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The items in Walmart are always lower in price. Sometimes I tried to go to other places and wanted to try something new. However, I finally still will end in Walmart to buy more things because I do not want to waste my time to drive around.
Best prices on things people need.
The locations are convenient and the people usually aren't prejudiced towards you like at other establishments.
[Newest]I can buy nE thing and find Everett thing at Wal-Mart

I work there and there is a lot of things to choose from and lots of sales you can't miss
Always well-stocked with general consumer -and- upscale items at surprisingly modest prices. Frequent Sales add to their "price appeal." Sales staff are extremeley courteous and generally well-informed. I'm a great fan of Macy's and do, perhaps, 80% of my shopping with them. Note that their online website is also a wonderful way to shop and compare ALL of the items they carry!
Macy's is the very best store to shop. You can always find something you need or can use. Blessed Long Island New York
[Newest]Macy's have the best sales and service is great too

Target has great products at an affordable price. Everything I buy is of good quality and anything I have bought has lasted me.
Overall best customer service! And their stuff is less expensive than Wal-Mart's with their red card!
A lot of people are saying that Target offers great prices with their red card, but the cost may triple if you use bank cards

The best! No deceptive advertising, great salespeople, efficient cashiers, a no-hassle return policy... I LOVE KOHL'S! AND they have brand names I like for examble Converse, etc. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE KOHL's! And I love the coupons they email! THanks Kohl's!
Always find great deals. Enjoy that they have quality merchandise. A very welcoming environment and very helpful employees. Even after saving money they give you cash back so you can shop once again and a great shirt that could have cost $14 ends up costing $4. Kohl's is #1 for its great service its unbeatable offers and its great quality products.
Koh's offers so much more than any other retailers I know. On top of Sales they are always having coupon deals which they are willing to e-mail to any of their customers. (ex. % offs, and KOHL'S CASH-the best) Their return policy is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It is so nice to be able to return something without having to explain anything and be made to prove I'm and honest customer.
[Newest]The absolute best overall shopping experience. No extra stuff they sell what they know and what we as customers want with great prices wonderful employees and nice clean stores. Top name brands and designers

5Dollar Tree
Whoa everything 1 Dollar

6Sam's Club


There isn't another department store that compares to Nordstrom in customer service and quality of products. They carry the best brands and most current fashions while delivering legendary service!
Customer service seems to be a dying art in most stores. Nordstrom is only
store which has continued the practice of great customer service.
Better selections than Macy's. Better customer service than any other store I've ever been to, and cheaper prices than Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th ave. Wonderful rewards program too and ability to open up a store debit card, that's right DEBIT card.
[Newest]Great layout, helpful staff, great selection...

My favorite grocery store hands down!

Neiman Marcus has the most exclusive, and highest end selection of any department store. Their customer service exceeds that of any department store in the us.
Secure ordering system and online stock availability updated always.
Fast and free international delivery by courier service and packed so nicely.

The Contenders

Dillard's has great product selections from all the top vendors and their customer service is excellent. I enjoy how organized and neat their store is, it make shopping easier.
Great service, good brands and pricing. Stores are always well organized and bright.
I love Dillard's shoe department!

No. 6! You gotta be kidding me! Bloomy's is the best of them all hands down! Nicest store layout of all the other "high end" department stores. Largest selection. Product exclusives! 59th St. Flagship store, you can't beat it!
Bloomiess! The store is a fantastic place for great buys, fantastic jeans and fashionable items. Their jeans last FOREVER, too! They have shoes for every occasion. Their suits have such a perfect fit to them. LOVELOVELOVEthis store.
Best selection for everything!

13Saks Fifth Avenue
Saks is the BOMB! I love it. The clothes are really expensive but it is so worth the money!
Saks is THE BEST luxury clothing store EVER! You never have have to question the quality and you're ALWAYS getting your money's worth.
Saks beats NM hands down on service and quality


Love the quality and price point of the merchandise. Great Store, with friendly associates.

16Abercrombie & Fitch
Abercrombie & Fitch is a great store. It's the kind of store where you go in, spend a few hundred, and don't regret any of it. Their clothes are beautiful, unique, excellent quality, and long lasting. I DEFINITELY recommend.
They have really cute clothes. I have seen lots of people who wear there clothes.
I love abercrombie the only thing I don't like about it is that some of the clothes are very preppy.

17Century 21
This isn't a department store.


19JC Penney
They have everything i"m looking for with fast online delivery
Amazing customer service, and anyhting you can think of is sold in their store that has to do with appearance.
The best customer service ever!

Meijer is the Jewel of the north. It's like Wal-Mart, but way better.

Gimbels is no longer it was bought out by brown and Williamson tobacco now out of bis senses tobbaco people used the failing chain for write offs

22Harvey Nichols


I thought it was out of business, I give it a great
They're gone but not forgotten a real pioneer in the industry

They should have never been closed


That's a cool name

28Home Goods
Nice name. Its lovely
Great products at a good value

29Marks & Spencer
tbh it's the only 1 I know :/


UK and proud of it. Staff are always friendly and helpful.

Probably my favorite. For one, I consider it an actual department store. Two, the prices are set at a reasonable price and the discount is actually a discount. If you ever go into kohls and notice their original pricing? It's an outrageous markup. They only do that so it looks like you are getting a sale.
I really like this store, it is my favorite department store! Usually lower priced then other stores and ALWAYS having sales! I wish they had more locations though.
Good Quality, good prices, good selection. Everything that Macy's is not.

31E.J. Korvette

Great clothing! Great sales! Great quality! The sizes usually run small since it's from Italy. The stlyle is very cool!

33Von Maur
Von Maur is one of the nicest places I have shopped, ever.
Customer service is great and their creature comfort is beyond anyone else.
To be candid, I can't really afford them as a front line store, but if I got a significant raise / promotion I'd shop there regularly!
I believe they'd be top ten if there were more of them and we had leadership in office that encouraged personal wealth
Great Customer service. Free shipping, gift wrap. Free alterations on basic alterations: unlined skirts, ladies slacks.

34Bergdorf Goodman
I love this store. I order a Gucci handbag without any hasel. The servis was just excellent. Will be shopping again.


36Forever 21
Always keeping up with the latest styles, Forever 21 stays trendy, fresh, and up to date. They keep young ladies everywhere looking beautiful, at a most reasonable price.
Best store ever almost all my clothes are from forever 21


Aeropostale is an amazing store for guys and girls. Their prices are a little high, but they always have a great sale going on. The clothes are really cute, especially the sweaters and hoodies.
Best clothes always great sales going on and there clothes r so soft



40Barneys New York


42La Rinascente

43Stage Stores


Sorry but what's the one named the best department store in the world (Selfridges)


47T.J. Maxx

Na I think Harrods should be more near the top 47 is a pies take owner of the most luxury goods and brands and people travel from all over the world for a taster of Harrods luxury

49Certainty Stores


51Excelsior Milano

52Le Bon Marché
One of the most upscale department stores in Paris




56Plato's Closet
Its a awesome teen shop with gently used closed
I got a lot of my clothes there.
It's great especially for clothes that kids will quickly outgrow! Love this place!


Even though the store maybe a little expensive I still shop there


60Kaufhaus des Westens
One of Europe's most elegant department stores


62Big Bazaar
Good Indian store, but not best!


64Reliance Fresh

65Justice Just for Girls

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