Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes


My favorite character is also Sherlock Holmes. The acting of Robert Downey Jr. & Jude law is very impressive. I give five star to this movie. It's a awesome movie. It must be seen by everyone. Please please please watch it.
You would think that everything that could be done with the Sherlock stories has been done, but this film is like a breath of fresh air. Watched it three times now.
It is a fun filled detective, mystery fiction!. Wonderful experience to watch it. I'll recommend it to be watched for entertainment!
The Captain Jack Sparrow of detectives, this is everything that Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest should have been.
best movie, all the actors worked very well, and of course robert downey jr. Will make everyone his fan who watches this movie...
Super Movie... My favorite one... Olden days a re created very well and interesting manner..
Loved Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law as Holmes and Watson they were just how I imagined them to be - awesome
Superb Movie... Like it very Much. This series should go and go on, at least Sherlock Holmes 8..
He-hey, how come this movie become 2nd? Sherlock Holmes absolutely the best, you know?
I love sherlock holmes film's
He is a best detective film very good story
Robert Downey jr has done a awesome job in the film is really great
It's the best of all detective movies, and best performers
It's the best detective story I have ever scene... So thrilling...
Best detective movie so far... Powerhouse performance
The best movie I have ever seen
Robert and jude are perfect for that as originals
I like mystery movies very much. it is the best
Better than any other movies I have ever seen
As a Sherlockian I was bit puzzled which story of Arthur Conan doyle it would relate. This film dazzled me, Thanks "Guy ritchie" for making it, This particular plot is not from Sir Doyle's corpuses. But it justifies in best possible way of what Sherlock Holmes was

Acting was splendiferous!
This is the best creation by the author
It has the best plot and great acting
It's the amazing movie and I love it
Super incredible movie I loved it
Super movie. super acting by Robert Downey Jr. super looking film. Jude Law also super. a must watch thriller.
Best detective movie I have seen.

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