Top Ten Best Dance Moves

What moves takes skills to pull off? What moves are the most famous and significant, and what moves are so funny when people fail.

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1 Moonwalk

Michael jacksons way of defying gravity and his signature move worth the no 1 spot and if you have any ideas please add them

The way that he could literally almost glide was amazing

I knew it very well he is the only king of dance and the king of the whole universe he is the only person that can do it

Michael jackson is the best singer and dancer of all the time

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2 Crotch Grab

Why is this number 2 it should be lower on the list

It's not that bad when the King of pop is doing it

Is he holding his pee or what? That is maybe why he cries out, "YOW! "

I do not like that grab! It is not apropriate! Plus, it must be uncomfortable.

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3 Robot

very few can mimic the distinctive motion of a robot

I was watching an old episode of soul train and saw someone doing this! It always makes me laugh so hard I piss myself. - michaelhughes

Even if you aren't born to dance, you can still do the robot and not look stupid.

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4 Anti Gravity Lean

This move puts other moves to shame, plus to add to all its awesomeness it's a signitural move of the king of pop Michael Jackson


5 Axl Rose's snake dance

Poop and pee would make it better and I'm 100 and will die later today you rouined my life!

6 Duckwalk

Chuck Berry's greatest move. Really he was hiding wrinkles.

7 Twist V 1 Comment
8 Backflip

SO much fun! Probably my favorite gymnastics/dance move. They're quite hard at first, but once you get them, they just let you relax and have a fun time! :D

Some times when I do a backflip fall and it hurts that's why I want to learn

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9 Headspin

Oh my god... Seeing people in Step Up 3 do this is incredible!!! Especially the Battle of Gwai... This is the only move i can't do, I can already do the moonwalk, and it's cool, but still not THIS cool.

I love the head spin go right round

It's the coolest move by far other moves are cool to but the takes so much upper body strength!

It is really crazy!

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10 Worm

Best move ever. The feeling you get while doing it is awesome! :D

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11 Gangnam Style

This dance is way too old to be in top 10

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12 Cat Daddy

I hate the cat daddy I ment to put the moon walk I hate the cat daddy

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13 Harlem Shake V 2 Comments
14 Toe Stand

So awesome! I'm 10 and I can do the Toe Sand but it is still hard and it looks really AWESOME too.


If anybody other then Elvisjackson Presley or Michael Jackson does this they are at risk of breaking there foot

I can even do it, I'm not a ballerina! WARNING: You might sprang your ankle!

I'll call it Toe Freeze..The name Toe Freeze is better than Toe stand...

15 Kneedrop

yes I know you can do it on bouncy surface but try doing it on wood or concrete like me

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16 Dabb

This isn't a dance move, it's just a trend that's famous just because people my age (13) think it's "brilliant".

So many songs and so many people

Do the dab and have a happy birthday

Dabb is so swag, it is great for just a little detail to a dance #swagforlife

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17 Nae Nae

A great demonstartion of the nae nae is from silentos video whip and nae nae. I love it, it is so swag #swagforlife

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18 Ultra Spin

A normal person could do anywhere between 1-3 spins but a skilled dancer can do anything from 5-10 spins

Its awesome I think its almost better than moonwalk

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19 Dougie
20 Foot Shuffle

Hardstyle makes you very tired than most of the dance moves.. And once you start doing it, it's hard to stop it. You get lost in it haha.

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