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The Top Ten

Crystal Mountain
Best death metal song ever made and solo part yeahh ıt s amazing
This song completely defines my music taste! I love every phase of this song, nice composition, its vibrancy, consistency and versatility is the very reason for liking this track.
Crystal Mountain is amazing but I gotta say my favorite song off of Symbolic is Zero Tolerance, it's like Chuck Schuldiner's warning for all of us, there will be ZERO tolerance.

Overall though, my favorite Death song is probably Within the Mind, so badass.
[Newest]Crystal mountain is one of the best but where is mentally blind?

2Voice of the Soul
The most beautiful piece of music I've ever heard in my life. Chuck Schuldiner was a genius.
It's funny that I would vote for a soft instrumental as the best song by a death metal band, and believe me, I love their entire discography. But it's as simple as this: There is no piece of music that I've heard that surpasses Voice of the Soul.
I usually don't enjoy instrumentals too much, but this one is epicly good.
[Newest]I didn't know Death were so deep. The instrumentals truly are beautiful and sad.

3Flesh and the Power It Holds
Don't know how come there is no 'without judgement' on this list
This is surely 2nd best after that
Good song need's to be at first
Absolute progressive/technical death metal masterpiece. Insane riff variety and a killer solo to boot.

4Lack of Comprehension
The best Death line up ever has shown in this song! a acoustic intro followed by killer riffs, melodic solos, and rhythmic drums. Of course this procedure seems to be the formula for good death songs, but Lack Of Comprehension created this formula!


This song is everything a death metal song should be. Absolute perfection, that riff, that solo everything.
This is a must study song for anyone willing to make a good death metal song

5Spirit Crusher
What?! Come on, Spirit crusher should be the second one!
Super song... But in this list I not see my lovely song Story to Tell...
Obiously this song deserve a better position here in this list couse it's a very influencial song, maybe not like the top 5 but I think that 13th place to spirit crusher is not what this song deserve.

6Without Judgement
Perfect in every way. When I listen to it, my mind travels to a deep and far away place where no earthly problems matter. At 1:10 Chuck growls "when pain is acknowledged! " and what follows is the best riff/drumming I've heard. EVER


One of the top 3 songs of their classic album Symbolic, dominates death metal!
Without judgement what would we do?!

7Empty Words
Why this song is not in the top 5?!
This song is simply the best song ever made by a death metal band in my opinion. Epic intro, epic solo, chuck's voice, everything is perfect!
Make me head bang so much!

8The Philosopher
you know so much about nothing at all
I can never seem to get over the killer bass in this song. Besides that, it has amazing lyrics and (as usual) great riffs. The music video for this was pretty good to.
Ever song Death has made is fantastic, but The Philsopher wins for me. Great Lyrics, a fantastic solo and Steve is just killing that bass line.

9Zombie Ritual
In my opinion the best death metal song, the part after Chuck screams "Now you're in HELL" is a complete hell!
This the best death metal song ever should be on top cleared by miles!
Great progression and scale!

10Pull the Plug
One of their more brutal songs
"End it now it is the only way. " [Cue epic drumming and riffing]
Once I Had Full Control... The Most Brutal Riff
[Newest]There is no hope, why don't you! --

The Contenders

one of the highlights of their sophomore album
First Death song I ever heard and it's amazing! The blast beats are insane
Not enough Leprosy on this list.

12Spiritual Healing
The 'Practice what you preach' section: completely mind-blowing!
The absolutely greatest death album
Best Of The Album

13Zero Tolerance
This is my favorite song of my favorite album
This should be in the top 5 AT LEAST - has a sick drum intro from Hoglan as well as the main guitar riff!


My favorite death song on my favorite death album

14Story to Tell
This song surely deserve top 10! And it is in 23! Chuck would be wondered by seeing this! This song has everything! Story! The guitar is superb! The voice is superb! The music compose is just extra ordinary! I love this song m/
This song is very emotional from the begining to end
I think this song deserves to be in top 5.

15A Moment of Clarity
One of the best metal solos I've ever heard.
One of the best solos I've ever heard by any metal band.
Best riffs good vocals... This song was my favorite! Specially the outro
[Newest]Greatest guitar solo ever

The song that got me into Death. Will always remain my favourite!
Simply one of the best songs of Death!

17Suicide Machine

18Overactive Imagination
This deserves the top 10. Seriously

19Perennial Quest
The ending solo and outro brings me to tears knowing that Chuck is gone. One of the most chilling songs in their repertoire!
One of the most epic/badass solos, and one of the most beautiful outros I have ever heard. My favorite by them.
My number 1 death song, powerful and epic, can't believe its
This low on the list, each to his own I suppose.

20Evil Dead
Maybe the best off Scream Bloody Gore (with the exception of Zombie Ritual) it absolutely kills and the guitar at the beginning is on a spiritual level
As much as I don't like death metal, this wasn't bad.


First death metal song that I like!

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