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21 Beyond the Unholy Grave
22 To Forgive Is to Suffer To Forgive Is to Suffer

I remember in high school I listen to this song for the first time and couldn't stop listening to it in each class

I remember having this songs riffs in my head while getting a girlfriend. It may not matter but it was a special moment to me.

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23 Scavenger of Human Sorrow Scavenger of Human Sorrow

Simply amazing, so powerful, and beautiful at the same time. Definitely deserves to be Number 1.

Amazing drumming, groovy bass and face melting guitar work! Chuck in his finest hour!

Complex, fast heavy, and meaningful, chuck schuldiner at his absolute best! RIP

#64? I'm sure you guys don't even know this masterpiece

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24 Mutilation Mutilation

Maybe one of the most underrated death's songs!

25 Painkiller Painkiller

Greatest Priest cover in the world! Chuck's voice really adds to the epic nature of the song proving he can do it almost as well if not better than Halford

Eh? Why isn't this in the top 5? I am discusted that my favourite death song is not in that top 5! Come on people, vote it up, seriously... jeez.

26 Overactive Imagination Overactive Imagination

This deserves the top 10. Seriously

27 Trapped In a Corner Trapped In a Corner

I am addicted to this song it has 2 of deaths best solos from both Andy and Chuck, this is such an underrated song

Best song ever, ridiculously underrated. The bass is awesome and the solos are amazing.

28 Scream Bloody Gore Scream Bloody Gore

From The Album Scream Bloody Gore (1987)

Chucks screaming and the riffs are amazing. if you don't headbang to this song somethings wrong with you

29 Together As One Together As One

Amazing song with awesome chorus; very underrated

This has to be their most underrated song - Metalhead666

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30 Infernal Death Infernal Death V 1 Comment
31 Secret Face Secret Face

Lol I finally understand, don't look at the ranking, each death song is the best there is no ranking between them trust me

32 Left to Die Left to Die V 2 Comments
33 Living Monstrosity Living Monstrosity V 3 Comments
34 A Moment of Clarity A Moment of Clarity

One of the best metal solos I've ever heard.

One of the best solos I've ever heard by any metal band.

Most underrated Death song by far. It deserves top 10 for sure. It has one of Death's best solos ever!

Most spooky guitar solos by chuck

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35 Bite the Pain Bite the Pain

Starting with very sad melody riff

THe first death song liked totally made me a fan

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36 Mentally Blind Mentally Blind

Too underrated this needs to be top 10 the guitars are amazing

Very genius great solo also

37 Flattening of Emotions Flattening of Emotions

Every song of Death is amazing, it's very hard for me to make a top ten. But I think this song deserves a bit more credit then Lack of Comprehension, which is also very good by the way.

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38 Genetic Reconstruction Genetic Reconstruction
39 In Human Form In Human Form

Every song in this album deserves to be at least #20

The most underrated Death song, one of the best!

40 Within the Mind Within the Mind
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