Best Deftones Albums

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White Pony
Digital bath, Change, passenger, knife party, every song on this album is perfect
Without doubt number 1


3Around the Fur
This was definitely their heaviest album, and greatest. My Own Summer, Lhabia, Mascara, Around the Fur, Rickets, and Be Quiet and Drive are some of the best songs on the album. But overall, all the songs are great!
Umm.. Adrenaline wasn't really better than this.

4Koi No Yokan
Listen to poltergeist gauze and goon squad then try and pick a album better than this


I just like tempest, leathers, and rosemary together in one album


I just believe this band just can't make a bad album

5Diamond Eyes
There's no song on this album that isn't perfect.
Every Song on this Album is perfect.
Sextape and Diamond Eyes are two of their best songs.

This is a album that you need to listen to for awhile
The best song (to me) are Minerva and Deathblow which are rather slower deftones song are really really great
Overall this album is solid but not the best I think it should be 4, but that's my opinion
The first album I got of them, and it's really good. I love the artwork and the way it fits the music

7Saturday Night Wrist
Saturday Night Wrist is definitely better than the albums ranked 3-6. There is maybe only one bad song on this album while almost every other consists of 2 or more not so great songs.
Come on. The tones at their most experimental.
Beware is the best title on this album

8B-Sides & Rarities



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11The Vinyl Collection, 1995-2011


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