over on the same tape for my daughter who was 4 at the time. We have videos of her dancing to it... That's why the tape was a helpful tool to keep her busy while I got things done around the house
Garth is amazing and it is one of his best!
The best country song ever made!
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9Crazy - Patsy Cline
Such a beautiful voice and such a classy lady... I miss and love patsy cline to death no other artist today posses her class... She will never be forgotten... Rip patsy cline.
Patsy Cline was the best country singer of all time. No one else even comes close.

Why do the best die young?
No one sings like patsy cline; no female vocalist was ever quite as good a patsy cline. LL and DP are second and third; but PC will always be number one in my book.
None of these wannabes' come close; the voice, sweet yet very powerful voice, what range and control, every note is clean.
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10The Dance - Garth Brooks
This is perfection in song writing and delivery. Rarely, if ever, do the two come together. It's a heart breaker and I just started to be able to listen to it without a little tear welling up until Garth sang it to mark the passing of my hero, Dale Earnhardt. The only thing that comes close is 'Highway 20 Ride' by Zac Brown Band.
this is definitely the greatest song ever wrote.


This easy the best! This list is a joke!
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The Contenders

11Where I Come From - Alan Jackson
It doesn't get any better than Alan Jackson!
Alan Jackson grow up listening to him, he one of the best around
I Love You Alan Jackson! Country Forever! You Are The Best! I Adore All Of Your Songs And Musics..
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12Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
Amazing for any girl who has ever got cheated on. I know I have and I heard this and it made things some what better. Carrie Underwood has a great voice you will love this song from the start if you have never heard it before.
The best vocalist in country music history completely delivers with this bluesy song about revenge.
This is an amazing song about what you do when a guy cheats
This song totally rocked the charts an changed people's view on Carrie.
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13I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Hank Williams, Sr
Why is Taylor Swift even on this list?
I can't believe Taylor Swift is over Hank Williams, come on guys, this dude is a pioneer of Country, a legend!
Hank is Best. None besides, Hank were one of the greatest songwriters of our time. I Think it's sad that you don't value this great talent more. From a European contry boy!
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14I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash
It's way better than the crappy country music they play today!
i love walk the line...even though the dance is the greatest song.


It is a very catchy melody, Johnny Cash's vocals, when he was in his prime like he was in this song, were excellent. The lyrics are also very powerful.
[Newest]The song "I walk the line" has always been a favorite of mine its melody I catchy!
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15Amarillo by Morning - George Strait
Can someone tell me why mediocre artists like Luke Bryan, Carrie underwood and taylor swift have beat this. Country music was doomed a long time ago.
Brilliant tune should be higher up the chart
Best true Country song of all-time.
Perfect cowboy country song
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16Red Dirt Road - Brooks & Dunn Listen to sample

17If Tomorrow Never Comes - Garth Brooks
This song reminds me to never take people for granted... always tell the ones you love how you feel and make sure they know how much you care about them...


There's no question a Garth Brooks song had to be on this list, and this was his first number one, and his most moving.
What! THIS SHOULD BE #1! And "The Dance" should be way higher up! And why in the hell is Taylor Swift on this list her songs shouldn't even count as country! And she sounds like a dieing RAT!
This song was at my grandma elvira tryee funeal couple days ago so this song should be number 1 and everyday I play this song I cry because I miss my grandma tryee.
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18Where I Come From - Montgomery Gentry
Million of people want to here your voice good
It so awesome I feel it
Listen to sample

19Pancho and Lefty - Willie Nelson
The best song of all time!
Listen to sample

20Stand By Your Man - Tammy Wynette
This song is so simple and yet so sophisticated. Only when you play it yourself on a guitar, you can experience the true wonder of it. By the way, the older Tammy Wynette grew, the better the song sounded. No doubt : "Stand By Your Man" will still be "hot" 100 years from now (and much later... ).
Jake and Elwood did it better. Great song that many more great country artists should really consider covering


It's possibly the most covered song in country music. It is so fun to sing, as well as to listen to.
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21The Gambler - Kenny Rogers
Undoubtedly a music legend and icon! One of the most recognizable songs in country music history for both young and old!
This song is one of the best country songs I've ever heard. Kenny sounds very quite and the song sounds great, especially the guitar.
Best Country singer to last 50 years! His style tells a beginning
Middle and ending. His voice is instantly recognizable and his
Style and proffesionalism have giving so many
Great artists the entrance in the tough music business. No one can come
Close to courting the popularity his has maintained for the last
50 years.
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22Fancy - Reba McEntire
The story is haunting, and she sings with athe perfect amount of emotion. The lyrics, and the way she sang them, can bring tears.
Fancy is Reba's most famous song. It is a true country song that was created by country music's Queen.
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23Made in America - Toby Keith
Remind me of my grandpa #1
Listen to sample

24Blown Away - Carrie Underwood
Carrie really rocks that song! I've always knew she is an amazing vocalist.
This song is like life
This song speaks of a torn apart Oklahoma home. However, it reminds people of the Wizard of Oz.
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25Don't Close Your Eyes - Keith Whitley Listen to sample

