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I've played them my whole 14 year drumming career.
ZBT's suck, they break hell fast.. But yo get what you pay for. ZHT's are okay, decent for what they are.. I've been playing a ZHT 18 inch crash for almost a year, no cracks.
Now once you get into the higher end zildjians, you must know how to play cymbals right unless you have 250+ bucks to be replacing cymbals all the time. I've been playing an 18" Zcustom since before they discontinued that line, and it still has no cracks or anything. Sounds great. Higher End zildjians are great if you're willing to pay for them.
I am NOT saying cheaper zildjians aren't good musically, hell mike mangini uses ZBT and ZHT high hats. They are just of lesser quality metal
Beasides the fact that this brand started manufacturing cymbals since 1623 if I'm not mistaken, the different series of cymbals have so many sound variations. It's just awesome! Let's be honest guys! Travis Barker of blink 182, Roger Taylor of Queen played Zildjian cymbals, Mike Mangini plays Zildjian cymbals, I mean come on! Zildjian is the best Cymbal brand in the world! And another thing - if you want the quality, you gotta pay the price!
400 years of legacy. want more reasons why it is no 1? everyone uses it
[Newest]Playing my whole life with them
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Sabian is just the BEST in my opinion! They have such a unique sound that no other brand has, and as for beginer cymbal series they are really good in terms of prince and quality compared to other brands such as Zildjian and Meinl. You can even come up with newest sounds with the Sabian Vault guys ;) all according to sound preference. Sabian all the way.
I played sabian to start, then switched to zildjian for a while, they didn't strike me as any better but where much higher priced... I then went back to sabian and bought a little higher level series than my original b8pros and I haven't even bothered with buying anything else. They're just the best and definitely the best for the money
History lesson - Sabian HH IS the original Zildjian K. The two sons split the company, one taking the CANADIAN-based plant where the hand-hammered cymbals were made, but had to come up with a new name (which is based on his sons' initials). The other son took the US-based plant and the Zildjian name, but not the hand-hammered process. He had to come up with a new process, which in my humble opinion, does not compare. I have a pre-Sabian Zildjian K cymbal, and won't part with it despite numerous offers. But everything I've bought since the split has to be Sabian.
[Newest]They are soft-sounding, and easy to find in any music store!
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I love the power that comes out of paiste, and in my opinion, they give you the most bang for your buck
They look beautiful and sounds great! Plus the different makes from different countries (switzerland, german) makes it a wide variety of sounds available! They are perfect! The logo also looks good anywhere, on a car or t shirt or on your kit drum head!
Paiste cymbals have the most powerful sound!
[Newest]Definitely the best! The rude and 2002 series really punch out heavy tones if you are a rock or metal person, the alpha series is a great cymbal series if you are a beginner and the signature series is just unbelievable! Definitely should be #1 also John Bonham R.I.P. The best drummer in the world played these.

4Istanbul Agop
guys these are handmade cymballs that makes you feel in the drum and perfect quality for clean and clear sound I think it comes from its construction methood I mean being made hanmade
If you want a cymbal that's as close to the old K, s from Istanbul then look no further. In particular the 30th anniversary series.
The real deal. All hand made for the price of regular z's. Pieces of art!
[Newest]Handmade and different sound from other it's The best, I think Turks are truly know how its made

My opinion is this
1. Zildjian and Meinl
2. Paiste
3. Sabian
Meinl is really the future of cymbal making. They're constantly innovating and have the most wide musical range that no other company can match. They're absolutely amazing quality with a sound that never gets old. I don't know any other company out there that can make amazing metal/rock cymbals and then turn right around and make the most sensitive and musical jazz/swing cymbals. As a gospel and jazz drummer, I need cymbals that are versatile and unique, Meinl gives me that option every time I sit behind the kit.
Meinl. Because the Quality of each piece of cymbals of Meinl, very awesome. The sound, quality, fashion of these cymbals is very very different to other cymbals. Like Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, and even Stagg. I definitely say that this cymbals is very authentic, and super amazing. When I hear the sound of this cymbals, I feel so much my groove and it gives me a amazing feel and energy to fired out. That's my own opinion. Meinl cymbals is the best cymbals for me.
[Newest]Hands down best cymbals you can find wether or not you are using beginner, intermediate or professional they sound absolutely amazing

You are going to see the TRX rise to the top of these kinds of lists over the next several years you have my word on that. TRX provides high end, high quality Turkish cymbals but with a unique twist. You watch, top five in the next five years without a doubt. Dross ~
Great quality and overall performance! TRX has a series for any and every style of music! These cymbals are worth every penny! TRX cymbals have the perfect amount of resonance and they offer that perfect sound for even you!
TRX has the best cymbals out there... Hands down. They are handcrafted turkish cymbals that produce the most amazing sound!
[Newest]This cymbal company will make it there maybe not number 1 but in the top 5 for sure just you wait.

7Istanbul Mehmet
The Best Turkish cymbals!
10 splash hand made priceless!
Istanbul Mehmet is the best because it is handmade sounds great. My choice is Sabian and Mehmet...

These cymbals are truly amazing! They have amazing sound and quality for the price. I just bought a 17" Traditional Medium-thin crash, and it fits all kinds of musical styles. I play funk rock, and it's has a warm and washy sound!
The best. True tonal muiscality in each collection. Suited for jazz due to its soft buttery feel, they offer other series for each genre.
Zildjian, Paiste, Meinl...all popular by excellent marketing. Look into the true craftsmanship that goes into the making of Turkish cymbals. While the top 3 are machine, computerized, and digitally mastered, Bosphorus are truly handmade. From forging, hammering, polishing all done by artisans skilled in the ancient art of cymbal making, the sounds are obvious. I am 65yo, been drumming since I was 12. Tried all the big boys, now it is Bosphorus to carry me out
these are real cymbals people.. Real cymbals are the ones from turkey. these along with istanbul obviously have way better quality than the zildian and sabian and other american ones...
[Newest]%100 Handmade. Great sound variety and good price condition.

