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The Great Cold Distance, Night is the New Day, & Dead End Kings are amongst the best of the genre.

Katatonia is legendary, pretty much everything they have ever released is quality. laugh out loud I don't know who put Draconian on here, phaha.

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Just listen to solidarity. thank me later

Katatonia isn't metal! Candlemass are GODS of doom

Doom metal masters, Candlemass

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Definitely Draconian
One of the greatest doom metal bands EVER!
I've been listening to doom metal music for so many years now and I've never seen a band like them, they're the best in the business.
If you wanna try them just listen to "Death, Come Near Me" from the album "Arcane Rain Fell", the saddest 15:22 minutes of your life, do not listen to the Demo version of this song.
You'll love this band!
I'm sure. - d4rk92

The Solitude. It Grieves My Heart. I think that says enough. Where Lovers Mourn, I would say, is one of the greatest doom metal albums of all time. - djh101

Draconian is the only band which force you to cry, specially 'Death Coming near' song

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4Black SabbathBlack Sabbath are a Heavy Metal band formed in 1968 by guitarist and songwriter Tony Iommi, Singer Ozzy Osbourne, Bassist and Main Lyricist Geezer Butler and Drummer Bill Ward. The band got into mainstream after inproving after their debut album got negative feedback. In 1978, Ozzy was fired and replaced more.

The first doom metal band and the first metal band in history definitely deserves to be at the top of the list.

Best metal band of any sub group or future group.

No doubt they're god of doom metal

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5Ghost B.C.

Ghost is in my opinion the best modern metal band. They have extreme satanic lyrics, but not the cliche Black Metal "Rawraghraw hail satan" kind. They have deep, dark, lyrics that literally make you feel like you are present at a Satanic ritual. Papa Emeritus has an incredible voice, great melodies from the instrumentalists, and they are good enough that Dave Grohl himself jumped on board. He produced Ghost's EP "If You Have Ghost" and performed studio drums. A Nameless Ghoul from Ghost basically said that Dave Grohl sometimes drums for Ghost in live performances. Ghost is one of those bands where I can honestly say that there is no song that I dislike. Even their worst song sounds good! - ryanrimmel

Dark and deep sound that Will give you goosebumps by their awesome sound.

Ghost shouldn't even be here, there not metal let alone doom metal, there a good rock band but not metal... if you think Ghost is the best modern metal band then I feel extremely sorry for you

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6Type O Negative

October Rust, Bloody Kisses. Arguments are now invalid.

7Electric Wizard

It baffles me that these guys aren't top 10 at least. go listen to "Funeralopolis", damn it!


Come on these guys influenced all of the heavy New Orleans bands like Crowbar. Not to mention they influenced Nirvana's Bleach, heaviest punk album. I have no idea why Crowbar isn't on this list because they should be second to Sabbath.

9Swallow the Sun

Where as original doom metal pioneers like paradise and katatonia were only grasping the potential of the genre in regards to capturing human emotion, Swallow the Sun Perfected it making some of the most emotional music ever in any genre, Plague of Butterflies is perhaps the most beautiful I've ever heard

The music "Cathedral Walls" ft. Anette Olzon (ex-Nightwish) just explains why this is one of the best Doom Metal Bands in the world.

Just listen to "10 Silver Bullets" and "Rooms & Shadows" from "Songs From The North I" Album and you well know "Swallow the Sun" is God of Doom/Death Metal

Listen to "Don't Fall Asleep (Horror Part II).

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10DanzigV1 Comment

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?TransgressorTransgressor is a Death/Doom metal band from Tokyo, Japan, which was formed in 1989 and split up in 2002. They released only 1 full-length, 1 EP and 1 split-album, before their break-up, but still their only LP "Ether for Scapegoat" is considered as a metal classic in the death metal underground scene. more.

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11My Dying Bride

Number 1, and nothing else they just remind the genre and can't stand the place 16 - Rhapsody

One of Great Trinity of Doom Metal.

If there's one band who can do a bloody miserable, evil, slow, heavy as song, it's my dying bride.

That's what doom is, right? So why aren't they fighting with Candlemass and katatonia for nr1?


They not only pioneered doom metal, but metal in general. Alongside Black Sabbath, they are considered the early pioneers and sometimes founders of Metal - ryanrimmel

13Theatre of Tragedy



Does no one know or appreciate Sleep on this site? They are by far one of the best stoner rock/metal bands ever and one of the best doom bands! There is no way they shouldn't be in the top 5 - ryanrimmel

15Celtic Frost
16Virgin Black

One of the best songs in history has been released by this fantastic band which is "our wings are burning" this group also has another albums that every doom/gothic metel fan should listen.


Listen To Lament Song If You Want To Know Uaral Band - RaminLp

Come on 20? Really? I guess you know nothing about DOOM if UARAL is on 20th rate

Simply the pain and sadness, they are great

The best music I have ever heard

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18Acid King
19Paradise Lost

What are they doing down here? Paradise Lost invented both death-doom and gothic doom!

Paradise Lost should easily and deservedly be within the top three. Pl absolutely cemented the genre with "gothic" and "shades of god". Along with My Dying Bride, doom metal was defined in the early 90s upon the foundation of bands like St. Vitus and sabbath. The fact that Type O negative and BLS even made the list, let alone actually trumping actual doom metal bands, is testament to the low ratio of list contributers who even know what doom metal is in the first place.

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