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21The Lost Vikings

This one is propah Viking Metal! Love the riffs and the double bass!

22Impeach God

We fear not death, we fear not death

24Biological Warfare
25Murdertrain a Comin'
27Birthday Dethday

My band played this at my friends Birthday.

28Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle

Do you folks like coffee?

29Better Metal Snake

Literally the greatest song ever. The progression is amazing. The riffs are amazing. The solos are amazing. The lyrics and vocals are godly. The apocolyptic theme brings a great image to mind when the song is listened to. This is the perfect song.

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31The Hammer

The solo is just amazing, I think this deserves at least in the top 15 or in very least top 20, the riff is simple, yet very exciting.

How is the hammer not in the top ten?

Magnus was a great rthyme guitarist. Not as good as Toki but nonetheless great.

Best lyrics best everything

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32Blazing StarV1 Comment
33Face Fisted
34Comet Song
36Briefcase Full of Guts
37Burn the Earth
38HatredyV1 Comment
39Kill You

Best Dethklok song! Pickles' voice is so cool!

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