Best Dead by April Songs


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The Top Ten

Losing You
Melodic Vocals...
Awesome ScreamiNg...
Cool Music...
10 out of 10 No. 1
Definitely this. It's such a powerful song with great lyrics and epic screams. Number 1!
Well, this song is very good, nice lyrics.. I am now addicted to it.. best and Epic song ever!.. BEST!
[Newest]One of my favorite song ever!

2What Can I Say
This song has the best lyrics from all their songs, it's so beautiful it almost makes me cry! It also rocks at the same time!
This is possibly their most hear wrenching song and definitely my favourite song. Great lyrics, awesome tune!
Dead by april had tremendous amounts of skill. I can not begin to explain the envy I have of Jimmie Strimmels vocals in all of his music! This was the first song I had ever heard by Dead by April and after 3 years still adore it! This band has my total respect and support! Rock on boys!
[Newest]What can I say? It's so true

When I heard this song for the first time it felt like I was listening to the best song ever recorded. Even if I listen this song a million times I'm still going to like it. Probably one of the best song by Dead by April. This song has one of the best screams ever and the clean vocals are awesome. The lyrics are awesome too. Dead by April the best.
This is what I call a life-changing song, it will truly make you a different person. Truly epic song by my favorite band Dead by April. This song shows such great emotion that it almost makes me cry. Awesome screaming, clean singing is great, guitars just rock, synths so melodic... I can't stop giving them compliments, I describe them with only one word EPIC. Try this song PLEASE and I know you'll get addicted to it.
This song is so good that it almost makes you cry. Jimmie's screams are awesome and the clean vocals are too good. In fact Dead by April is so good that you can't say which song should be #1. Dead by April is a big part of my life because they make the best music there is, there was, there ever will be. Dead by April simply the best!
[Newest]Great song great lyrics great vocals and grew screaming

4Promise Me
This along with What Can I Say are their best songs, yes they may be softer than the likes of Losing You, Erased, Trapped etc but lyrically they are very good.
Such a amazing song with beautiful melodies and emotional lyrics! Every time the intro starts with the melody I get goosebumps and almost make me wanna cry, I should tell you, this song will touch your feelings. The clean singing is just unbelieveable, man, he can sing! And when the last part comes where he screames "Can you promise me?! " I unexpectedly have tears in my eyes, just an awesome song. I am someone who likes the soft kind of music, but even though this song is Metal it still gives you the same or even more amount of emotions. Probably the best song! Great, awesome.. keep it up Dead by April!
This is the best song for sure.
[Newest]The best by the lyrics...

Wow just wonderful song I love this song, One of my all time favorites.
Should be at 5 or 6 great song
listen and you will addicted it
My favorate song Listen this song and then you put this best song in 12
[Newest]Such a nice song deserves higher rank!

6Sorry For Everything
Best song ever! Greece love DBA!
Please give us songs like ( sorry for everything, my saviour, calling without screaming if its possible )
This was the first song I heard of this band and since then I can't stop... ^_^
Woah, only 8th?!
This was one of my first dead by april songs and although I have found many songs of theirs very pleasing to the ears, this will always be one of my favourites! :D

Vote it up~!
[Newest]Just superb and amazing...

this song makes me remember my dreams,, his voice and the text are beaytiful and the instrumental... this song is the greatest song of all
This song is just... EPIC! FIrst of all, the keyboards on the beginning are super catchy and powerful and they give me goosebumps every time I listen to it. The clean vocals are undescribably awesome and melodic and I give it to him that he didn't use any Auto-Tune on it, so that's a great thing. When it comes to the guitars I'm really surprised because of the heaviness along with the hard hitting drums and bass work, just awesome. Lyrically this song is just a awesome masterpiece, it reminds me of my dreams and it stimulates you to keep chasing your dreams no matter what others say! Dead by April �" AWESOME! M/
This song is one of the best I've ever heard in my life. The lyrics are definitely awesome: "All of my dreams are all I see. Try not to wake me, can't you see..." just chill-giving. The vocals are so amazing, one of the most perfect clean vocals, the synths are so melodic it makes me wanna jump high in the sky. Guitar drums and bass are played so well, this makes this track completely perfect. The best song EVER! Go DbA!

