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Carry Me Down
Best song, next to Collapsing. Worthy of the TOP 10. One of the best. Carry me down on that final DAY :D :D! This bad really needs more publicity
Awesome song. I really agree this band is extremely underrated. I mean this song is so great, its lyrics its vocals just perfect.
It is truly a beautiful song. Great lyrics great singing just everything's perfect. A good song to listen to on a rainy day!

Pretty much one of the greatest songs ever. I don't understand how its all the way down here!
All of Demon Hunter's songs are amazing from Screams of the Undead to Undying to Carry Me Down to Crucifix, but Collapsing just has the indefinable quality that makes it, in my opinion one of the best Christan rock songs in the past ten years.
I love this song. It's hard between this and Dead Flowers, but I choose this!


[Newest]This is my favorite song by them! Love the vocals and the beat. Demon Hunter is my favorite band by far!

3Fading Away
This is just an awesome song... The lyrics are great and so is the music... The breathtaking solo on the middle reminds me of the great 'One' by Metallica


This song came on and I love it from start to finish and is amazing to play on guitar
Fantastic! Had me hooked from the beginning!

This song, lyrically and musically is incredible. It's absolutely beautiful. Deserves to be somewhere in the Top 5 at least.
This song is amazing, it got me into demon hunter, the lyrics, vocals everything is just spectacular... LOVE this song
I just love this is one of my all time favourite songs... This song is so underrated... It should be in top 3..

5The Tide Began to Rise
This song was how I felt before I was reborn in the blood of Christ. I still feel that I don't belong here, but I do know I have not finish what I have started until I am called home.

6One Thousand Apologies
Awesome song. Great intro, awesome vocals, amazing screaming and the transition from screaming to singing and vice-versa is slick and great. The song is so emotionally charged and you can feel the pain of Ryan Clark and his sadness. A kickass way to say you're sorry.


love it and vote for it or say one thousand apologies
First song I ever heard by them and probably the best one too.

7I Am a Stone
First song I found by them and I just love it!
This song defines real music.

8The Last One Alive
Amazing song! Great lyrics and the music is epic
His voice is original and amazing and goes o perfectl with the mood of the song.

9My Heartstrings Come Undone
one of their best songs! should be in top 3.
Demon hunter is so underated and all songs deserve to be listened to.
Demon hunter is just plain awesome!
One of their best songs.

10Dead Flowers
This song represents to me that as Christians, we are like dead/ dying flowers, asking for rain (in our case Living Water) to replenish us.
This song is amazing, this is must for anyone who's a christian metal fan, seriously, listen to this song!
One of the best songs that I've ever heard. I'm listening to "I Fade Away" right now, another one of their great songs.


[Newest]Very beautiful song, voice of the singer is very good..

The Contenders

Not only is this song amazing, it is one of their few songs that don't involve screaming (or shouting); fantastic lyrics, coupled with spectacular instrumental skill makes for a superb selection in the world of rock music.
This song is one of their best songs and as stated before doesn't involve screaming not that it's bad in the first place!
The most played song of my winamp archive. just like some sort of need for toilet. love it


13My Destiny
This song has the best growling of all the tracks in the entire 'True Defiance album. Love it.

14I Will Fail You
A really special song and in my opinion their best.

15Artificial Light

This song introduced me to the band Demon Hunter. I have now been listening to them for four years, and they are still my favorite band. 'Undying' has the perfect combination of hardcore thrash metal and industrial rock. I'm suprised it hasn't ranked higher on the list.

17Not Ready to Die
The hell is this? Not ready to die was the song that got me in to demon hunter because of that chorus. so epic I thought this was number one
What the hell is this happening... this song should be in the top 3.. it's one of the best songs ever... everything in this song including screamings, guitar are just awesome

18Storm the Gates of Hell
Ryan Clark's screaming the vocals through the entire song makes this song really aggressive and awesome.

19The World Is a Thorn

20Driving Nails
I can actually feel the driving nails! One of my best demon hunter songs
Most heart felt song ever written by Ryan Clark.

21God Forsaken
This song has the perfect blend of heavy metal and softer rock music. Must buy!

22Someone to Hate
This song should be in the top ten! What's wrong with you psychos! How can you put this song in the twenties? Infected should be in the twenties not someone to hate! Geez!
I just got this song on iTunes! It is so amazing! Honestly if I were to make my own list it would probably start with fading away, collapsing, someone to hate... Etc.

23What I'm Not

24Not I
Guys, this riff is incredibly brutal. This should definitely be top 3!

25Turn Your Back and Run

26Screams of the Undead
Awesome song! I Love Demon Hunter because of this song... It deserves to be higher up on this list! Its a very angry and aggressive song and it shows their pain. Great song
How is this all the way down here? Its screams at the beginning represent the frustrations in life. So powerful...
This is the song that made me love Demon Hunter.

27I Play Dead
I really can't say any of their songs should be above another, this band is just so ridiculously talented in so many ways. This is my personal favorite though, brought me to tears because of my fight with addiction my whole life and most o my loved ones' struggles with it as well.
This was the first Demon Hunter song I ever heard, and it is still the best! Their ability to write incredible ballads is obvious, but here they're able to "Hunter-fy" a pretty mellow song and make it outrageous!
This song says it all blends a smooth mix of metal and rock together to come out on top like always

Just a great song form the great album (True Defiance) love its chrous
Should be in top 10

29Blood In the Tears


31This I Know
Most epic intro EVER! Great deep tones that get you crazed! Super heavy drops and riffs that kick start adrenaline like no other

32Tie This Around Your Neck

33The Soldier's Song

34Tomorrow Never Comes
Guitar at the end is just too awesome

35Follow the Wolves
Amazing lyrics and music
Awesome everything, guitar, violin, verses, prechorus, chorus. HOW IS THIS IN THE 30'S!

36The Wind

37Fire to My Soul
One of my favorite songs by Demon Hunter. The chorus is amazing. This song to me is not as much about the beat as it is about the words. The lyrics are the best part of this song. As a Christian, I love these lyrics and can relate to them. Demon Hunter is definitely one of the best Christian Metal bands out there!

38The Heart of a Graveyard


40Means to an End

41We Don't Care

42We Don't Care


44Summer of Darkness
I just can relate to this song so much, plus its super heavy and awesome. I'm thankful to Jesus for delivering me from my "summer of darkness" and thankful for this song reminding me of how I died every day and hated myself. I'll never return to that!

45This Is the Line

46Annihilate the Corrupt

47My Throat Is an Open Grave

48Beauty Through the Eyes of a Predator

49Cross to Bear
One of their fastest and heaviest songs. I think it's DH's number one song out of all of them and in its album (extremist).



51In Time
How is this song not even on the list? I had to add it on. The heavy verses mixed with the choruses make this song my favorite.


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