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21In America
22Pity For a Dime

Great riff, excellent bass, and all around phenomenally rocking' tune.

24Who's Got My Back?

Amazing how people don't appreciate this music... Please, listen it and then vote. This track is complete: has great and variable rhythm, and the lyric is profound! I know it's not "commercial" as the singles but, in my modest oppinion, this is the Creed's top music.

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25SignsV1 Comment
26Inside Us All

Turn it up really loud, then start singing from deep inside. You'll understand why this should be in the top 10.

Great song scott sings this with a really hauntingly and the lyrics and music are awesome


Its so sad that I had to add this song... This is the best art of CREED. Beyond - with arms wide open and One last breath... Great song... A nice song from FULL CIRCLE...

Listen to this song! I think it deserves the third place at least! Beautiful Lyrics and great music!

Come on! How Time is in 19 place, please go now to your ipod or iPhone and listen please...

One day, this will be one of the all time classic rock songs... It's beyond exceptional

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28Away In Silence

Creed's greatest song. The repetition of the chorus has an emotional impact that is hard to find in today's music (whether alternative or not). Truly unmatched by any other band! - Hurricane1123

29Wrong Way
30Wash Away Those Years

Not only my favorite Creed song, but favorite song of all Time. This song changed me into who I am and gives me a passion for my own art and music. I am creating an 8 book series and hoping the success when I finish it will allow me to have it into a film and within that film this song will be played at the very end because it sums up everything and only if the world could see now what I have imagined with this song I think it would inspire them as well in life.

No music video means no popularity, people this is one of there best, but not even a good video in YouTube!

Awesome beginning, great rifts and Stapp really brings this song to life

A very good song! It cheers me up!

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Puts me to sleep every time

33Stand Here With Me

Great song, awesome guitar's solos by mark tremonti! YOU MUST LISTEN this song

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34Is This the End

No Creed song has ever been as lyrically strong as this one. It is absolutely fantastic

If this song was released as a single, it would have been a hit. Great rifts, great lyrics.

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35Say I

This song is just underrated in my opinion,it deserves a better position. The strong vocals backed by awesome guitar riffs makes it a very powerful song especially the intro which is amazing!

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36Bread of Shame
37Young Grow Old

Good meaningful lyrics, not bad rifts either


Why is this song on list 37?! This song is one of there best songs in my opinion, and people need to listen to this song in order to agree with me

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Can't believe this songs not on here! It's so underrated and one of their heaviest yet.

40Silent Teacher
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