Best Draconian Songs


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The Top Ten

When I Wake

2Heaven Laid In Tears

3Morphine Cloud
Draconian = True real Doom Metal
Draconian Is Not Just Aband you listen To, Its Aworld Of Doom Metal you Must Take The Courage To Live In..

4Seasons Apart

5Daylight Misery

6A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

7Not Breathing

8Death, Come Near Me

9She Dies

10A Scenery of Loss

The Contenders


12The Solitude

13The Cry of Silence

14End of the Rope

15The Drowning Age


17Elysian Night
Super song, it's the best

18It Grieves My Heart
This song is all you need to understand what is Doom Metal and why it's on of the best genres.

19The Last Hour Ancient Sunlight

20Silent Winter

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