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1Heaven Laid In Tears
2When I Wake

This song brings me chills whenever, and wherever

3Morphine Cloud

Draconian = True real Doom Metal

Draconian Is Not Just Aband you listen To, Its Aworld Of Doom Metal you Must Take The Courage To Live In..

4Death, Come Near Me

The most beautiful heartwrenching song I have ever listened to.

5Daylight Misery
6Seasons Apart
7The Cry of Silence

This song perfectly captures the essence of true despair

8A Scenery of Loss
9She Dies
10A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

The Contenders

11Not Breathing
12The Solitude
13The Last Hour Ancient Sunlight
15It Grieves My Heart

This song is all you need to understand what is Doom Metal and why it's on of the best genres.

17Elysian Night

Super song, it's the best

18End of the Rope
19The Drowning Age
20The DyingV1 Comment
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1. The Solitude
2. The Last Hour Ancient Sunlight
3. It Grieves My Heart
1. When I Wake
2. End of the Rope
3. The Drowning Age
1. The Cry of Silence
2. A Scenery of Loss
3. Daylight Misery

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