Top Ten Defenses In the NFL


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11985 Chicago Bears

Only thing we should be voting on is #2.

The Monsters of the Midway - ZachW97

There is no #2. Only the 85 Bears.

21976 Pittsburgh Steelers

Best Defense of all time. When the injury depleted Steelers offense started 1-4, the Steelers defense knew they couldn't allow anyone to score the rest of the season, and they didn't!

23-6, 27-0, 23-0, 45-0, 14-3, 32-16, 7-3, 42-0 and 21-0 to finish with 9 straight wins and the division title!

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31966 Green Bay Packers

Thats why they won the first two superbowls - ZachW97

Nothing got past them... at all.

41969 Kansas City Chiefs
52002 Tampa Bay BuccanearsV1 Comment
62000 Baltimore Ravens

One of the best iv'e ever seen. Ray Lewis!, Ed reed, Haloti Ngata. Did I also mention they won the super bowl that year? VOTE FOR THEM

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71977 Atlanta Falcons
82013 Seattle Seahawks

There so awesome all of the. Mostly Richard sherman remember seahawks vs 49ers he is a awesome defensive back

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91956 New York Giants
101984 San Francisco 49ers

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111969 Minnesota Vikings
122015 Denver Broncos
131978 Dallas Cowboys
141972 Miami Dolphins

The most under-appreciated fantastic defense in NFL History.

You know about the 1972 Fish - the Perfect Season Dolphins went 14-0 in
the regular season, allowing just 171 points; then they added three
playoff wins, allowing a total of 35 points, to finish 17-0.

151986 New York Giants
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1. 2002 Tampa Bay Buccanears
2. 1985 Chicago Bears
3. 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers
1. 1985 Chicago Bears
2. 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers
3. 1984 San Francisco 49ers
1. 1985 Chicago Bears
2. 2000 Baltimore Ravens
3. 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers



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