Best Doom Metal Bands


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Please listen "inheritance" from katatonia!
The Great Cold Distance, Night is the New Day, & Dead End Kings are amongst the best of the genre.
Katatonia is legendary, pretty much everything they have ever released is quality. laugh out loud I don't know who put Draconian on here, phaha.

Definitely Draconian
One of the greatest doom metal bands EVER!
I've been listening to doom metal music for so many years now and I've never seen a band like them, they're the best in the business.
If you wanna try them just listen to "Death, Come Near Me" from the album "Arcane Rain Fell", the saddest 15:22 minutes of your life, do not listen to the Demo version of this song.
You'll love this band!
I'm sure.


The Solitude. It Grieves My Heart. I think that says enough. Where Lovers Mourn, I would say, is one of the greatest doom metal albums of all time.


The gods of doom/death metal

Just listen to solidarity. thank me later
Katatonia isn't metal! Candlemass are GODS of doom
How are these guys not on top? Epicus Doomicus Metallicus is a great album- so much feeling in the intros to A Sorceror's Pledge and Solitude, and the Phrygian Dominant give Demon's Gate the most delightfully evil feel. And, of course, the guitar harmonies in Black Stone Wielder. Besides, the videos for mirror mirror and Bewitched (especially bewitched) are hilarious. Plus, Leif Edling is a bass player and the main songwriter, so that is just automatically awesome

4Black Sabbath
The first doom metal band and the first metal band in history definitely deserves to be at the top of the list.
No doubt they're god of doom metal
Wow black sabbath? In a doom metal list?! Who the hell put BS in here?!
Well... Not contrary to popular belief, Black Sabbath's earlier work consisted of a slower, darker sound which is why they are consider by most to be the inspiration for doom metal. Where as some have gone as far as to label them one of, if not the, first doom metal band (which would explain why they have 10% of the vote).

5Swallow the Sun
The music "Cathedral Walls" ft. Anette Olzon (ex-Nightwish) just explains why this is one of the best Doom Metal Bands in the world.


7Type O Negative
October Rust, Bloody Kisses. Arguments are now invalid.

8Theatre of Tragedy

9Electric Wizard
It baffles me that these guys aren't top 10 at least. go listen to "Funeralopolis", damn it!


The Contenders

11Dark Sanctuary


13Virgin Black

14Acid King

15Celtic Frost

16Ghost B.C.
Ghost should be first!



18My Dying Bride
Number 1, and nothing else they just remind the genre and can't stand the place 16


If You don't know saturnus you better kill yourself, check Veronika Decides To Die Album, inspired from Paulo Coelho's Novel
Listen to "For Your Demons", it is one of the most emotional songs I have ever heard.

Listen To Lament Song If You Want To Know Uaral Band


Simply the pain and sadness, they are great
I love this band

21Woods of Ypres
I'm surprised that this band doesn't have more votes. Go listen to The Green Album and try to tell me it's not one of the most beautiful albums you've heard


23Sunn 0))

24Forest of Shadows

25Novembers Doom


27October Tide

28Black Label Society
I love The BLS but they are not a doom metal band.-.


Serenades and The Silent Enigma are brilliant.
How are they not on here? They're the original of the Peaceville three!


31St. Vitus
Surprised I didn't see them on here. They're one of doom metal's early pioneers.

32Forgotten Tomb

33Doom vs


35Daylight Dies
They are great just listen to them once



Should be at least top10 in my opinion!



41Shape of Despair

42Paradise Lost
What are they doing down here? Paradise Lost invented both death-doom and gothic doom!

43The Fall of Every Season

44The Sword

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