Best Daft Punk Songs


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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
The best one, when you start saying words without sense and then you make it together making a great song in the process, you're god
A whole lot more upbeat and fast than the original one, this one is mashed up with Around The World to fill in the background sound that the original has.
[Newest]When my cousin first made me listen to a sample of this, I exclaimed 'Dude! What the hell..?! Daft punk? I knew only the hit 'one more time' by then. ' As I progressively listen to this song I got it. Its lyrics and beats, this song doesn't take itself seriously not because of being overly repetitive, rather being repetitively original as it goes! Thumbs up!
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2Get Lucky
Sounded mediocre the first time, but now I just can't stop grooving to it and its kinda stuck in my brain!
Superb french Artist with a hell lotta beat and a great music,
Great collaboration of daft punk and Pharell williams
Didn't like it at first, but now this song is absolutely amazing and is one of the best techno songs I have ever heard in my life. Loving it daft punk, all the songs are great to move to and relaxing.
[Newest]When I was on youtube and I hear song every time and broke the replay button, and its stuck in my brain and I can't forget it, even can't stop grooving, when I heard this song first time in radio, I didn't know it was D. Punk and they're americans or like that, but I knew they're french and superb, of course it must be higher too.. Please vote.
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3One More Time
Best daft punk song ever released! So good live! And at clubs
Catchy, bouncy, happy, you name it, this song has everything, except for depression. With a stunning video clip to accompany it, this is without a doubt their best song.
Best song I have heard in my younger years. This song really made me appriciate music a lot more than I used to. I never get tired of it.
Hands down best. Do I really have to say anything else
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4Around the World
If I have to choose one daft punk song I have to hear for my whole life, I would choose this one.
I know exactly what you mean! The 7 minute cut is pretty good to, rather than the radio edit.
Oh my god, this song rocks really and should be no. 1. What I like about this song is it's bass. amazing!
Awesome song... Definitely Daft Punk's best...
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5Instant Crush
Amazingly addicting song! It should be even at the top of this list!
My all time favorite song. The best song ever according to me. Should be at number 1! Random access memories for the win!
Love this song, in my opinion one of the best Daft Punk, should be higher in the list.
[Newest]It's a very addictive song, the music which they used is totally different from other artists of the time, reminds me of the 80's music, and it's video is also is so touching, a beautiful love story of two wax sculptures, this song should be on top already
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6Da Funk
I have not yet found a person who can stay still while only listening to this song. Plus when it was mixed with Daftendirekt during the Alive concert... Good just got even better!
Why is this at 5?! -_- Push it higher!
All I can say is... The FUNK
WHAT?! You have Instant Crush over the Funk?!
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7Something About Us
Should be number one! Great sound and everything. I wish that the people made better decisions
I love this song! It's sexy, hypnotic, and utterly amazing! Great for chilling that might lead to more situations, especially when buzzing!
I simply love this song. One of the best songs ever writed. It has everything, it has emotion, has power, has soul. I've got to say, as a rock fan, this is the perfect song.
Whenever I think about the girl I like, I hear this song, this son is... just... AWESOME!
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8Digital Love
Thats the first song by Daft Punk I listened to and I fell in love with it and D. Punk themselves. Thez rock pics man!
Heard the Boris Dlugosch remix of this (practically the same song) on satellite radio once, have been in love with it and all of Discovery for some time now, but this is the one song in the world I will never get tired of listening to. The cover version of it by Alphabeat/Frankmusik is brilliant too.
I love the first 3 but this song is just too powerful. The best song on the top 10 list! Such an explosive and epic electric guitar solo towards the end of the song.
Voyager is the best though!
This is close second!
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The guitar solo half way through is just mental, should be number one
Have you heard the guitar?
Number one to me in the Daft Energic way
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10Robot Rock
Crazy been hearing this for a long time an soon will make music like this...
This is my favourite song. AMAZING! :D
It's funny when they say ROBOT ROCK! :P
Best song ever!
Best out of every one on these charts... Should be number 1
In my opinion one of their best
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The Contenders

