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21 Natural Born Killaz

Ice Cube + Dr Dre for the first time since NWA disbanded= A GOOD IF NOT GREAT SONG

A very intense, scary song. Not for the faint of heart, but brilliant through shock.

22 Old Time's Sake Old Time's Sake

Great em & dre collaboration that is reminiscent to forgot about dre

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23 Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat

This song is the most underrated of all time! This song is incredible!

You don't know dre without listening to this sick ass beat

This song is the most underrated of all time!

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24 Deeez Nuuuts

One of his best beats. Deserves at least top 10. Grossly underrated!

Absolutely whopper instrumental! Makes you really want to go lowriding into the sunset

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25 Encore Encore
26 Been There Done That Been There Done That

Explains all his greatness in just 6 minutes or so.

27 Darkside/Gone Darkside/Gone
28 Talking to My Diary Talking to My Diary

An instant classic on Dre's Compton album - Mcgillacuddy

Dr Dre spits great verses in this song and the beat is amazing

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29 Medicine Man Medicine Man
30 F*** You F*** You

People are missing out if they haven't heard this

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31 Bitches Ain't S***
32 Bad Intentions

Love Dre best rapper and NaS beat

33 Hello
34 Chin Check

How can a song like chin check be so low rated? Its N.W. A song. It should have higher position.

35 Loose Cannons Loose Cannons
36 Satisfiction Satisfiction
37 The Message The Message

A song in the form of a letter to God about Dre's deceased brother. This beat is so fresh and is provides nice change of pace to Dre's usual intense and gangsta influenced lyrics. Truly a beautiful song and a work of art

Great beat produced by the one and only Lord Finesse!

Very sad and deap song, shows you an entire different side of dre

38 The Wash
39 Big Ego's Big Ego's

Should definitely be at #15 your right beat is awesome same as lyrics.

Great beat, deserves to be in top 15 at least

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40 Deep Water Deep Water

Dre working with Lamar, previous generations best producer working with this generations best rapper, couldn't get better

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