26Hurt - Johnny Cash
Although originally a hard rock song, Johnny Cash's rendition is still the best.
You've got to be kidding me, this song should be among 1 2 or 3, cash at its best
Listen to sample

27Country State of Mind - Hank Williams Jr.
This is my best song
Listen to sample

28Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) - Alan Jackson
I love this song it should be number 1 it is a sad and good song and it was about a true thing. I was at school when this happened and it was a sad day
Because it shows American spirit and nothing beats that and it is a true representation of how Americans felt on that cold September day
it should because its a true song from the heart about 911
This song is an icon for our nation. God Bless all.
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29Take Me Home, Country Roads - John Denver
This is my favourite country song. I had loved it since the first time I heard it. I think John Denver's music id the best ever.
A Really good song, my ear feel fly if I listening this when travel far away
One of the best songs :) at least should be there in top 10
[Newest]Country roads take me home
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30Bless the Broken Road - Rascal Flatts
One of the best songs of Rascal Flatts! Really lovee itt! Such an unique lyrics! Lovee the music! And Rascal Flatts is amazing! He has such an amazing voice! You guys should listen to this one!
This band is from Columbus Ohio (where I was born) and they went to THE Ohio STATE UNIVERSITY. GO BUCKEYES AND THANKS RASCAL FLATTS!
Listen to sample

31Live Like You Were Dying - Tim McGraw
A real way to live your life, and a great country sound. Tim McGraw is a genius, 'Don't take the girl' being another good song of his. Who could be more country than Tim, he optimizes what country music is about.
This song has changed lives, and if one song can do that, it shows how amazing it must be.
More comments about Live Like You Were Dying - Tim McGrawListen to sample

32My Hometown - Charlie Robison Listen to sample

33Whiskey Lullaby - Brad Paisley
Sad story but very touching
To this day still makes me cry despite the insane amount of times I've listened to it.
The story of a mistake and reconciliation, simply stunning!
More comments about Whiskey Lullaby - Brad PaisleyListen to sample

34The Devil Went Down to Georgia - The Charlie Daniels Band
This is the song my husband and I request at every wedding reception we go to. It is great and fun to dance to.
The devil went down to Georgia looking for a soul to steal.
A amazing song
Listen to sample

35Rain is a Good Thing - Luke Bryan
I can relate the this song
Listen to sample

36Hello Darlin' - Conway Twitty
Conway twitty was the greatest country singer ever and had 55 #1 hits.. No other country music singer has ever had that before or after him... He was the greatest...
Can almost taste the whiskey and feel the heartbreak in this song. Truly an authentic country legend is Conway Twitty
Listen to sample

37Give Me Back My Hometown - Eric Church Listen to sample

38David Allan Coe - The Ride
Love the song & the man
Listen to sample

39Ours - Taylor Swift Listen to sample

40Drink a Beer - Luke Bryan
This song is awful always playing on the radio annoys me so much...
This is the best sing luke Bryan has ever made!
Listen to sample

41Help Me Make It Through the Night - Kris Kristofferson
Nice song to play on guitar...
Listen to sample

42Cold As You - Taylor Swift Listen to sample

43Boys Round Here - Blake Shelton
This song is a modern country song, but it has the elements of a true, classic, and down-home country song.
Listen to sample

44Here In the Real World - Alan Jackson Listen to sample

45I Can Still Make Cheyenne - George Strait Listen to sample

46You Look Good In My Shirt - Keith Urban Listen to sample

47(Ghost) Riders In the Sky - Johnny Cash Listen to sample

48Ronan - Taylor Swift
Amazing song, it's for a boy who died of cancer. It makes me sad and I cried


Listen to sample

49Then - Brad Paisley
This should be in the top-ten or at least one of his songs should be. Brad Paisley is one of the best singers in country music. This is such a great song. Keep It up Brad!
This song is amazing. the lyrics have so much meaning. Brad Paisley rocks!

Listen to sample

50One Step Forward - Desert Rose Band Listen to sample

51Play It Again - Luke Bryan
When this songs ends, I just want to play it again.
I said play it again
Listen to sample

52Feels So Right - Alabama Listen to sample

53That's My Job - Conway Twitty Listen to sample

54Springsteen - Eric Church Listen to sample

55Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
I fell in love with this group thanks to this song! I know it's a drunk dial/booty call song. But I don't know really this song just draws you in cause you can hear the passion and the emotional lyrics too. Aside from that the lyrics are deep! It's a beautiful song every created!
Liked it very much can't stop listening to this song so much love so much power every thing there in this song
What its' a great song; it won the Grammy.. Lady Antebellum is my favorite trio in country music, followed by the band Perry
More comments about Need You Now - Lady AntebellumListen to sample

56This Is How We Roll - Florida Georgia Line Listen to sample

57Chicken Fried - Zac Brown Band
Awesome song don't see how this isn't number one
Listen to sample

