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1Selena Gomez

YES! SELENA IS IN 1ST PLACE! And she totally deserves it! Her Disney Channel show is beyond epic. AKA Wizards of Waverly Place. SERIOUSLY! It is still the GREATEST Disney Show of all time! Unlike the terrible ones Disney has today! Anyway, This is why she deserves 1st place:

Best Actor - Selena!

Best Singer - Selena!

Best Disney Star - Selena!

Love ALL of her songs! Thank you for everyone who voted for Selena! She really, really, REALLY deserves it! And she is the one Disney Star who hasn't changed that badly! Her songs are amazing! Like:

Love You Like a Love Song

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Year Without Rain

Slow Down

Who Says

Round and Round

Come and Get It

I could name the other thousands of amazing songs by her! I love her and her amazing music! And the haters are jealous of her awesome talent and singing! Selena Gomez, your an amazing singer/actress!

Selena is an awesome actress and an awesome singer, too... She has entertained us with her famousy and acting... She is very cute and very talented... Everybsody loves her movies, T.V. shows and, songs!

She is an amazing Actress and Singer also she is a role model to me she made me feel confident and beautiful I love you selena you are the best you are my role model I will love to meet you someday that has always been my dream.

Of course she is number one

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2Zendaya Coleman

Hottest, prettiest, sexiest, funny, and dances really great

Love her very much, she is so pretty

Really? Zendaya is after Demi and Miley? Have you seen Miley's new music video We Can't Stop? Wow... Just horrible. Z-SWAGGER FOREVER!

I think because of her show kc undercover she should be at the top

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3Demi Lovato

Demi rocks the stage better than selena or taylor she is beautiful in every way shape or form sure she has her problems but she isn't ashamed to let people know about them that why we love her honest caring loving and beautiful again I love her best person ever keep it up love you always your my inspiration go demi and go lovatics love you always demi

The most talented Singer Disney had ever discovered. Despite of all the negative that happened to her, she still manage to stand tall and turn that negative experience, to be a positive one.A perfect model for everyone. Especially for young ones. That's what make her so different in all of her peers.

Demi is the best Disney star ever she can sing, she can act, she's an inspiration to everyone who has been struggling she's been through, she tells us to stay strong and she's one of best role models out there.

Demi in camp rock wow favorite

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4Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is an amazing singer and actress... She is super talented. I love her songs.. I wish I could watch hannah Montana again on dissney channel India

I use to love Miley Cyrus her songs and her hair until she cut it and now way innoprotitate she used to be awesome... Until now she ruined every kids life including mine every kid and parent talk bad about her thanks for ruining my life Miley peace

Miley should be no.2..she's great at singing and acting...on demi..she's only great at singing not on acting career

She ruined my life. Wow what a role model. When I was 8 I wanted to be like her. Now I despise her. One day I will top the charts. She will be another wannabe singer. - LittleLovelies

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5Ross Lynch

He's such a talented and nice guy.

He is such a talented actor and singer! Keep up the good work Ross!

Way to go ross you made a come back if you don't know what I mean go to top tent worst disney stars. I just know ross is a great and smart singer some people just don't watch what makes are childhood magical

Don't mess with my Ross he should be number one

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6Bridget Mendler

I love you bridgit you're the best your songs:
Ready or not
Forgot to laugh
The fall song
Top of the world
Quick sand
We can change the world
This is my paradise
Here we go
When she loved me
More than a band
Turn up the music
Rocks at my window
City lights
Hang in there baby
I am gonna run to you
All I see is gold
Hold on dear love
Were dancing
Wait for me
How to believe
Love will tell us where to go
My song for you
Livin on a high wire

Are favourite and learn by heart I often get bored by listening songs one after another but when the topic turns to your songs I never got bored I never get bore and I'll never get bored I think people will vote and agree this by putting their thumb up b because only fools will put there thumbs down for you love you

Bridget Mendler no competition, she's smart, kind, a great role model, she never seems to swear, keep's a fresh face, doesn't use auto tune, and doesn't sit naked on a wrecking ball in the middle of her songs, she's an amazing singer, doesn't throw fake publicity stunts

Brdgit Mendler deserves to be in the top 10. Her song ready or not even reached Australia! It ranked pretty high on Aus as well. See? Even the Aussies love her!

