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41Come & Get It - Selena Gomez
42We Prepare for Every Eventuality - Phineas and Ferb
43More Than Me - Jordan Cahill
44The Great Divide - McClain Sisters
45Rotten to the Core - Descendants

Descendants is awesome oh my god I love it if you have not watched it then you have no life

46Wouldn't Change a Thing - Demi Lovato feat Jonas

It's great, so cute and pretty AS A SONG

47Slow Down - Selena Gomez

I love Selena and her song. I love all her songs I didn't know witch to vote. But this one is really awesome and you should listen to it ans vote. Love you Sel

48Dig Down Deeper - Zendaya
49Perry the Platypus - Randy Crenshaw

He's a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of Action! Doobedoobedoobah... Enough Said. :L

50One and the Same - Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez
51We're All In This Together - High School Musical Cast

High school musical love every episode send me text message some day name ( janelle)

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52I Don't Dance - Corbin Bleu and Lucas Grabeel
53What Time Is It? - High School Musical CastV1 Comment
54La La Land - Demi Lovato
55Could It Be - Christy Carlson Romano
56What Dreams Are Made of - Hilary Duff
57A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Disney Channel Circle of Stars
58The Middle of Starting Over - Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina is th best singer ever! Love her new song Smoke and Fire so much!

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59Made Me Realize - Gravity Falls Theme
60Hero - Sterling Knight

Awesome song and love sterling

This was performed in the 2010 Disney movie startruck and I believe that it should be on it.

Hero is sung by Drew Sort not Sterling Knight.Sterling just sang one song in movie that was 'Starstruck'

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