Top 10 Best Disney Movies

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The Lion King
Amazing. True, deep, and emotional. Storyline is such an important topic, and the movie deals with courage, death, grieving, friendship, and many other topics besides princess gets prince. Best ever.


I personally love this movie and would watch it everyday as a child, but this movie shows kids that bad things happen to someone who lies. Other than that there isn't really a princess falling for the prince or vise versa yet it still has romance.
Ya... it is the best. It is basically just an animal version of Hamlet and with less death, but it's the most well told and memorable characters which is contested for that by the little Mermaid.

Also, why are their Pixar movies on this list... They are not Disney movie, they are just a sub-studio of the Disney license.


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Frozen is the BEST Disney Movie ever this movie should 100% be number 1!
Frozen is the best! Please vote for it I love it I got all the songs stuck in my head go frozen!
I have watched it like 15 times.. never enough!
I love frozen! It has such deep feeling, and the end is so happy! I love it Frozen is about sisters, and Anna and Elsa are so different from each other! The songs are very catchy, too.
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No no no no no! This list is messed up... Frozen at 2!?!? That movie was good but there is plenty of more great Disney films! And Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland... Really? What about the MORE FUN 1951 classic version?! And no Disney movies BEFORE Walt died!? REALLY! Somebody has to admit it and it might as well be me. THIS LIST IS TERRIBLE.


How is this not #1? It has the most creative character of any Disney film, one of the most complex villains, and the setting and coloring of the movie is unique compared with other Disney movies
This and Mulan are the best Disney films (or even films) of all time! All the songs are the fantastic and it is unlike any other Disney film that there has been! I love frozen and everything but it in no way compares to films like Aladdin, Mulan etc.
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4Beauty and the Beast
A great film and my all time favourite. It teaches children that looks aren't everything and that's a good lesson for them to learn. Its amazing and just the best Disney film. It should be number 1
On my all time favorite movies this ranks at #4 or #3 and I'm a guy considered a badass in school. by the way this is my brother's account.


5The Fox and the Hound
A great movie!, one of my favorites! This movie gives a true message about friendship, and the entire movie was heartwarming. It's obvious that it deserve to be in the top 10.
Love It simply adorable

Loved that she wasn't made the typical damsel in distress. Made me wish I could go on an adventure some day with a frying pan, pet chameleon and magical hair that heals all wounds.
Hands down tangled is the best disney movie I have ever seen. Many movies came very close in my opinion but this one just touched me and never left.
It should be 2nd after frozen


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7Toy Story 3
The Best Toy Story ever made and that means the bets animation of all time
Toy Story 3 is one of my favorite movies! The saddest thing about it is that it didn't win Best Picture.
Heck yeah, my favorite movie to date.
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8Toy Story
This Movie is The Best my Brother got Me Hooked Now I Watch it Every Day I Can this Movie is So Awesome my Favorite Characters are Woody Buzz Lightyear Rex Mr Potato Head and Hamm I'm in Love with This Movie
Its My Favorite Disney movie Better than All of Them I Like Woody Buzz Rex Mr Potato head and Hamm


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This list is such a joke. Camp Rock in the top ten but Up, WallE, Finding Nemo, etc not even on this list? Give me a break


Seriously up isn't on here? Not saying it needs to be first but top ten for sure
Favorite disney movie ever
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10The Little Mermaid
This was my favourite film when I was little and I got bored and found the DVD the other day. Not gonna lie, I enjoyed it
I love the little mermaid it is a fun adventurous exiting movie for the whole family
To watch. It's funny and I love the characters.

Like the songs. The movie part is just not enough


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The Contenders

Mulan is great movie (though I prefer Aladdin) top ten at least! I love frozen, but 2!?!? No way! Look at the best disney animated films list, the places are better in my opinion.


Its a good movie and is actually real (for some parts)
She is good, but not as good as lion king, but come on, Pinocchio?
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12The Great Mouse Detective
It's a shame this is so underrated. This is a smart, clever movie that takes its audience seriously and is not at all predictable, unlike a lot of Disney's other movies. Plus, it has one of the best villians ever, with Vincent Price starring as Professor Ratigan. He is hilarious and very fun to watch. He's kind of like the Joker- he just loves being evil so much that he steals every scene he's in.
It doesn't talk down to its audience either.