58The Ballad of Bill Thaxton - Marty Robbins

59Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Kinda mad this ain't in the top ten. Damn amazing singing and instrumentation.
Bring back more than memories!
Listen to sample

60Jesus, Take the Wheel - Carrie Underwood Listen to sample

61Let's Don't Call It a Night - Casey James
I love this song and I love Casey James to he is so awesome at singing


Listen to sample

62Mama's Broken Heart - Miranda Lambert
It's the first song I ever heard by Miranda Lambert. I love this song and I love Miranda as well, I think she's a remarkable country singer and all her songs are very inspirational.
I love this song!
Listen to sample

63Family Tradition - Hank Williams Jr. Listen to sample

64Remember When - Alan Jackson Listen to sample

65Three Wooden Crosses - Randy Travis Listen to sample

66Come In With the Rain - Taylor Swift
Love love love this song! Taylor is an amazing songwriter, singer, and performer, and truly let it shine in this song. Only 0.3%? Come on, Swifties. Gotta get this song up to number 1!
Listen to sample

67Big Green Tractor - Jason Aldean
Whatever happened to the good country music like this
Listen to sample

68The Moment I Knew - Taylor Swift

69Stupid Boy - Keith Urban
I think people underestimate this song's meaning. It's a very powerful message.


Listen to sample

70The Nebraska Song - Sawyer Brown Listen to sample

71God Bless the USA - Lee Greenwood Listen to sample

72Good Girl - Carrie Underwood Listen to sample

73Forever & Always - Taylor Swift Listen to sample

74Mean - Taylor Swift
This song is changing my life!
Listen to sample

75Always On My Mind - Elvis Presley
Presley just make the song exceptional... Should be much above in the list
This song is just too good
Very romantic... And passionate song... Elvis voice just enlightens the song..
Listen to sample

76Tornado - Little Big Town
I love this song you rock little big town and I love pontoon
You are awesome Seth is my cousin no joke I am apart of the rausch family I don't really see Seth a lot.
Listen to sample

77Boondocks - Little Big Town Listen to sample

78Mud On the Tires - Brad Paisley Listen to sample

79She's Gone, Gone, Gone - Lefty Frizzell Listen to sample

80Footloose - Kenny Loggins
Gotta cut loose, Footloose! Best song ever! Blake Shelton is amazing!
Wanna dance? This is the best country record to quench your thirst!
This isn't a country song.

81Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way - Waylon Jennings
What a great song to always remember. I sing it in my head some nights when I try to sleep. But I am older than most so it is fresh in my mind.
Great song with an amazing person to sing it. Waylon Jennings is one of the reasons Old Country is still the best today.

82Again - Immigrant Union
This song is beautiful. Immigrant Union are such a great new band, a real fun country band which can write ballads and odes with ease. A great example of this is In time by them; perfect song.
My favorite Immigrant Union song.
Listen to sample

83I Won't Back Down - Johnny Cash Listen to sample

84There's a Tear In My Beer - Hank Williams

85Islands In the Stream - Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Listen to sample

86Good Ole Boys Like Me - Don Williams
An old time favorite. Good to know all old songs haven't died.
One of the best songs of all time.
The sacrifices required for success.
Friends lost along the way.
Growing up in the south.
Simply touches me like no other song
Listen to sample

87Bed of Roses - Statler Brothers Listen to sample

88A Love Will Never Grow Old - Emmylou Harris
Just Speechless for this song... Mesmerizing!
Best country song ever... Simple and incredible...
Brokeback mountain... Forever love
More comments about A Love Will Never Grow Old - Emmylou HarrisListen to sample

89Going Where the Lonely Go - Merle Haggard
Nice song this is and most importantly very nicely sung by one of the legend of country music Merle Haggard
The Hag should be right at the top!
Listen to sample

90Country Girl (Shake It for Me) - Luke Bryan Listen to sample

91The Pill - Loretta Lynn
I love this song and the singer. I do personally think she should be higher up the list. Her, Dolly, Patsy, Kitty and Tammy are the true first ladies of country, no, MUSIC.
-Jamesy Davidson
CEO, Ruby Record Production, Inc.
Listen to sample

92Chainsaw - The Band Perry Listen to sample

93The River - Garth Brooks

94Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue - Crystal Gayle
Crystal and Loretta are actually related, APPARENTLY.
Love this song!
-Jamesy Davidson
CEO, Ruby Record Production, Inc.
Listen to sample

95Tumbling Tumbleweeds - Sons of the Pioneers Listen to sample

96Would You Go With Me - Josh Turner
Definitely should be at the top of the list! He has a voice like no other!
Beautiful song! His voice is amazing.


Listen to sample

97New York City - Statler Brothers Listen to sample

98By the Time I Get to Phoenix - Glen Campbell
Drives my blues away
Listen to sample

99The Cattle Call - Eddie Arnold Listen to sample

100(There's a) Fire in The Night - Alabama Listen to sample

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