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The Little Mermaid


I've seen all the classic movies, and I absolutely love them all. but it was the little mermaid that really made me pay attention and grow to understand meanings within the movies themselves... not to mention that it is a CLASSIC movie... and it is even written that if it hadn't been for the success of the little mermaid during the era it came out, pretty much none of the other movies we all know and love would have even been made. it set up the potential and the inspiration for the disney renaissance that made so many amazing and memorable movies (i. e. , the lion king, beauty and the beast, aladdin, etc. ). it is and forever will be my most favorite and prized disney movie til the day I die!
This is a classic to me. It's all about a rebel trying to follow her dreams, and sticking it out even when things look hopeless. She rescues the prince three times as well, which is not half bad for a Disney Movie. The story also has strong metaphors regarding biracial love, and how it triumphs over bigotry and cultural differences. And on top of that the music and imagery are amazing. Who doesn't know Part of Your World or Under The Sea? Plus there are not many ginger heroes in fiction, so it was nice seeing a Disney Princess I could relate to visually.
AMAZINGG! The little mermaid is the best movie ever made, THey will never be able to make a movie to the quality of the little mermaid. The little mermaid was one of the best disney movies ever made it. It has wonderful voice actors and it appropropriate and good for people and children of all ages. The little mermaid is timeless movie and will always be my favourite movie!
My favorite of all time.. I just love it.. Specially the songs! People criticize it so much because the main character is 16 yrs old and she gives everything up her family and her identity just for a man.. I don't see it that way.. She's determined to make her dreams of a new adventure, a new life and LOVE a reality just like the Other disney princesses<3 I've read the real story and is very sad... To me this is one OF MANY WONDERFUL DISNEY MOVIES!
amazing movie! not only did it have a really good plot, climax and ending, but it was also very suspenseful. the characters are lovable and cute. The music, by far, is one of the best things about this movie. It is simply amazing, with great background music, amazing vocals, and cute upbeat lyrics. Under the Sea is my all time favorite song from them. !
I love this movie! My favoirte. I hate how people think there are negative morals, but the real moral is that some risk in life are worth taken. I am such a fan that it not even funny! I also hate how some ignorants out there think that Ariel is stupid, gets me so mad I tell U. I love this movie and will stand up for this movie nomatter what!
This movie was the most passionate, the most lively, the most developed, the most special effects, the most hit songs, the most incredible, the most talked about, the most fun, the most intriguing, the most satisfying, and most uniform Walt Disney film ever to grace the silver screen.
Little Mermaid has ALWAYS been my favorite Disney Princess, along side with Princess Jasmine (I just really like her costumes). But 'The Little Mermaid' is, in my opinion, the best Disney Princess ever! It also helps that she is a mermaid I've always had this thing for mermaids.
Ok I'm voting this to say I'm a child and THIS REALLY IS A DISLIKED! I'm sorry I'm just a child ok? But I don't like this movie. You can dislike me though ;) when it goes into the prince ok not interested. Why? Do you KNOW him? Do you love him because he's HANDSOME? Ugh... I'm eight and UGH it bothers me so much!
I saw a picture in my m magazine is Ariana grande is a I look like a Disney princess and Ariana grande looks like
Ariel from the little mermaid and it said " Ariana may not live under the sea but she shares Ariel's fierce red hair! We love how she mer-made her locks so flowy here!
The Little Mermaid is my all time favorite - please vote and get it to number 1! The music is definitely the catchiest and the characters are the funniest and most loveable - it was my all time favorite childhood movie and still one of my favorites today xx
Ariel will always be my favorite of the princesses. There will never be another. Disney has truly captured lightning in a bottle. I will love this movie until the day that I die, and then three years more. I recomend it to all that haven't seen it.
I think I know almost every single line in this movie. I watched it over and over as a kid, wanted red hair and to change my name to Ariel too. It is a great movie not only for kids, but for adults too, because it is actually a very well made movie.
My little cousin loves this this is like her favorite movie in the whole world if I didn't put this then any way this is still a good movie me and her like it so I still can vote for it the little mermaid is so old it is almost as old as Cinderella
The Best movie ever. Love everything about it. Full of love, ambition, heart, adventure. The little Mermaid will always be my favorite movie. The charecters are awesome and fun. Deffenatly one of Disney's greatest movies!
Every moment in it is just.. Beautiful! You can even feel the whole little mermaid world by just the opening! The music, the colors, the characters... Everything is just perfect! It's always been my favorite!
how could this NOT be the number one movie!
i absolutly love it!
and the songs are fabulous.
im all for cinderella, but overall this is my favorite!
The music in this film is fantastic. And the film really is a good balance of a classic tale and adding to it without compromising original story or characters.
This has always been my favorite disney movie. I was obsessed with it when I was small and still love it. The story is nice, and the animation is awesome!
Greatest Disney Movie of all time. Beautiful Music, Fantastic Animation!!! Plus, it was the film that saved Disney Animation from being phased out.
Best movie ever! I love this movie its the besttss
Disney classic in my collection... It was my favorite from the first time I saw it and still is today!
I grew up with this movie and even though I'm seventeen it's still one of my favourite movies. I still cry when I watch it and I don't know why, it's just so sweet
I am proud to say my grandpa played flute on this movie so in the "kiss me girl" and you hear flute... DING DING!
PS he was also in all 3 Toy Storys!
My favourite disney movie of all time! I asked our school to do our play on the little mermaid and now I'm the lead as Ariel~! LOVE THIS MOVIE
love this movie! every house I go to has this. it is one of the best movies ever made. I watched it like 6 times a week. I am obsest with it.

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