I love this movie because it shows fairy tales in real life that before we attain a happy life, we need to go to hard and difficult trials that only happens in real life.

14Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
This is a great movie. It is the very first one which makes it a timeless classic and sure Snow White was waiting around for Prince Charming to come and rescue her but she still put up with her step mother who hated her, tried to find the best in everyone and was kind and sweet and caring. This film also has one of the best scenes which is when she is running through the forest and the trees come to life. This used to scare the crap out of me when I was younger and I couldn't watch it but I watched it about a year or two ago and I was able to really see how detailed and amazing they made this scene. The dwarfs are also extremely funny, cute and loving characters. I love how this movie really shows a bond between a family because that is what Snow White and the dwarfs are. This film doesn't just focus on the prince and the Snow White, it has more focus on Snow Whites new bond and friendship with the dwarfs and how friends can come in all shapes and sizes


I like snow white and seven dwarfs very much
This is the most overrated kids movie ever, yeah, I know, it's the first disney movie, but does that make it the best movie in the world?
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15Alice in Wonderland (2010)
This is an awesome movie. Little mermaid should not be on this list because curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought her back... Not! She must of stayed dead. Anyway, alice kinda made mad hatter in the movie. Most people think that magic isn't real, but imagination can do everything. Alice didn't mean for imagination to come to life. But I think the message is that. USE YOUR IMAGINATION NOW! Bye : )
Man I love this! Action, scary, and imaginative! Mad hatter is from alices imagination : he would not be real without her! So now in her dreams she sees her! Well, in the real world everyone THOUGHT magic isn't real, go in the rabbit hole of doom! Magic! In there! Go! In! Go! In!
This is like my favorite movie ever because of the cast (Johnny depp) and Tim burton really knows how to add the creepy factor without scaring children


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My favorite Disney movie


I love this movie so much

17Finding Nemo
This Movie was well casted musical score was beautiful and the storyline was never present so well I Get emotional every time I Watch
Entertaining, funny, touching! This movie is the most incredible movie you could ever watch! It never gets old!
Not as good as the lion king but it deserves the top 10
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18The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Shame it's so underrated. Dark as hell, though. Tony Jay and Tom Hulce were amazing in this and easily has the best songs, Bells of Notre Dame, Hellfire, Court of Miracles, and there's a Latin church choir for dramatic moments
It's so interesting and good! I love it! My favorite song from it is either "Court of miracles" or "One day out there! " I wonder why it's 36 on the list...
Best villain and great songs

19Wreck-It Ralph
I over 100% want the sequel to be famous, 'because I know it will involve Mario! & he'll cast more lines than usual! I also hope that a Wreck-It-Ralph 3 will be famous & if it was, it'd have Mario in it! & besides, it is a very grand thing they put Aiai from Super Monkey Ball & Pac-Man (though I wanted his Pac-Man Party design) in the original (& only film so far) Wreck-It-Ralph!
This Is The Best Movie Ever


Its quite good, but I still can't watch this without that giant fox scaring the living daylights out of me.
Watching this movie makes me wish I was a real boy


(1940) Mel Blanc, Dick Jones

21The Jungle Book
Why is The Jungle Book so low? It's the best Disney movie ever? With funny characters, great songs, inspiring dialogues and memorable moments. It should be at least in the top 10!
The songs are fantastic


22Sleeping Beauty
Romantic, Dark, Fun, Funny, Sad, Happy, Lovable, and so much more! This Disney classic is the best Disney classic. (I refer Disney classics as before Walt Disney died. ) It has romance like Snow White 1937, Darkness like Fantasia 1940, Fun like The Reluctant Dragon 1941, Funny like Peter Pan 1953, Sad like Dumbo 1941, Happy like Bambi 1942, and lovable like Cinderella! This movie is one of Walt Disney's greatest achievements!


I watched sleeping beauty when I was little and I loved it! I used to watch it a lot.

23The Princess and the Frog
I love Tiana's hard-working spirit and I thimk it teaches girls everywhere that you have to work hard to achieve your dreams. Plus, the New Orleans music is awesome!

