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The 'F' word
So many uses! F you (anger), F me (depression), F yeah (excitement), Holy F (shock), Oh F (fear).


Actually think of the structure - It is perfect for screaming out in anger! All the syllables make out perfect and simple frustration emotion
Other words on this list are just plain offensive and have no appeal. This word, while it can be used to offend someone, can be used for other things too.
[Newest]There are much worse words than this word.

2The 'C' word for vagina
Way worse than the f word this word is one of the most offensive
Its like a Randy Orton punt. It takes months to heal from this word! It's so offensive it should be used only when the person truly deserves it. That way it doesn't lose its power!
It's the worst swear word by far, supported by the fact of, how frequently its used - not as much as the F.. K word.

3The 'N' word for black
No, it isn't cool. its probably the worst word in history.


It's a disgusting word and I have been called it before and I have cried when receiving such abuse. It's a very rude word that originates from the times of slaves and by using the word you are basically saying that slavery was okay and it wasn't it's awful word and I disappointed to see that the word is only number 9 when it should be far higher on the list...
I'm voting for this because of the impact it has when a white person says it, and the irrelevance when a black person says it. I have yet to see a black man getting lynched for saying the equally racist word "cracker".
[Newest]That word is used during slavery. There's nothing "cool" about this word.

4The 'S' word for poop
Yes, so many ways to use and merely means poo! Awesome and does no harm! THE BEST! Everyone has to admit that they say this beauty at least 2 times a day! It feels so good to say :D
Love this one. A masterpiece and feels great to let roll of your tongue! And yet. It's not even offensive!
The most fun to say and can fit in plenty of sentences
[Newest]It's not bad if you say it as in poo but if you call someone that word than it is offensive. I've once been called that and trust me it is super offensive

5The 'A'-hole word
Its a really bad word!
Not bad at all
Should not even be in the top ten
[Newest]Some people think it's is so bad... I find it not so offending

6The 'D' word slang
It is fun to say and not overly offensive. I like the phrase, "Damn Frogs! " Its linguistic and phonetic feel is very pleasing, and it is a great phrase to express frustration while still remaining somewhat chaste from obscenity.
Dammit. You can say it in more places than most curses. And it's the name of blink 182s best song
I'm pretty sure it's okay to say "Damn" on this website. Damn damn damn


[Newest]Dammit People keep saying that to me

7The 'B' word for girls
Ok I've been told it was a complament and told it was an insult so is it both...


It's cool to mess around with but not if you mean it

8The 'B' word for Mexicans
Beaner? I'm a Mexican and I don't find it offensive... I find it offensive that others find it offensive

9The 'W' word for prostitute
I ha no clue what this word is. I'm an idiot
I have no clue
Yes of course it means a boys penis

10The 'P' word for vagina
I'm a girl, and get irritated when boys say this like what, either flat out say the correct word:VAGINA or don't say it at all
This boy one time told that he was going to make it wet and that is disgusting

The Contenders

11The 'J' word for sperm
Haha that's a clean word
This isn't really a curse word more of nickname.
Nope, he means the word that rhymes with "fizz"

12The 'A' word
Bender: Bite my shiny metal ass.
Me: Bite my squishy brown ass.


Ass is bad at all I have CDS which say I'm not a peice of ass

13The 'F' word for homosexuals
I say everything except this and n____
So offensive. This is the only word I refuse to say.
It's not a big deal

14The 'C' word for white people
I'm white and one time people were throwing crackers at me and calling me "white cracker" and running away.
I find it hilarious when you say it with a Bernie Mac accent... "God Damned 'C's! "

15The 'T' word for Irish
What is wrong with being Irish I'm Irish its not a bad thing why make it bad

16The 'C' word for penis

17The 'S' word for being promiscuous

18The 'D' word for sexual toy

19The 'C' word for Asians
Asian parents would be more angry if you got a 'C' on your test than if said this word


Shut up that is being mean to Asians! I am Irish!
What C? Ching Chong Ling Long ting tong, I'm Chinese I don't understand English

20The 'G' word for Vietnamese

21The 'B' word for child born to unwed parents
Disgusting but funny word. Good way to make fun of someone though.

22The 'C' word for spermial fluids

23The 'K' word for Jews
Bad word for Jew

24The 'G' word for Irish
Whats with messing with Irish people I'm Irish it ain't a bad thing

25The 'R' word for special needs people
This word is nearly the same as calling someone disabled (so someone with a special order or a disability) the word is retard but when you call some one a retard you can also say "that person is retardED
Calling someone that to tease, bully, and harass scenarios
-kid: get to go to principals office. Multiple times: SUSPENSION!
-adult: fired from job. Multiple times: SURE ARREST.

26The 'D' word for idiot

27The 'K' word for blacks
Call a black guy this at our school and within a week him and his friends will get you back for saying that


28The 'B' word for penis

29The 'S' word for vagina

30The 'W' word for Mexican

31The 'G' word for cursed
(Euphemism- Gosh darn) a billion times worse than every word on the list put together. The only word on this list that is a sin to say.

32The 'D' word for Vietnamese
Come on, no rascism! Why was this list approved?!


33The 'J' word for idiot.

34The 'C' word for poop
Not even a bad word


35The "P" word for Filipino

36The 'P' word for Pus**

37The 'A'-pirate word

38The F word for being scared

39The 'D' word for Penis
How was this not on here? Wow!

40The 'M' word for having fun with your mom
Rhymes with old trucker

41The 'W' word for Italians

42The 'S' Word for Latin Americans

43The 'H' word for prostitute
I don't Evan know what this word means or how to say it I don't Evan know the what most of the words are
What is up with the racism! The 'W' word for prostitute...

This is a stupid list that should be removed.

Qwer ty

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