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1Unchained Melody - Bobby Hatfield

This song "Unchained Melody" is the sound that your heart, your soul makes when it is separated for a long time from the one it loves.
Nothing is more painful then leaving the one you Love behind to go to war. You leave not knowing if you are ever going to return and if your Love, relationship can survive the test of time.
This is what I hear when I hear "Unchained Melody". [email protected] Com

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2La Mer - Charles Trenet

a song that winds itself up progressively to a choir backed finale

3Begin the Beguine - Joe Loss Band

A song that seems to have 3 gears. A soft beginning, then wind up then finale

4With a Song In My Heart

A song full of the joy of falling in love.

5Who Can I Turn to - Tony Bennett

a song that expresses the fear of losing love and the emptiness that would come.

6Rags to Riches - Tony Bennett

A song that expresses the truth that love transcends material poverty

7One Good Tune Deserves Another - Jack Buchanan

a song that celebrates the joy of hearing a beautiful melody

8Don't Worry About Me - Frank Sinatra

a song that has a philosophical take on a love affair that has run its course

9Ebb Tide - Bobby Hatfield

a song that expresses the passion of love that is like the ebb and flow of the tide.

10Alfie - Cilla Black

a song that looks at the emptiness of serial monogamy

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11That's Amore - Dean Martin

Every song that Dean sang bore his unmistakable trademark. A truly gifted voice, smooth and warm.

12Magic Moments - Perry Como
13Walk Away - Matt Monro

A great man with a most wonderful voice, shame we don't hear it much these days...

14Prisoner of Love - Russ Columbo

Upsetting that this isn't on there

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