Best Credit Repair Companies in Australia

The Australian Credit Reporting System is a tool used primarily to determine a consumer's credit worthiness. It helps banks and other lenders decide how likely a person is to repay a debt and, in turn, whether or not to extend that person credit and at what interest rate.

Previously, only negative information was recorded on a credit file, but recently the reporting system has become more comprehensive allowing much more information to be added to a credit file. While this is good in that it provides lenders with more information they can hopefully use to make better decisions, it also presents an opportunity for error. The more information that gets reported, the better chance that errors could end up on your credit file.

When you combine these errors with the other unfair, disputable or contestable black marks on credit reports, you get hundreds of thousands of Australians who's credit rating may be lower than it should be. Australians who may benefit from the services of an Australian credit repair company.

If you are looking to improve your credit rating with the assistance of a credit repair company, here is a list of the top ten credit repair companies in Australia to help you get started.
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The Top Ten

Bad Credit Services Group
This group is part of Fix Bad Debt. They only charge if they get results and all they need to look at is your credit file to give you an opinion if they will take the job on. They can get your credit rating for you too if needed and in one hour but it costs $35 which is good compared to anyone else who can claim one hour return. (if there is any one else 1 hour)


4Credit Repair Clinic

5Credit Repair Bureau (CRB)

6Australia Credit Repair

7Mr Credit Repair

8MyCRA Credit Rating Repairs
MyCRA is headed by Graham Doessel who also pioneered the creation of the Credit Reporting Industry Association of Australiasia (CRIAA) that now has the largest membership base of credit repairers in Australia.

MyCRA is a strong advocate in advancing consumers rights within the arena of fair credit reporting.

MyCRA also is a major player in the Credit Repair industry in it's own right

9Credit Repair Australia
Got the shonky award for the year when you Google search "credit repair" say no more, wanted mega bucks upfront and no refund if they failed. Yeah right! Looked into them and they are part of Fox Symes who charge mega buck for setting up creditor repayment schemes which you can do on your own. Money for nothing service.


One of only two repairers I could find who only charge if all results are completed. Say no more, safe service. And not pushy like most.


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