Best DJs of 2013

There are a lot of lists on the web of the best DJs in the world in all sorts of categorys or decades, but here's a list of the greatest mainstream DJs currently active. These are the best selling and the most popular around the globe.

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Hardwell is number 1!

Gotta give credit to a fellow dutchman that plays great music with amazing beats... Always able to get the crowd jumping!

Hardewell is better than tiesto and david guetta

Where edward maya and dash Berlin?...

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Seen him live and he is amazing!

By far the most creative and talented EDM producer this world has ever seen. I can't mention any other Dj/producer that can compete with Aviciis genuine, unique tracks. He has really set some of the standards to house music, starting with levels and from there on continuing, most recently with fantastic "wake me up" and "hey brother, hey sister" where he combines country with house in a truly spectacular way! He's the man.

Seen him live and he amazing and I got all his remix on my phone

Saw his video wake me up it was awesome

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3David Guetta

He is the greatest dj ever

The best dj of the world!

It Is The Biggest King Of The World Of Dj And He Is Very Very Good From Remix Of Music. I Love Just One Last Time And Other.

Love all the songs I heard witch were where them girls at and dangerous

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4DJ Tiësto

Best of the best dj ever Tiesto Keep Going man!

Best DJ in the world and will be "DJ TIESTO"

Tiesto you are the best dj I have ever seen I am your fan number one and I would like to go to one of your conserts that's my dream and I want to be like you when I grow up

Tiesto is a dj that leads the way for other dj

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5Armin van Buuren

Your the best dj in the world, civlovecyour song its a feel so good


Best dj ever listened to.. Awesome

I need you like breath

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6Swedish House Mafia

The best, there is no adjetive available to describe how great they are; (obviously un der the best french house dj robots DAFT PUNK

They are the best ever, aren't like David Guetta they do not already recognized artists to make a hit track. My boys are natural.

They are the best next to Tiesto, I love them.

Your playing dj is so beautiful

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Skrillex is the best on earth no one can chop voices like him an no one has as heavy bass lines like him.

Love him especially wild for the nights and right in please every one should vote for him he is the best I really want to meat him no ones like him! And he is so rock I want to put my hair just like his and his logo is the bomb!

Skrillex is the best by far I don't know why he is not first cause he is truly the best and "I LOVE HIM"i mean I worship this man I know every single song he has ever made like really I know all his songs off by heart beacause he is just so realaxing to listen to and no one can ever drop the bass like skrillex

The GOD of dubstep music.. no1 can compete him in dubstep.. he just makes a blow off the roof of the stage with his fabulous music..

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8Calvin Harris

He is an amazing DJ. And he is really FIT

The new tunes that Calvin Harris brings in every new song is amazing... He knows what all is required to rock a party!

There's no doubt that he is the greatest DJ in the world.. He also make a credits to some artist.

I heard 8 of his songs the were 😃

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9Nicky Romero

'i could b the 1'... 'like home',... Etc... This dude on fire!

Hardwell isn't so good I prefer nicky romero

His music is amazing and started by playing drums

Nicky romero is the 7

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Afrojack you r great

He is the best DJ from the world!

Afrojack is the best
His music is just awesome and he makes us rise on his tunes!

Afrojack is a god

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Awesome DJ way better than afrojack

DeadMau5 you are the best DJ I have ever listened too you inspired me when I was 5 years old I started drawing you on papers and now I made good hats that you have and I always wear the red one someday I want to try what you because if you keep making music my life keeps building up never quit carry on at what you do best buddy never let yourself down my favorite songs from you are hi friend all the ghosts and stuff or whatever and animal rights like I said never ever quit

The beat dj of the year

Deadmau5 must be in the top 3. Have you heard his songs? He made 270 of them (and more to come) in 9 years! Skrillex shouldn't even be in the top 10. His songs are okay, but he only made 70 in 6 years. If you compare, Deadmau5 has made more and better songs than Skrillex in one year. Deadmau5 made an average of 30 songs a year, and Skrillex made an average of 11-12 songs per year.

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ALesoo is the best one love you good work Alessandro

Alessos music is the best one, he always creates something new! He deserves to be DJ Number 1

Just like when Alesso live perform, he always make good mix for everyone who listen him 'mixing' & for every second, he makes AMAZE everyone!

Alesso is 10X better than David Guetta

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13Daft Punk

It must be the top 9 djs, because Daft Punk always be in level god.

Maybe 13 now but after ram they will be in top 5

Daft punk deserve a best position because the duo has working much much time to make a good song now with the sucess of Get Lucky one more reason to be in a best position.

This was the year of Daft Punk's comeback! How can they not be at number 1?

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Very powerful songs! Love it

This guy has talent.

This guy is going to be huge, major talent and expansive background in classical music!

Only heard 4 songs I want you to know, clarity, stay the night and break free

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15Dimitri Vegas

The best djs in the world att: felipe mesa the fan number 1 of dimitri vegas & like mike:colombia

They r just amazing n for wt I think they r awesome

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike is the BEST! Number 1. from Belgium

He is the best

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16Dj Blend

Dj BL3ND inspired me to be a DJ!

He is the best in the world I love you dj blend!

I love his beat and laughs

Best DJ by farr to me anyway

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17DJ Antoine

Man your song SKY IS THE LIMIT is one of the best...

I don't really like dj antoine, he's not that good

18Peer Van Mladen

Peer Van Mladen (or ПEEP/PEER) is a Global-Tekkno/House-Deejay from Belgrade/Serbia who played regular on many radios and clubs worldwide.


PEER VAN MLADEN is the best!

19Steve Aoki

I've seen nearly all so called "Top Dj's" and it's true that there are Dj's who make better music than him but the question was who is the best Dj not the best producer and he is definitely the best DJ!

He s the best dj of the world his music is the best

Love him I thing he should be between the top ten best ones of the world I love his musics and the beat of his music he should be for me betwenn the best five at least cause he is a pro love you steve.

The songs are to bad

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20Bingo Players

'Rattle' is pretty sick

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