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41For the First Time in Forever - Frozen

Just let all three Frozen songs go. All three are way overhyped. It's like none of you heard of Elton John or Phil Collins in the Lion King and Tarzan soundtrack, respectively.

For the first time in forever, this is a really great song, for the first time in forever, I could sing this all day long!

This song is so beautiful and so fun to sing along. It is better than let it go

Very cute song

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42Poor Unfortunate Souls - The Little Mermaid

This was literally the best villain song I love Ursula

I HATE this terrible Little Mermaid song so much

This song is one way to make a deal you'll regret...

43My Lullaby - The Lion King 2

This song totally completes the whole be prepared thing. I love the sound effects, and the emotion. It' really unique, something you don't see in most movies.

My lullaby song was scars wife zeria sing that song by her shelf

44God Help the Outcasts - Hunchback of Notre Dame

In my opinion, Hunchback of Notre Dame has the best soundtrack of any Disney film and, except for the mediocre one the gargoyles sing, I could have voted for any of its songs. However, this simple, beautiful song outshines the rest for me. Even as someone not that religious, I absolutely adore this song. It really shows the softer side of the firery Esmeralda making her one of the most well developed Disney ladies. I just love everything about this song. It's a true masterpiece.

"Are we not all the children of god". This song shows how every one need someone to believe in them.

I totally relate to this song I myself am an outcast and Esmeralda expresses this through song. I feel that the movie is totally based around this song.

A song about acceptance and love. Spiritual, yet beautiful for anyone. One of the most beautiful songs ever written ever.

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45When She Loved Me - Toy Story 2

One of the best songs of all time, period. Sarah McLachlan's vocal's are spot on. And the story is heartbreaking. Truly outstanding song.

If you cried the first time hearing this song then vote for it

It's just beautiful, it always makes me cry.

46Proud of Your Boy - Aladdin the MusicalV1 Comment
47Some Day My Prince Will Come - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
48Intro - Little Mermaid 2
49Savages - Pocahontas

I love this song the music the rhythm and the fact she risked her life to save Joan smiths is just WOW!

It's the only Disney song that is also the the climax of the movie it is in.well at least to my knowledge. The visuals are very good.Neither the English or the native Americans treated like their evil through out this sequence.Both sides are treated like victims of a bad situation.With the exception of Governor Ratcliffe.

50Everybody Wants to Be a Cat - AristocatsV2 Comments
51Whistle While You Work - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This is the best song, because I love whistling!

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52Immortals - Big Hero 6

By Fall Out Boy. Really cool. And I just love the lyrics anyway.

I actually listen to this song every day - Mcgillacuddy

Who wouldn't love this,who wouldn't love fall out boy #bestbandever

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53The Court of Miracles - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I. Love this movie and it has an awesome soundtrack.

54Look Through My Eyes - Brother BearV2 Comments
55Why Should I Worry? - Oliver and Company

I'm very sad this song is so low on this list. Billy Joel did a awesome job singing this song! Should at least be in the top 20! Listen to it and you will see what I mean.

Why should I worry? Tell me, why should I care?

If people remember just one thing about this movie, it's this song. Should be at least top 25.

It gives off a powerful energy that captures the idea of the entire movie. This song brings back childhood memories.

This song perfectly captures the romanticized feel of the New York Streets. HOW IS THIS SO LOW?!

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56Feed The Birds - Mary Poppins

I honestly expected this to be in the Top 10. It's incredibly beautiful I get goosebumps every time I hear it.
It was Walt Disneys Favorite Song! (mentioned in a bbc podcast about this song)

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57Gaston - Beauty and the Beast
58Into the Open Air - Brave

This song is so beautiful! Brave has one of the best soundtracks in Disney, but is somehow terribly underrated... Julie Fowlis has a lovely voice in this song! The lyrics are beautiful and I find myself relating so well to them. The melody is catchy and so gorgeous. Definitely a great song

All of Brave songs are beautiful

I love that song and princess Merida and her mother enjoy their journey

Beautiful, beautiful song...

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59Heigh-Ho - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I just love this song! It doesn't have may words, but its got a catchy rhythm. I sing it every time I leave school.

60The Siamese Cat Song - Lady & the Tramp

This song is a song that I always enjoy listening to. I have it on a disney CD and it is always the very 1st song I listen to. (:

I just love the beat to this song, it's so easy to dance to. Plus, it's catchy

Don't know why I love this so much xD -

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