This track could've been utterly stupid! But fortunately it turned out to be one of the most mind boggling tracks in Daft Punk's amazing career. It almost has everything! And probably the most important track in their most ambitious album ever - Random Access Memories. It is ambitious, it's fun, it's beautiful, and it's also in a strange way... Almost spiritual... When the children choir sings... "Hold on, if love is the answer, you are home... An absolute masterpiece from the masters of electronic music! Vote for it guys... It deserves better than this!
This just unbelievable track! Best from their RAM album. Very emotional... I almost wept like a baby! It was beautiful... Vote for touch... Its very courageous of them to use it as a mid-track for their unbelievably ambitious studio album - Random Access Memories. VOTE NOW!
This song has the essence of so many genres infused into it.. And you can truly feel the emotion of what daft punk is about with this track and what their previous albums were about especially the first two and this massive instrumental deserves its place not only in the top of daft punk lists but in music lists itself... Truly we need something more like this song
This is my favorite from them. I love the disco feeling in the middle of the track, and I can't ever get it out of my head. It deserves higher than 14
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Plug it, break it work it, upgrade it, whatever it is so hard to memorize
Can't stop listening, the thing that made me begin googling 'daft punk'
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13Face to Face
I don't know what it is about this song. I suppose it just sort of stuck with me. It's not one of their most well known or acclaimed songs, but there's something magical about it that's difficult to place.
This song really makes me feel good like get lucky these two are my favorite!
Something about this song just gets me hyped up. Even though I've heard it over a hundred times haha. To me it's a perfect song
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14Lose Yourself to Dance
This is the song that has now got me into Daft Punk.
It's catchy and funky it's a nice song.
Just awesome. Very groovy
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This is a really good song! Do not miss this one. Should be way up.

"This is how to end an album, launch the listeners into space" -sharkboy85
This and Digital Love are my favorite Daft Punk songs. When the drums kick in, I absolutely lose it. I air drum along so hard that my head hurts. The rising frequency coming in at the end finishes off this perfect album.
This is a intense song at the end really intense, this song makes you want to drive at a billion miles an hour in your car. It's amazing
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Master piece, perfect combination with Tron.
Great song, if youve seen Tron Legacy then you know what I'm talking about


The best song from tron
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My favorite song from RAM... Very touching song... I might add that I don't normally like key changes, but that key transition in the piano intro is the smoothest I ever heard.
Great track. it has nice music and certainly one of the best track from Random Access Memories
Amazing song! My favorite from Random Access Memories...
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18Human After All
Amazing! The best song of the album Human After All
You can really feel the emotion in this song for some reason, despite the fact that it sounds very robotic, and for that reason, it is one of my favourite songs!
Has a sort of mysteriously addictive quality.
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19Give Life Back to Music
Great track just like Get Lucky, combines the greatness of Nile Rodgers and Daft Punk into one beautiful medley.
One of the best track from Daft Punk!

20Fragments of Time
My favourite song of their new album I think

21Giorgio by Moroder
Epic song, as the song goes on the better it gets. It progresses from a simple tune to multiple complimenting melodies and harmonies with guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer, and even orchestra. Beautiful, probably Daft Punk's most brilliant song of all time. Plus, the tune was originally a Giorgio song from wayy back, so you have to give him credit.
"My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but people call me... Giorgio. "

I believe this is the single most decisive line which eventually makes the whole song adorable.
LOVE IT! It is honestly really cool. The Layers and voicover by Giorgio make this song so much better.
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Great masterpiece. It's a shame that it's not as recognizable as other songs. The fact that Daft punk themself didn't pay much attention to it and made no remixes with it quite dissapoints me. Nevertheless there are quite good quality fan made mixes that, as far as my opinion is concerned, the DUO should take example of. I strongly recomend "Face to Face vs Voyager" by Dowson0417
I'm a huge daft punk songs and although I love Digital Love, Human After All, and One more time, I've gotta say that voyager is my favorite song!
It just has an amazing relaxing, happy beat that is beautiful.
This is a beautiful song! It deserves to be in the top 5 at the very least! I love this song so much! It gets me in such a great mood! I absolutely love the funky base in the background!
How the hell is this not in the top 10?
The song is fairly enjoyable until that harp comes in, then it gets really addictive, I mean it.
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23Too Long
Their most unnapreciated song, it should be number one. Not many songs keep someone interested for 10 minutes straight and it covers 2 amazing genres
100% my favourite track, just ahead of High Fidelity (how can that not be on the list? )
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24The Prime Time of Your Life
Thought this was a little low on here. PRIME TIME OF YOUR LIFE just the way it sounds got me hooked instantly
What's wrong with you guys? Have you guys even heard the song?
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25Revolution 909
Such a classic Daft Punk song. It's a really great dance track that's just plain addicting. And the video teaches us how to make tomato sauce? Just splendid. I also like how when the tomatoes go through processing, it goes SO well with the song. Rock on!
Why hasn't any one mentioned this yet, this has to be by far their best song.
This should really be higher
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26The Brainwasher
That beat! I know there is nothing else, but its awesome!
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27Television Rules the Nation
This song was only famous because of the 2007 remix with crescendolls so yea
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28Teachers Listen to sample

