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Really love the brand ^^ the products from canon.
I own 6 cameras of this brand starting from a film camera to film DSLR and 2 digital cameras, ^^ 3 DSLRs.. ^^ 6 Canon Lenses ncluding 3 L series lenses...
Canon Simply O..W...E..S..O..M..E...

Canon Stands ahead of All Other brands when it comes to still photography. Sony lies the second and when Comes to SLR, Nikon is the Best. Nobody can beat Nikon in that.

canon does not make anything but cameras so they are experts in their job unlike sony

I love you canon

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Nikon! Almost all professional photographers use it!

I have a d3000 and I LOVE it. it's beginner friendly but still takes some of the most breathtaking pictures I have ever seen. nikon is top.

Nikon is a professional camera brand unlike sony making cameras for teenagers and for casual photography... But with nikon you can do much more...

Nice pictures quality

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I have a Sony DSC-W350 and it is just awesome... And going forward to buying a DSC-HX9V... Which is a Compact Point & Shoot Camera with Power of a DSLR!

I recommend Sony because it is the best brand if you're considering for a Super Point and Shoot.

Sony CyberShot And Cannon DSLR. That's IT.

I don't know why I love it but its awesome. :)

Best of ever digital cameras...

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Olympus is AMAZING best camera I've ever used and that's saying somthing since I am a photographer, think this brand needs rising, I also found Pentax really good and canon takes 3rd. - JohnGGG

Olympus... IHS TECHNOLOGY good for Lowlight sensitivity, High-Speed Performance, Intelligence Auto, and Super-Resolution Zoom. For me olympus camera is better than to other brand,

I love this camera! Honestly the best one I have ever owned. Perfect for taking self pictures along with far away shots. 26x zoom is amazing.

These cameras have a very good user interface and lots of built in functionality out of the box

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There's no other brand better than Pentax when it comes to experience, Price and quality, all in one place. Canon and Nikon cost you hundreds of bucks more just for the brand name, The weather sealing on Pentax's entry level DSLR's is even better that of Canon 1D-X and Nikon D4. Pentax won't dodge you by clever marketing tricks. Very reliable camera brand. Others are good too, but Pentax is just in a class of it's own.

I love my Pentax SLR Camera. Very nice, sharp images and Pentax is the only company that I've seen so far that sells colored "Big Pro" cameras. Impressive! Love how they're coming up with a more personalized way of photographing.

Have Pentax K-30 DSLR. Excellent quality, backwards compatibility with tons of different lenses, weatherproof. Awesome. Waterproof Optio is a cool point and shoot. Canon and Nikon more famous but Pentax is solid gear.

Pentax is best and comes with reasonable price.

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I have had 2 Exilims. They are quite small. Do an amazing job with detail and color. Flash, people shots are often partly washed out. Maybe it the settings I use.?


Does everything you, ll ever want from a camera

I like it because of the funny commercial - Thomas245


Panasonic cameras are the best

I hate this camera, canon is the bomb(and sony. )

I love my old Lumix Gf1 that I used for online shopping and the pictures are clear and precise. A customer bought it and I have to buy a latest version. I tried Canon, Fuji and Pentax but nothing compares to Panasonic. Today I bought Lumix Gf3 it's not the latest but it's even far better than my old one...

It is good I would like to buy a video camera in this brand

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I love samsung because of thier technologies and stylish

Samsung is very convenient and photo transferring can be done very easily. Samsung is also affordable and has a reasonable price

Samsung is the most qualified brand for cameras with reasonable price and with highest technical features unlike other brands.

I like it because it's the best camera ever

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Leica by a mile


Its camera is big mega pixel

One of the high end prestige camera maker in the world. Their camera produced stunning gorgeous pictures with a variety of models. One of their model has a 50 megapixels CMOS sensor.


Best camera in the world I have a camera from 25 years it is still working


Very nice quality photography filters. Polarizing filters have their characteristics similar to the filters from the top shelf pricing but in a lower pricing :) Not well known brand yet but I think that it has a high potential.


I think this brand is crap.

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