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41I'll Fight

This song is amazing! The lyrics has a beautiful meaning and this song truly inspires me:) It deserves a higher rank than 43! Its one of their best songs from their album Baptized!

Definitely deserves a higher rank than 42 in my opinion! One of their best songs from their new album "Baptized"!

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This deserves to be much higher! One of the best build-up tracks they've ever done and that instrumental part kicks butt!

Fantastic song, can't belive it's rated that low, for me the best Daughtry song.

How could this song be missed? Love it endlessly.

Three words :

Worst. Song. EVER!

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One of their best song! Such sweet lyrics. Definitely deserves a higher rank

44Rescue Me

This song has to be one of the best songs I have listened to. I am a big Daughtry fan, and I have followed him ever since he was on American Idol. This song just shows a lot of different ranges that he can hit, and the lyrics are perfect for anyone going through a tough time.

One of the best songs by Daughtry, can't believe it's not rated as first on the list. Amazing song, in love with it, I have it on repeat!

Another great and inspiring song that should have been a single in my opinion.

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45Every Time You Turn Around

Amazing vocals, beat ad lyrics equate to a song that is able to blow my mind. Simple yet perfect.

Who rates these songs? I don't think they've listened to this one at all.

46Outta My Mind

This is Daughtry's current most playing song. Don't you agree guys?

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4718 Years

Love this song from Baptized! Hope it gets to be a single

Such a beautiful song for memory's - Curti2594

This can actually make me tear up - Curti2594

48Long Way Down

I like all his songs but this one is great since it strays from his normal style

Chris daughtry is being featured by timbaland in this song, but Chris sings the whole song.
Absolutely incredible song!
Chris has a hypnotizing voice!


Awesome song highly underrated good vocals daughtry shows a different side of him I love it


Come on people this is one of my most fave songs off his latest album! - Curti2594

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51We're Not Gonna Fall

I love this song so much, it is my favorite by Chris Daughtry, can't see why it's all the way down @ #50... should be a lot higher on the list :/

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52Back Again

I hope you be back again :'(.. It reminds me of someone

53Long Way
54Who's They

One of the best songs by them!

Oh, my God! Love this!

55On the Inside

This song made me think about the Three Stooges Movie, and how Larry and Curly are telling Moe how evil, mean and cruel he is.

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56High Above the Ground

With all do respect, this deserves to be in the top 30! This is such a really beautiful song, with some really nice lyrics!

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574 A.M.
58The Past

This would at least be in my top 30 songs by them! This and Ghost of Me go perfect together as Daughtry's "dark yet fun" tracks

#62?! Why is this song so low on the list? It's wonderful!

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Not his most popular song due to it being a bonus track but it's quite nice! - Curti2594

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