(1942) Hardie Albright, Stan Alexander
Really. Just... Really? Walt Disney's most beautiful beloved classic with top notch animation is 42? (laugh out loud the movie was made in 1942) but anyways. It's under Frozen? Really?! It's under Up and Toy Story which are Pixar films?! And it's under *pukes in mouth* The Princess Diaries, Brave, Teen Beach Movie? And Hannah Montana? I agree with the comment on Aladdin by Disney1959, this list is garbage.


I love science fiction movies, except every time I see the disk, I just have very good memories of the movie and then I need to watch it. I can understand why people wouldn't like it, except I think it deserves a better spot than 21 on this list!
One of the best movies I have seen.

26The Aristocats
Cause everybody wants to be a cat.

27Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
This is literally the best movie ever, why is it number 20? Come on!

Cinderella is so cool!
Such a magical movie!


I love Hercules! The movie has just enough comic relief with a mixture of some more serious elements, enough action, and a quite relatable main character. The female protagonist isn't all "lovey-dovey," and the villain is not your stereotypical "evil laugh" villain. (Love you, James Woods. ) And as for the title character, Hercules? Love him. Clumsy, loveable, sweet, etc. He's also hot.
This move was amazing. You cannot tell me you don't like Hercules. It is the best movie that has come out of Disney since Beauty and the Beast. The charterers are amazing. Panic, Pain, Merga, Hades all the best funniest characters don't forget about the gospel choir adding a beautiful music to the movie.


Why isn't this movie up there. It was awesome and to me was very exciting and romantic in parts.
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30The Black Cauldron
Why does everyone hate this? It is AWESOME! Especially Gurgi! Gurgi was SO freakin funny!


31Lilo & Stitch
Lilo and stitch is the BEST Disney movie ever! Yes, The Lion King is #1 and it should be because it's the best. But most definitely lilo and stitch should be up there with the top ten
My favorite Disney movie, had the best sequels, and had one the best spinoff cartoons, it should at least be in the top ten
This should be #1.
It's funny, touching and has that Disney magic in it's atmosphere even more than any other movie.


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32The Emperor's New Groove
I love this movie! I watched it a few years ago and it was really god. It was one of the most funny Disney movies ever.
My favorite charter is yzma.

33Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

34Oliver & Company
THIS HAS THE BEST SOUNDTRACK! Should be higher than 28. The most underrated Disney animated movie ever.

35The Nightmare Before Christmas
Honestly, this is very overrated. I mean, come on, before Dumbo? And The Rescuers? And Lady and the Tramp? And even Oliver & Company? AT LEAST swap it with The Rescuers!
I love it I got a stuffed jack and calendar of it
Love this movie, but it ain't Disney.

36High School Musical 3: Senior Year

This is the only good movie on this list. It is the only disney movie where I accually watched the whole thing. This movie should be number 1. It was amazing. John Travolta did good voice acting as Bolt.

38Hannah Montana: The Movie


Best Disney princess Merida and a great movie ^_^

41Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Defiantly the best of the Pirates of Caribbean movies!


It toke three years to make this masterpiece.

42101 Dalmatians
WHY IS THIS AFTER THE PRINCESS DIARIES?! This movie has more than TWICE what The Princess Diaries got at Rotten Tomatoes!
My church has this movie

43The Brave Little Toaster

44Bedtime Stories

Best remade movie ever due to the fact it has the right amount of drama, action, and adventure. Plus it has a drop of comedy. I'll recommend this any day

46The Princess Diaries
I love this movie. I especially love the part where Lana got coned with ice-cream. That was hilarious. Garry Marshall really is a great director, especially in the princess diaries!


47Alice in Wonderland
This is the best disney movie ever and a classic! A disney movie doesn't't need to have a princess invloved for it to be good!
How is this all the way down here... I mean, honestly, this one is much better than the live-action 2010 one...
Best Disney movie ever

48Robin Hood

49Teen Beach Movie
I ❤️ Ross lynch.

