Top Ten Best Crime Dramas


This is for all the crime dramas, both inside the courtroom and on the streets. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Criminal Minds
Totally love this show, it's brilliant. Really love Spencer Reid, Matthew Gubler does a great job of portraying this character. He's also very attractive. Love the friendship between Derek and Penelope, and think that it is one of the best shows out there. Watched series one in the last two days, can't wait for the rest of them!
Best crime drama out there, by far!
Favourite characters are Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid. Am I the only one that think that spencer is kinda attractive but in a dorky way?
I watched all 7 seasons in 2 weeks and I couldn't stop for a day. The last 2 weeks I have been so obsessed with the show that I can't wait for it to come back on... Amazing Characters, awesome cases and sometimes creepy serial killers
[Newest]Love this show very good

2CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Love this show very good
Should be number ONE not number Six, it is the most watched T.V. show in the world

I love this show bcoz a lot of crime show are dim-witted the stupidest person alive could tell you what happens nxt on most shows where NCIS is inellectual compared 2most n thats y I love it
Started watching NCIS about 4 years ago got addicted ordered box set and watched every single episode within a week.

Love tony and zivas relationship so good
i love NCIS it is the best TV program ever it show do a cross over with the csi and law and order it has done one in SVU in season 10 EPisode (PTSD)
[Newest]A great show love the show

4The Mentalist
The mentalist is a great show and the enigma gets closer to resolution with each episode. The main character patrick jane is likeable to the audience and introduces humour into the storylines.
The Mentalist, The scariest not scary guy I know, laugh out loud. Like anyone could kick his arse, but he could do way more than inflict physical pain, with little to no effort.
This show makes you THINK. Wake up, people, it's not only about guns and murders! THE MENTALIST is about crimes and how you try to solve them by using your mind.
[Newest]A very good show I love the show

5Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit
This show is downright amazing! Non stop action through out every episode, I love it so much
A very good show loved it.
LOVE Law and Order SVU! The drama makes your heart beat out of your chest and the chemistry between the actors just makes it all the more better.

Best show in the universe! It is 10,000,000,000,000,000 better than law and order! My favorite character is Dr. Brennan!
( Temprance) She is a Forensic Anthropologist who is AMAZING at it! Makes me study 100 times harder in science! Once you see one episode you will be addicted because it is so awesome!

100,000,000,000,000,000,000 / 10
I love BONES! IT is the best show ever my favorite character is Booth a trained sniper and a awesome guy. I LOVE THIS SHOW. This show is a 9000000/10 I love this show. It's so interesting. It makes me want to try harder in science.
Bones is so funny, I love her relationship with booth! Classic crime drama with a twist 10/10
[Newest]Love this show a great show.

This is a show that I have watched grow and develop with me. The enticing cases, the humour, the different character-themed episodes and Castle and Beckett's long-awaited yet fulfilling love story are the things that make this what it is today - A MUST WATCH and a real lesson in DOING CRIME THE FUN WAY! Honestly, this show is supposed to be at the very top!
This show is good not only because of the suspense but because of the chemistry between the two protagonists. Great choice of actors! Nice story over all.
The best crime drama ever I have seen so far! No doubt I love beckett and castle. It should be ranked at the top 51
[Newest]A good show loved it

8CSI: New York
The most favourite crime drama that ever made :) I liked this one better than the other CSI franchise such as Miami and Las Vegas. Hell dude, just look at the how Mac, Danny, Flack, and the others handle the case! So awesome!
This is my favourite show on TV. The acting on this show is just fantastic


Best T.V. crime drama. lightyears above the metalist which I also like and much better than the other CSI's

9Hawaii Five-0
This should definitely be number one with NCIS: LA behind it, its the most amazing show imaginable


Very enjoyable and great character interaction and plots
A very good show loved it

10Breaking Bad
How is breaking bad not number 1?
Or even on the list for that matter before.
Really, and where is the wire.
Wow, this lost really sucks.

The Contenders

11NCIS: Los Angeles
A good show loved it

I loved the show

13The Shield
A good show loved it

Dexter is one the best crime dramas ever made. It truly deserves to be way higher in this list. It is a brilliant story and Dexter the main character played by Michael C. Hall is maybe the best and most lovable serial killer the T.V. has ever had.
I loved the show

15Sons of Anarchy
A very good show

16Lie to Me
Oh this one is good! So sad there's only 3 seasons. Very captivating!

How is monk not #1? The show is funny, creatively written, and nail biting
I love this show
Monk is the best...

I loved this show

What the hell it's doing in 16th! Come on people! Sherlock is class! 1
Awesome adaptation from Doyle's work. Surely will get addicted to it.
Really 16th, should be a last 3rd
[Newest]A very good show

20Law and Order: Criminal Intent
A very good show

21CSI: Miami

22Without a Trace
Great cast, drama, action...It has everything! I love all the seasons, ecspecially season 4. My favorite character would be Elena.

One of my favorites... Shawn and Gus are hilarious
So addicting! I love it!

24Cold Case


26Saving Grace

27Prison Break
The best... I love scofield, the way he lives for others just awesome should be at least in top 3.

Just fun to watch!

29Nash Bridges

30White Collar

The best crime drama, french

32Veronica Mars
A brilliant mixture of mystery, drama, action, humour and romance
A weird and wonderful mixture of teen drama, noir thriller and Shakesperian tragedy. Razor sharp dialogue, multi-dimensional characters, well-crafted plots and superb acting by a young, relatively inexperienced cast. It also features one the small screens hottest, absorbing and most heartwrenching romantic entaglements.

33The Wire
This is number 53? Bull!

34The Closer
Crime, Comedy, nuff said.


35Murdoch Mysteries

36The X-Files
My mom watches this show it's weird



38Rizzoli & Isles
Two strong female leads, a dash of humour and interesting plot lines. What's not to love?

39Major Crimes
One episode of this show and you'll be thinking 'Brend who? '. More focus on the team and the same killer storylines

40Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes

I just love Damian Lewis, he's so funny!

42Death In Paradise
Ben Miller is killing the audience with his uptight humourous performance. Loving the irony of death on a paradise like island.


44The Killing
Follows two intense, complex detectives in search of a missing girl that everyone else has given up on. Watch one show and you'll be hooked.

45Agatha Christie's Poirot
Miss lemon
Is very funny

46Miss Marple

47Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

48Inspector Rex

49Happy Valley

50Chicago P.D.
This has a really good cast, it's different & raw! I hot into it late but I'm glad I got into it, I like how it crosses with Chicago Fire & it even crossed with Law & Order SVU last season! Watch one episode you'll be hooked!

51The Blacklist

52Starsky & Hutch



55Father Brown

56New Tricks

57Redfern Now

58The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

59The Finder
It is only one season due to the deathe of Michael clarke duncan but I love it and the finder and psych are the only actually funny crime shows I've been able to find, please tell me if one of the above is good other than the fact its on a list of how good they are. psych watchers know what I mean by funny.

60Almost Human
Cancelled, but it really shouldn't be. It should be much more widely known. Its kind of like a Sci fi futuristic turn on crime dramas. Its really funny, and it gets your mind on not only crime solving, but also on the concept of humanity.


62Magnum, P.I.

63Charlie's Angels

64In the Heat of the Night

65Law and Order

66Midsomer Murders
I love Midsomer murders my favorite sgt is gavin troy he is easily the cutest and I love him
I love midsomer murders!
Brillant show the best of the sunday dramas

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