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An amazing story of the corruption going on in todays science industry.

Koontz says this is his favorite, the story he most enjoyed writing. I can see why. Fully realized characters you will take to heart. He really knows how to keep the suspense coming. If you are a dog lover this book will thrill you! THE POWER OF LOVE
I have read and re-read this book because it is so good! It is a rare thing for me to read a book more than once but this one is an exception. I love it and it has no dull moments!

2Winter Moon
The one that lead me into the wonderful world of Koontz. Might there be something in the forest, amidst the pines, beneath the winter moon, lurking and waiting to become?

3Dragon Tears
Dragon tears was my first introduction to Koontz. Many years later and having read much of his work, the antagonist in this story is still my favorite.

4Cold Fire
Top of the line suspence. Great for a book report. Believe my A .


5Tick Tock
This book is awesome! Read it for yourself because its really hard to explain.

I was actually sad when I finished it because I wanted to know what was going to happen to the lovable characters
By far one of my favorite books of all time. It has so much suspense that you won't want to put the book down until you have finished it. Great read!
[Newest]One of my favorite all time books

This book scared the hell out of me. IT was two full months before I could go outside of my home after dark, alone. A must read.
One of the very best books I have read. Some of Deans other books have however not been a patch on this.
Great atmosphere, the only book I really liked of this writer

7Night Chills
"Truly awesome suspense novel about subliminal mind control. Would rank about sixth for most true Koontz fans. A fun and thrilling read."

8Odd Thomas
Love this book. Have read the next 2 in the series as well, also very good.
My daughter recommended this to me and I could not read through the series fast enough. Cannot wait for the next one.
This is a great book and series! In my opinion, this book should be number 1 or 2 on any Dean Koontz list.
[Newest]Best book in the odd series

Intensity, in my opinion, is the touchstone by which all suspense thrillers should be measured. It is one of the rare books that never gets boring even during the middle of the book. It starts off in high gear, climbs into overdrive in the middle, and by the end, it is nothing short of pure nitro! It is a true masterpiece.
My daughter asked me to recommend a gripping book because she was bored with what she had been reading. She then yelled at me because she said she couldn't read this one at night. Laugh out loud It's that good. Following this gal as she travels right along with the killer had me looking over my shoulder the entire time I read this book. Such an excellent idea for a story but man, it scared the heck outta me at the same time.
The description's in the name.

[Newest]Loved this book. Couldn't stop reading it. Nothing that I have read to date compares to the suspense of this.

The best book I have ever read. It is so unique and lovable

The Contenders

Again... a perfect book to show the corruption in government and science.

Stands out even among excellent books.
Could not put it down! Totally awesome!

12By the Light of the Moon
I loved this book! Have read it about 10 times so far.

13Fear Nothing
Love this book and sequel Seize the Night these are both great
Good read. Hard to put down.

14Frankenstein: Prodigal Son
This is an amazing book where his forte, corruption in the science industry, is clearly seen.

Absolutely top-notch Dean Koontz

15Life Expectancy
It is my favorite book of all time!
B4est Koontz book by far! Next up - Watchers and Tick Tock
My first koontz book... After readinf this I couldn't wait to getmy hands on any other of his work

16One Door Away from Heaven
DEFINITE. It should and so should from the corner of his eye
Should be in the top 5.. Whereis The Good GUY or From The Corner OF His Eye? Or by the light of the moon? Or Life Expectency?

17Demon Seed
This is a great, intense thriller.

The third Dean Koontz I've ever read and I'm not sorry at all. A great book.

19Sole Survivor
You can feel the main characters feelings eminating off the page.


20The Door to December

21Dark Rivers of the Heart
Best book by far from Dean.

22False Memory
The most evil villain in the history of evil villains

23From the Corner of His Eye
I have so many Dean Koontz favorites, and this one tops the list! I laughed, I cried, and was struck dumb in awe. The only fault I could find with this book was that it wasn't longer...
I love the poetry of his words in every book. Where did this man come from?!
Fantastic book. Really touching and awesome story. Although I have many Dean Koontz books to read ( ihave read four so far), this is My favourite book I have ever read thus far. Must read!

24House of Thunder
One of my all time favorite book of Dean Koontz.
The best book of all.. Trust me!


26The Taking
For me at least I loved this book! I was startled that it isn't one of his popular ones! Awesome book! Had me thinking about it long after I finished it!
An interesting apocalyptic twist

27The Darkest Evening of the Year

28The Servants of Twilight
Just awesome; a true page turner. One can really relate to the characters. One of the absolute "bests" of any Koontz novels.

Incredible story! Read it two hours, I was that enthralled. Rates up there with 'Twilight Eyes' and 'From the Corner of his Eye'.

30Seize the Night


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