Bridget is amazing in good luck Charlie

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7Debby Ryan

I love Debby Ryan. Everything about her, her sense of humor, her gorgeous red hair. I love her for being on Jessie, she's the best character there is and she's absoloutely hilarious. Selena Gomez isn't even on Disney anymore so Debby needs to go up higher. Who doesn't love Debby? She's a country girl, she makes people laugh and she's just so flipping hot. Everyone, shut up with the Demi Selena blah blah and VOTE FOR DEBBY

Denny should not be in here she is horrible and is already #1 in the top ten most annoying Disney stars

I think she is so sweet. She reads all of our fan mails and letters and she reply a lot of them.

Other than this photo she is beautiful an amazing actress and on jessie she doesn't give up on her dream

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8Bella Thorne

Yes! On "Shake It Up", it seemed so much was about Rocky. They didn't really have even roles.

On Disneys new hip show Shake it up! Starring the show with Zendaya! Plays Cece

Can't believe she is this far down on the list. Probably the hottest redhead on televison - westofohio

Shake it up she is the best in it

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9Laura Marano

The moment I saw her first appearance on Disney Channel in the hit show, "Austin & Ally", I was pretty much amazed by her acting skills. What I mean is that her role as Ally really amuses me and she just nailed it. She's a natural and she doesn't have to push that hard just to get our attention. So that's why I'm fond of her. Apart from that, I admire the way she tries to balance school and career. Life as a student can be hectic and difficult at times (believe me.. ), what more if career is added to the list of our priorities. I have so much more to add but I think this is enough to prove that Laura Marano is worthy of all our attention.

She is a very pretty person and is very smart too I would love to be her with all my heart

She is super talented for someone her age and shes such a sweetheart to her fans. Laura is the total package brains beauty and talent

Incredible on bad hair day

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10Zac Efron

Ugh, no. His only main appearance was in High School Musical. I don't get those kinds of movies and shows. He wasn't that great in those movies, either.

So cute I love his great appearance in High School Musical. He is a great actor and an awesome role model for children whose dream is to become a good actor.

So hot and he have abs he also one of the most hottest Disney Channel boy

Heck to the no in my opinion he is one of th worst

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11Peyton List

Acto, model. Super pretty. Nice. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Has a twin. Always up to date on things. Great style. BOB and Tiger Beat love her. That's about it.

Hi Peyton list you now I love dresses too.

Shes very funny I love her on jessie as emma ross shes so pretty and not very smart hehe

Love ya you're the best

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12China Anne McClain

Love you. you are so sweet, love Ant farm and how to build a better boy.

She's not that cute to me but I vote her cause she's talented and have
A great sense of style

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13Ashley Tisdale

Who cannot love this talented and beautiful girl. She is cute, lively, great actress and also have a lovely voice. She is a perfect ideal for many girls. I LOVE YOU ASHELY =)

I love Ashley! She's a great Actress! And isn't annoying like all the other actors/actresses. And she sings good

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14Olivia Holt

She's gorgeous, and an amazing singer (unlike a lot of Disney Channel stars these days) She was also hilarious as Kim on 'Kickin' it'- I was gutted when she left. But, now she does an amazing job as Lindy on her new show 'I didn't do it' She's completely down to earth, and just amazing in general.

She is a great singer, actor, and she is very pretty. I love your shows Kickin' it and I didn't do it.

Hi Olivia holt you now you are the best girl on Disney you and zendaya and Sakai Jackson and G. Hannelies

I didn't do it and girl vs monster are the best

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15Sabrina Carpenter

She showed me who I want to be really an actor and singer I love her is my role model I just Love how she acts and sings she just my favorite actresses

Sabrina is just amazing on girl meets world and she has an amazing voice

She is so awesome in girl meets world also she is amazingly pretty

She's amazing and talented

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16Hilary Duff

Well come on, hilary created Disney Channel, all of the shows now are here thanks to her

She is the only Disney star that ran away from the stereotypes for Disney stars, and she actually made a very good career.

Hilary Duff was on the same level as the rest of the top tens. That's not being biased either laugh out loud she really was big

She is one of the older Disney stars that didn't ruin herself

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17Sheena Bajaj

I love her acting in best of luck nikki and she is so beautiful she is nxt bollywood star she's gonna rock

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18Bradley Steven Perry

His character on good luck Charlie (Gabe) is funny sneaky and cool. He should definitely be in top 10!

I was totally convinced he was actually gabe Duncan in real life. His acting is great. ( I also have a tiny crush on him

He had great potential. And I'm not just saying that cause he's hot. He's a believable loveable actor.

He's hot and a great actor

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19Leo HowardV2 Comments
20Cole & Dylan Sprouse

They are the BEST they should be number 1.

There the best actors disney could ever ask for. The suite life was the best

I love them like anything, they are the BEST! What are they doing on this place, they should be on the top, No. 1.

They were by far the best and most amazing

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