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July 30, 2015 - List of the favorite characters from Christopher Nolan's great Batman trilogy. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Heath truly was ahead of the curve with this one
The only role which got oscar so deserve to be number one
No question, the joker wins by a landslide!
[Newest]The Joker is by far the best villain in the trilogy, he is awesome.

2Bruce Wayne / Batman
No doubt Heath Ledger was the BEST VILLAIN to oppose ANY "Superhero" figure in ANY production to Date. But then again Jack Nicholson was very good for the "type" of character the writing shot for. As was Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face and (yes) Jim Carrey as the Riddler... All "silly" characters... But purposely silly.
The list of Actors portraying "The Batman" is long... Never written to be "clumsy" or "foolish" - NONE even close to Christian Bale...
(EXCEPT for the "disguised voice" which made me cringe... You would think that GENIUS Lucius Fox, who had so many great toys, could have come up with some "band-aid" looking thingie over the larynx to alter the voice or something)
Who was the WORST BATMAN?
As far as I'm concerned there has never been or ever will be another actor who can portray batman better than Christian Bale period!
Christian Bale makes a good Bruce Wayne and an even better Batman.
[Newest]The only batman who made people afraid

There is no villain that can be cool and calm and be so evil at the same time. Awesome acting done by Tom Hardy, and his mask ( the voice and the look) suits the character perfectly
The best parts of Bane in the Dark Knight Trilogy is when he snaps people's necks. It was disturbing, but awesome!
Cool ass war lord

4Harvey Dent
I think harvey dent or two face has the best charectisation in movie his man of politics and his a hero then he become a devil he shows that there is not good or bad there is only conditiones at end and his idealism at first then he became a nihilism and jokers ace in the hole he crush our emotions in movie
I only can say if there wasnot harveydent the dark knight movie just have joker with out good story and dark knight rises was nothing

5Selina Kyle
I do not really like Anne Hathaway but in this paper it looked sexy

6Alfred Pennyworth
Alfred is one of the few funny characters and also one of the few that has been in all three movies.
So loyal and inspirational, he should be higher on this list.

7Jim Gordon
He sure acted nice, good old Oldman!


8Ra's al Ghul
Liam Neeson! Gotta be number one on any list. Just say his first name, it's awesome. You can;t help but say it in an Irish accent. Liam!


9Dr. Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow

10Lucius Fox
Morgan Freeman is better than the scarecrow... Enough said.

The Contenders

11John Blake

12Rachel Dawes

13Carmine Falcone
Carmine was the first villian in the films, before Scarecrow and before Ra's Al Guhl. Made the movie feel like a gangster movie at times, which made it feel more real. Batman Begins was the best of the trilogy, and Falcone, more than Scarecrow, more than Ra's, was the Brut force behind the crime!


14Talia al Ghul

Excellent how Christopher Nolan managed to keep Talia being in the final instalment under wraps. It was never advertised in the trailors, & even though its common knowledge that Ra's had a daughter, while watching the movie, her being in it, was still kept under wraps. Bravo to Christopher Nolan!

15Sal Moroni
Classic criminal played a perfect role as tertiary antagonist in the dark knight.


16John Daggett


18Thomas Wayne

19Pencil Trick Thug

20Mayor Anthony Garcia

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