This song is so awesome I love this band so much. I love this beat its really hot the lyrics are so sick wish there were more bands out there like this one

9Within My Heart
Hey guys, listen this... It is best song of dead by april
How could it not be in top 3? It's the best song of dead by april

Passion runs through my veins whenever I listen to this song. It certainly makes me feel STRONGER
Awesome song. Love the lyrics and rapping, singing's great as always. Dead by April knows how to rock the place!
It really grows on you

The Contenders

11As a Butterfly
Needs to be top 5! Great song with amazing lyrics! Great track for their new album "Let the world know".
Zandro's vocals were awesome on this track, sad he left. I always find myself playing this song before I start playing any other song. A perfect blend of pop and metal - metal heads might hate this but if you're coming from a pop background, it's a perfect song to lure you into loving metal.
Best song of Dead By april and is in 26? It must be in top 2
[Newest]Need to be top 3... Awesome song... I just love it

12When You Wake Up
I feel that this song is very wonderful and heart touching! I am really very overwhelmed by this song! And I specially appreciate the the lyrics! And the music!
Best song should be on radio

13Carry Me
Surprised that this song is not mentioned! Absolutely beautiful vocals, lyrics and melody! Best DBD song ever
Best DBD song everr. Great vocals, lyrics and melody 'I am still alone, turnin into stone where did you go what did you find, where did all thing come to and end...So many steps, I have been crawlin, carry me, embrace me'

14Last Goodbye
This song agreat song, specially the music and voice I like it. That song is awesome and when I hearit every day I feel like my soul is singing. The voice is great with the music and that is what make the song so beautiful. I hope to this song to be in top 5 list. This song dose not deserve to be in that position.
This song should be at least number 2
This is easily my #1 song by them.
[Newest]Number 1 in my opinion!

This song made me a different person, seriously. When I heard this song for the first time I was like confused, the synths were the best I had ever heard and they were cool. And then... suddenly the heavy bass and the drumming, man the intro of the song just blew me away. But one thing still remained, the singing. The singing was undescribable amazing, so melodic, they were better than any singing I'd ever heard before, Zandro Santiago is just awesome. The screaming of Jimmie Strimell was totally out of this place, so rough, heavy and harsh, it sticks perfectly well with the cleans. Lyric wise this song is just a genius: "How strange it feels, moving in slowmotion...", the greatest chorus I've heard in my life. Everything about this song is just perfect! Dead by April is simply THE BEST! M/
Superb Song
AWesome intro, ,one of the best
The best song ever

16Real & True
Best best and only best one

17Found Myself In You
This song is so addictive. you guys should listen to it. It should be within the first 5. The lyrics are great and the whole song itself is very inspirational. You guys should definitely give it a try
Awesome song with awesome lyrics!
Just love it

Wow, this song has helped me make love and I will always love this song. The synths on the beginning are just awesome and the guitars after that just make it better, but not to forget the awesome vocals and screaming. The lyrics make me think of my girlfriend every time I listen to this song. Let me tell you the story: I loved her but I didn't know how to tell it to her, so one day I told her to listen to this song and the next day she was just awesome. I told her that that's what I was trying to say and she almost cried, now we love each other so much thanks to this EPIC song by Dead by April. Dead by April I love you guys and thanks for making such awesome songs.
The first 30-40 seconds of this song blows me away every time I listen to it. Seriously underrated on this list. I rank it right up there with Losing You and Promise Me. The first
This is easily one of their best songs. This song is pretty new but people I can garuantee it belongs in the top 5. Their best song in my opinion... Along with: Within My Heart and Losing You. Just Listen

19Painting Shadows
Awesome man! It feels my life! I can realise everything in my life!
How is this not #1? This is their best song lyrically and instrumentally.

20My Saviour
Such an amazing song. I just want sing along with it. My favourite DBD song, should be in the top 3 at least.
This is the best song of dba, best melody rock song ever.
This song moved my soul

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