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21If I Rise

So soothing and captivating lyrics... This song manages to inspire in all kinds of dire times

22This Land Is Mine
23Grafton Street

Quite Instrumental and Cool...
Talking about a love that is no more...

24Let Us Move On
25Christmas Day
26Who Makes You Feel

This song should be in the top ten. The beginning is the best part

27Do You Have a Little Time

The best song ever

29My Life
30Happy New Year
31Us 2 Little Gods
32The Day Before the Day

Such a beautiful and poignant song! Overwhelmes every time I listen to it.

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33Honestly Ok

A very underrated song of Dido.. But a beauty!

35I'm No Angel

Simple and simply one of the best

36Give Me Strength

A very rare song off of the Odds & Ends demo CD. I think it's the best.


Exclusive to her greatest hits. This song is sick and should have launched her back into the mainstream. Easily my fave

38Burnin' Love

Pretty wonderful Song!
Dido in Burnin Love is as amazing as Always!
Pure perfection

Burnin' Love is Just so Soft and Smooth!
Dido's voice, once again, is haunting and fitz perfectly in that song!
Everyone in the whole world should check it :)
It's definitely one of my favorite Dido's Song... I LOVE IT!

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