50Old Dogs

Even though it was sad when People were teasing Dumbo because of his huge ears, and his mother was locked up in a cage with a note saying "Mad Elephant", It was really good! It was my favorite hand drawn disney movie! I cannot believe they don't make movies like this anymore! They should've released Dumbo 2! It had funny parts like in the pyramid of pachyderms when the female elephants were falling a lot and sat on other elephant heads and faces. Overall It was perfect! Great plots, Great soundtrack (Especially When I see and Elephant Fly, Baby Mine, Pink Elephants on Parade, and Casey jr. This should be way higher on the list.
Come on people, The Little Mermaid III is NOT better than Dumbo! This deserves so much higher than 51.

52The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
I just love the song "I Remember" and Athena's song.


53The Incredibles
This Movie is impressive I can watch it every day and I would love to see a second part of it. I really think that it is appropriate to give to a child to watch, it make its view of the world different
Best desney so far
I love all the characters acpeserly jack jack disney made a really great movie beating the lion king anf frozen I don't really like the lion king at all its sad this m9vie is briliant this and the jungle book are the bests flr me vote for incridibles peole

54Pirates of Caribbean: At World's End

55Pete's Dragon

56Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

57Old Yeller
WHY IS THIS ALL TIME TEAR-JERKING CLASSIC AFTER CAMP ROCK 2?! This should be higher than 55. Use your common sense here people!

58The Color of Friendship

59Monsters, Inc.
(2001) John Goodman, Billy Crystal

60Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
Are you k8dding me not the best but still should be at least in the to 15 in fact the whole seris should be she is a great character and a powerful strong one too go tinkerbell

61Lady and the Tramp
Why is this at 61? Why isn't it in the Top 10?

62Toy Story 2

63The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

64A Goofy Movie

65Mary Poppins
(1964) Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke
WHY IS THIS ALL TIME FAMILY FAVORITE AT 62?! Why isn't it in the Top 20?

66The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
I think I like Melody more than Ariel! She is beautiful, daring, adventurous and more like Ariel!


67The Rocketeer

68Monsters University
I know it's not out yet, but it's going to be awesome.

69The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

70National Treasure

71Peter Pan
This is an amazing movie. surprised to see it down so low
Yet another classic movie with a crappy ranking. Only 69? Come on. This should totally be in the Top 25. I even liked it a bit better than Frozen!

72The Sword in the Stone
I've always liked this movie. Why is it ranked so low at #97?
I've always liked this movie

Why is this masterpiece rated 26% at Rotten Tomatoes while crap like James and the Giant Peach gets 93%! It should be the other way around!
I love this movie so much! I can't stand to see it so underrated! This is a must watch movie! It is so good!
Why is this masterpiece rated 14% at Rotten Tomatoes while crap like James and the Giant Peach gets 93%! It should be the other way around!

74Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
THIS IS THE MOST OVERRATED SEQUEL OF ALL TIME! Why is it ranked higher than The Rescuers, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Sword in the Stone, Song of the South, or Brother Bear? And it's even ranked higher than Pixar movies like Cars and A Bug's Life! Other people are right, this list is screwed up big time!
THIS IS THE MOST OVERRATED SEQUEL OF ALL TIME! Why is it ahead of The Rescuers, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Rescuers Down Under, Cars, Bambi II, The Sword in the Stone, Song of the South, and Brother Bear? And it's even before Pixar movies like Ratatouille and A Bug's Life! Other people are right, this list is screwed up big time!

75The Tigger Movie

76The Rescuers

77The Rescuers Down Under

78The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

79Atlantis: The Lost Empire
The most underrated Disney film, and truly my personal favorite. As Disney's first sci fi film, I think they did a fantastic job.

Yet High School Musical is ahead of this? This should at least be in the top 10. It teaches a lesson to all viewers.
I loved cars ever since I started watching it, and collecting cars toys.

81Angels in the Outfield

82Saving Mr. Banks

83The Love Bug

84Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

85The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

86Bedknobs and Broomsticks

87Treasure Planet

88Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse

89Bambi II

90Another Cinderella Story


92The Game Plan

93Gnomeo & Juliet

94Radio Rebel

95High School Musical


97Song of the South
(1946) James Baskett, Bobby Driscoll


99Cool Runnings

100Ella Enchanted
It was one of the funniest movies I have seen I watch it over and over again.

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