Nick Menza from Megateth (past member) plays with this kind of cymbals. He's an incredible drummer and sais these can produce excellent sound


I'm a Soultone artist, and I'll always be a Soultone artist! Powerful, rich sound, different styles of cymbals, beautiful!
Should be at number 1, much better than zildjian and sabian, miles and miles better, there's really no comparison!


The Contenders

11Murat Diril
The best cymbals I ever seen. They are B22 alloy and have interesting series, something more original than the other brands.
Great People, Great Cymbals
Best cymbals money can buy
[Newest]THE BEST, the FATHER of Cymbals... Amazing cymbals!

Because they have the best quality to value ratio!
I've been gigging and recording with them for years, great product @ 1/2 the price of #1 on this list
Hand made cast cymbals that sound great
The best bang for your buck

For me the best Chinas and splashes of all out there, they give the real original ''china'' sound, I tried out the Crashes to, and the sound its amazing too!
These cymbals are one of a kind.. It gives you the real feel.. Great cymbals for your money.. Trust me
Great sound and long lasting
[Newest]The best chinas and splash hand made


Dream are the only cymbals I would say have their own sound, what I mean by that is that they have their very own sound, plus since they are 100% hand made every one is a unique instrument.
Dream cymbals sound amazing never mind being cheap!
Love these cymbals can't wait till I get some more
Dream Cymbals are my personal favorite because they are the only companying making fully hand hammered cymbals. While companys like zildjian and sabian have big machines to press cymbals into shape, dream cymbals are sledge hammered into shape creating a truly unique work of visual audible art. Dream makes very good sounding cymbals for a very reasonable price.
[Newest]Best cymbals out there for the price and stand up to all the others at any price hands down for sound and quality.



I purchased a 18" Aurum Crash & 20" EVO Thunder Crash. The best decision I ever made.

Any style of Turkish Cymbals are hi class. For one there one of the few cymbals that are hand made and put through with a machine. If that dose not sound good enough there quality is amazing. And I am not just saying that like everyone on this sight will to make them sound better. They are spectacular sounding, but on top of that there pricing is low. DO NOT let that make you think that Turkish Cymbals are a chepo cymbal because they are the complete opposite. Know ill add a cherry on top by adding that letting you know that these cymbals are impossible to break with a stick. Even there paper thin crashes. BOOM THERE's YOUR GRAPH!
They are cheap for the moola and there sound quality as equal to a k custom or any high quality sabian. Any turkish cymbal is nearly impossible to break even there paper thin crashes and thin rides.
Great stuff. I have 2 splashes and a China. Best cymbals since Armand Zildjian passed away.
Best sound and quality craftsmanship! Simply the best handmade cymbals out there.

They are the most expressive cymbals with a wide range of sounds, from brilliant to weird and also dark
These are the best hi hats and rides I have owned and used after 20 years drumming
UFIP is one of the most finest cymbals ever. No doubt about it.


Great Cymbals, I Own the 17" Medium crash and the 18" Medium Crash/Ride, hand made and sexy as hell. They have so many Choices and also Partner with a couple other companys so you can buy your stands along with your Cymbals!
The best I've ever play like nemesis series
Had a great sounding splash


24Istanbul Pera
Handmade Turkish cymbals with amazing sound. After playing it I impressed with its quality. They will be really big in few years.

The ultimate quality of Exodus Cymbals Surpasses all others brands I've worked with. Each of their TEN different cymbal variations, offer unique tonal qualities that seperates Exodus Cymbals from all others, creating a individual class of its own. As a drummer, I've found that the distinct sounds I can elicit from my exodus cymbals - continually blows my mind. Its subtle, clear, and true.
This quite new brand is high end all over. Every series is balanced for its type of music. Exodus uses B25 bronze. Great sound!
Exodus is an awesome brand. This company will be on top soon for sure. Exodus Cymbals rules. I'm very happy with my cymbals.

They sound badass for the price you can compare it to a 2010 paiste


I've heard then very often but never owned one, I see they're durable

I bought their Fury crashes last month and was really blown away. The crashes were very responsive and explosive. It was exactly what I wanted as far as sound and character. My next few cymbals will be their Legend line that look rich and dark. I heard the Legends in a video and they are sweet.
Eric Moore and Nate Robinson (Lecrae's Drummer) play these. I heard them at some big concerts and they cut really nice. This brand is on its way to the top.
The best sounding cymbals especailly for effect cymbals


Epic cymbals. They are great for rock and essential for blues drumming and those loud hits on the cymbal when needed in rock playing. 10 Stars for sure.

32Pearl Cymbals
I know my pearl hi hats are very sexy too!
I know my hi hats are very sexy too!
Yeah I know that's not a proper brand but some pearl hi hats I played were so sexy



Truly hand made cymbals. Not claiming to be while secretly using hidden machines like most of the Turkish brands.




I have a 14 inch hi hat pair a 16:18 inch crashes and 20 inch ride they are terrible


41Heartbeat Cymbals
Newer Company with some Excellent Cymbals!


Great price for that cool unique sound, handmade in Turkey, many different styles of cymbals, say why not? They fit every kind of music style from jazz to metal. Amedia is the way to go.
Best priced cymbals out there, serious bang for your buck. Forget the top brands, try these and be sold for life.

Phenomenal cymbals. Sound great, look awesome, and take a beating. I'll be with them for awhile.
Have great sounding cymbals with a very unique look made from turkey

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