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61Saving Mr. BanksV1 Comment
62The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

(1998) Matthew Broderick, Neve Campbell

This one is better than the first! The romance, storyline, villain, songs, and characters are all better.

Kiara is awesome! She's so sweet and naive!

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63The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

It is so nice it should be on number 6

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I love this movie because it shows fairy tales in real life that before we attain a happy life, we need to go to hard and difficult trials that only happens in real life.

This should be number 1 but not enough people have seen it.

This movie was a big part of my childhood. It should be at 3 or 4, but that is probably just my opinion.

Should be number 3

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65Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians the galaxy is an amazing movie I say number one this movie proved that Disney wouldn't completely ruin marvel

Amazing movie better than the ad enters movies

Great and at least it's better than frozen.

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This is one of the most amazingly movies I've ever seen. It's very riveting and made my heart fall apart, and afterwards complete and fill it once again. Can only suggest to watch this movie!

Tarzan is my second favorite, absolutely love the song "You'll be in my Heart" and such a wonderful adventure. This has to be 2nd because it teaches life lessons of "you can do anything if you put in work, and sometimes you need to accept the fact of reality".

This is a crime that this isn't in the top 10, one of the greatest Disney films of all time both visually and the soundtrack, hats out to phil Collins. Get this onto the first page guys!

Loved this movie

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Best remade movie ever due to the fact it has the right amount of drama, action, and adventure. Plus it has a drop of comedy. I'll recommend this any day

It should be on number 2 I love this movie so much I've watched it 9 times and I still wanna watch it

They ruined one of the coolest villains by making her have feelings

This should be at least number 4!

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68The Parent Trap (1998)

THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE, yet how did they make it?

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69Teen Beach Movie

Holy crap, what the heck is this? Why is The old yeller named after Cars 2 and Cars 2 is named after Teen beach movie. Who mixed up the posters?

When I see the team leech move I was like WOW! 1! I like the team and I like the beech and I like the moves and I was like ok if I like the team and I like the beech and I like the moves than am I gunna be like WOW?! 1? AND I WAS LIKE YA I'm GUNA BE LIKE WOW! WOW ROSS LEECH WOW YOUR THE SUPER STARS AND I THINK I LIKE you BETTER THEN THE BEECH AND THE MOVES AND THE TEAM I LIKE YOUR FACE WOW

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70Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

I watched this in class and it should be higher than this

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71Pete's Dragon

This movie is a great classic that teaches lessons of true friendship, I can see why people may be hyped for the 2016 remake!

This movie brings back so many memories.


Ratatouille should be #14. It has an inspiring message to always seek the best in life. This deserves so much better than 135. It's on the same level as Mary Poppins and Peter Pan.

Why is this so low. this should at least be in the top 50

This movie has all the right messages in it.

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73Angels in the OutfieldV1 Comment
74101 Dalmatians (1996)V1 Comment
75The Color of FriendshipV1 Comment
76The Muppets

For my opinion this really got me thinking of my child-hood

77The Santa Clause 2
78The Nightmare Before Christmas

Honestly, this is very overrated. I mean, come on, before Dumbo? And The Rescuers? And Lady and the Tramp? And even Oliver & Company? AT LEAST swap it with The Rescuers!

My favorite animated movie of all time the song lyrics were clever, the animation was outstanding for the time, and it had such an amazing story

Love this movie, but it ain't Disney.

Higher on list!

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Not only ahead of its time it had a beautiful score and put animation on an entirely different route

This movie is an incredible visual experience that everyone should see.

One of my favorite movies ever. Get this in the top 10. I think this should be #1. - jack2244

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80Old Yeller

Also watched this in class a really good movie

WHY IS THIS ALL TIME TEAR-JERKING CLASSIC AFTER CAMP ROCK 2?! This should be higher than 55. Use your common sense here people!

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