29Make Love
It has an airy, fleeting quality to it that makes it so beautiful and transcendent. Wish it was longer, but that's what the 1 hour loop on YouTube is for
Great song, I love placing this on repeat.
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30Veridis Quo
Best song ever, so peaceful, it just feels like you're traveling the cosmos particularly from 2:16 and onward! A sheer masterpiece blooming by its minimalism. A shining star, a comet, an entire galaxy was discovered by Daft Punk in 2001, not the mention the meaning of the song Veridis Quo (where truth is found) -> Very Disco -> Disco Very. I haven't found a song that could be compared to this jewel.
This tune is so old skool I love the sound so chilled has to move up this list!
A slow song when it's a rainy night
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31Doin' It Right
Great song. Love the beat, and having the dude from Animal Collective singing in it gives it a vibe different than other Daft Punk songs.
I really like it. I'm surprised it's not higher up on the list.
It should be in top20 at least...
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Come on, this is a rock solid groove. Classic daft punk vocal style done better then ever. Epic arrangement and choice of instruments, I've skunked to this croon too many times, have a listen if you haven't already.
They show their multitalent
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33Rollin' & Scratchin'
One of Daft Punk's underrated masterpeices
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34Fall Listen to sample

This song is all about its scenario...
Love it's jungle tune, and the synth in the background
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36Superheroes Listen to sample

37The Game of Love
An absolutely divine song!

The best job of daft punk, how we said in brazil "FODA"

39Rock 'n Roll
Seriously why is this at 37? When I listen to this song I just feel overwhelmed, it's amazing...
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40Emotion Listen to sample

41Musique Listen to sample

42End of Line Listen to sample

43Burnin' Listen to sample

44The New Wave
Fyi it's the first daft punk song
The first Daft Punk single!

45Solar Sailor

46Tron Legacy (End Titles)
Truly epic in its combination of other tracks from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack and a killer lead synth!
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47Oh Yeah Listen to sample

48Short Circuit
Definitely one of my favorites from Discovery, the ending just slowly deteriorates into a static. Even if it is short, it still is great for the time it is in.
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What ever it's saying it's so addicting
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50The Game Has Changed Listen to sample

51Indo Silver Club Listen to sample

52The Circle

53King of My Castle
It is sad how no one cares about this song.

54High Fidelity Listen to sample

Come on guys! This song rocks!
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56High Life Listen to sample

The crashing waves and synthesizer at the beginning open the song into a masterpiece should be in top 10
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58Burnin' / Too Long
The best live song in the universe
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59Adagio for Tron Listen to sample

60Nocturne Listen to sample

61Face to Face / Short Circuit Listen to sample

62Nightvision Listen to sample

63Funk Ad
The all time best song love it!
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64The Son of Flynn Listen to sample

65Drive 1994 Listen to sample

66Human / Together / One More Time / Music Sounds Better With You / Stardust Listen to sample

67Superheroes / Human After All / Rock N Roll Listen to sample

68WDPK 837 FM Listen to sample

69Steam Machine Listen to sample

70Overture Listen to sample

71Outlands Listen to sample

72Encom Part 2 Listen to sample

73Phoenix Listen to sample

74Mothership Reconnection Listen to sample

75Chord Memory Listen to sample

76On Da Dancefloor

77The Grid Listen to sample

78The Grid Listen to sample

79Forget About the World Listen to sample

80Alive 1997 Listen to sample

81Rollin' & Scratchin' Listen to sample


83On/Off Listen to sample


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