Best Defensive Pokemon

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Though you won't see many on competitive teams, shuckle practically absorbs both special and physical attacks, with a 230 base defense and a 230 based special defense. If it had more than a base 20 HP, shuckle would be a necessity for every team.
Shuckle has the highest defense and special defense of any pokemon.
For a defense pokemon, it has high HP. If you combine trick room and baton
Pass, it will usually go first
Shuckle is the most defensive s Pokemon but all the other stats are very poor and under 40 the defense stat is the only reason it is a Pokemon

Aggron is my teams tank it has a great move pool and it can take a hit and deal one out with great power in attack and defense it's my go to, I named it accurately named it, Dooms-Day.
Aagron has a bunch of defense, it is indeed very defensive AND offensive when needed to. I could take down a whole team all by itself... If there's no Pokemon with Surf or Earthquake.
If you find one with the rock head ability (receives no recoil) and teach it Double-Edge it becomes an unstoppable force.

Very powerful in defense, it's a shame that his other stats aren't up to standard with his devastatingly strong defense. If you want a Defensive Pokemon in your team this is the guy.
A major Power house. If a human punched the bleed.
Steelix is very cool
[Newest]Beast Pokemon nobody can beat

180 defense AND special defense? DEFENSE form ATTACK form and SPEED form! Dude! This pokemon is everything in one! How could you not love it!

Should be called CHUCK NORRIS
Its the best pokemon ever
Guys... I think there is something seriously wrong about this website that may or may not be something ordinary that we see everyday that poop is black when men slap mice in the tail.
[Newest]The only real Pokemon

One of the most defensive non Ubers in the game, Skill Link gives multi-strike moves always hitting quintuple. Its only problem however is its Special Defense which is really low. But throw something Special Defensive on the team, such as Probopass or Umbreon and that problem is sorted.
Got great defenses and skill link with icicle spear and rock blast with shell smash and item focus sash makes it almost unstoppable

Not as good as steelix

I use registeel in a lot of battles, it's a really good defensive and special defensive pokemon in battle with friends or wifi
I took a long time to catch this thing. timer ball is a necessity. very defensive, and awesome robotic-looking Pokemon.

I think bastiodon because it's pretty cool and it's defense and special defense are both good
He would be by far my favorite Pokemon, don't care what other people say, I THINK HE IS A LEGEND!
He is just a tank!


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Dude, Umbreon has awesome Base Defense, Sp. Defense and Health! She can take a Focus Blast or Punch and still survive. She can learn crippling moves like Toxic and if someone tries to bring down Umbreon, Heal Bell and Moonlight are the way to go!
My Umbreon didn't even faint from a fire blast or focus blast. I was surprised it had such awesome defense. Go Umbreon!
Great Pokemon. I've used this monster a lot of times. It is just GREAT!

Tyranitar looks cool. And strong but has low speed. Its awesome looking!
By Hacker. Pk


Umm I don't know why wheedles on this list but I guess base like 10 defense is pretty bad ass laugh out loud

Chuggaaconroy made use of its defensive stat real well
Cloyster is a great pal with a big total of 180 (like aggron). It hasthe ability to launch all the spike attacks.


With a base defense of 131 and base special defense of 116, along with a grass/steel type advantage, this Pokemon can hold off entire teams.
Pluse can learn both stealth rocks and spikes, can't be leech seeded, or spored!
Get ferroseed, then give it macho brace, then keep gryo ball and curse. it is a pain to train but its results are worth the effort. here is mine : level 46 : attack 115; defense 138; sp atk 68; sp definitely 121; speed 35.
You do not need to worry about his speed because if your opponent uses phyical moves they will lose 1/8 of his health do to iron barbs.

How could you not love that moustache.

Although many of us have come to hate this pokemon, it is because it is has a monster defense. We hate it because whenever we got it down to low hp, it used softboiled to get its' health back. Beast defense + hp recovering move.

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