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Dragonite is a very balanced pokemon with all stats except for speed his attack and special attack capabilities are unmatched and it has a withe move pool with TMs HMs and naturally learned moves it will take 12 highly powerful pokemon in order to take this bad boy out I am not surprised that he is in the crown he kicks butt and takes names he will not be denied his place EVER
Dragonite: Both cute, and extremely strong. Definitely one of my favourite pokemon. Dragon and flying type make an extremely strong combination.
The only Stat Dragonite has a problem with is speed, which doesn't really matter if you're a tank. His attacks are powerful, his high defense and special defense make it easy to use dragon dance than kill your opponent with Dragon Claw or Giga Impact or any attack based move.
[Newest]I love it when I play Pokemon Red
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Powerful, fast, and most attacks use pure energy instead of element power. Looks like the kind of pokemon I would only attack with an equally powerful dragon, which is hard to come by
Garchomp is a king in dragon type. Garchomp big and brave at all time it will trust you and love till they very end. Garchomp is the best.
Dragonite and Salamence are very good dragon types, them being flying and all.
But Garchomp dominates the battlefield. with a base stat of 600, it excels in speed, attack, special attack, and defense. it may learn ground type moves which wont effect dragonite and salamence, BUT, it has an absolutely huge movepool, being able to learn water, fire, electric, dark, fighting, and rock type moves, as well as its base types, dragon and ground. It is also better than salemence and dragonite as it can mega-evolve, and they can't. plus Garchomp's ability, Sand Veil, raises its evasion in a sandstorm, creating a perfect combo with the move sandstorm, which it will learn around level 20. All in All, Garchomp is the best dragon type Pokemon.
[Newest]It can easily take out dragonite and even groudon
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I think the guy who made this was asleep because Salamence can use moves that other dragon pokemons can't use and plus first it was a shelgon it must have height defensive and it was also a bagon and people say that bagon has a steel head so it also has strong attack and now it is a Salamence it has more speed because it is now a flying type and that is why Salamence is the best dragon type pokemon EVER
That thing was a pain to take out when I battled Lance for a second time in Soul Silver. Definitely worth using.
This guy is my secret weapon, powerful, fast and with INTIMIDATE ability Salamence rocks, Also you can choose, Physical or Special or just fast. Whatever was your choice Salamence won't dissapoint U. Just look at J's Salamence, he stop a Hyper beam from regigigas with a Dragon pulse.
[Newest]Salamence was my first ever dragon type. Emerald was my first game, and when I heard that Bagon was available after the eighth gym, I went straight to that cave (I had remembered Salamence from the anime). He never let me down, and he sure as heck looks better than Dragonite. He belongs in the number one slot.
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Why the hell is Rayquaza number 8?! He is the best dragon pokemon ever! He easily beats Dragonite. His attacks are more powerful than that puny dragon. Also has a higher sped than Dragonite. He learns Dragon Claw, Outrage, Dragon Pulse, and Dragon Dance. Does Dragonite learn those and use it to its advantage. Uh... No! Rayquaza is the best and will always be the best dragon Pokemon ever.
This is my favourite legendary pokemon and I think it should be higher up it kills kills and only kills facing it will result in death you want to beat the elite four he will do it for you with ease
(but garachomp and flygon are also some of my favourites they all kick but)
Rayquaza rules. It was one of the first legendary dragons, and it will eat anyone and anything.
[Newest]Rayquaza is one of the strongest legendary Pokemon it should be #1
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Pure dragon. He is deadly. Use dragon dance to power his speed and attack and hit them with a dragon claw earthquake or outrage and you got an unstoppable machine. He is resistant to four types and only weakened to two. I don't really like dragon pokemon but trust me Haxorus is a beast and will notlet you down! #swag
Overall, an unstoppable nightmare for opponents who haven't taken the time to prepare a team to counteract the axe dragon. Between its lack of type weaknesses and high attack potential this pokemon can KO any variety of teams. It completely surpasses Garchomp in both type and damage potential. With a pure Baton pass set up this pokemon can sweep an opponents entire team.
Let's give Black and White Pokemon a chance, shall we? Come on! Yes, I know that it's sort of a imitation of Garchomp, but it still has some different things, and those make it what it is.
[Newest]This Pokemon is so powerful it has killed every Pokemon that isn't a steel type in one hit

He is very powerful. Seriously one of my favorite Pokemon ever. I recommend this one as a top Dragon Type
It's a total pain to get, but it's so worth it once you do! Mine knows Crunch, Dragon pulse, Dragon rush, and Tri attack.
Wow... This almighty power house can kill... With its wide combination if moves...
Its deadly attack stat... It can basically take on anything... Thumbs up for this big fella
[Newest]П he is awesome

In emerald I'm planning on getting my self a trapinch or if I have enough time a shiny one. This is honestly hands down my favorite pokemon and the whole reason is because I am the kid at my school who loves bugs and is liked by many and I was born in 2000 the year of the dragon. If you put a dragon and a bug together you get flygon bummer it's part ground type but truthfully I could care less it is just awesome all around and holds a special place in my heart along with shedinja just perfect pokemon try the two of the if you haven't yet it'll make you what to say to "To victory. "
Ah, Flygon I remember this pokemon as one of my trusty sidekicks from my Sapphire days the attack and speed stats are great, but what really lies in this pokemon is its easiness to obtain, you can find their pre-evolved forms in deserts commonly and are a good start for dragon collectors.
Easy to obtain and an interesting combination of ground and dragon was a sweeper style Pokemon I frequently use on black worked very well with my alteria and swellow I love the evolutionary forms from a weird orange thing to a sort of dragonfly type creature the move set got a good boost in black and white his easy obtain and low level evolution make him a great addition to the team ny second favourite would have to be alteria who, I'm sad to see is not on here his moves can be quite lethal if put together properly and who could deny that sweet lil blue phoenix face
[Newest]Paired with Salamence, this guy is a badass.

Dialga is the best. It is the only dragon type which is not weak to other dragon types, it is the only Pokemon that can learn Roar of Time which is the strongest dragon type move, it is immune to 1 type and resistant to 9, it has the highest base stat total of all Steel-type Pokemon. it's base stat is 680 which is same as Mew-two, it is tied with Blade Forme Aegislash for the highest Special Attack base stat of all Steel-type Pokemon, No other Pokemon shares the same type combination as Dialga and It is not weak to fairy types because of it's unique typing.
Well Dialga is the only one that is not weak against other dragon type and he resist lots of types so he can survive longer. Dialga's Roar of Time is SO STRONG! It can kill an opponent in 1 or 2 hits. Only Dialga Roar of Time is the strongest of all Dragon type moves.


Dialga is super awesome! He is the best with only 1 real weakness. Dragon steel is a really good combo
[Newest]I think a dragonite wouldn't survive roar of time, just saying

9Mega Charizard X
Why out this awesome thing last? Dude this bad boy is amazing. Put this Pokemon on the top and be happy!
This thing is amazing. It's actually a dragon, its blue and black and stuff. It's just awesome.
First you think its a fire flying type then bamm its a fire breathing dragon literally
[Newest]Mega Charizard X is awesome times infinity

Epic pokemon, great moves in movest, one weaknes
It is unbelievably I beat the elite four with just him
Palkia is boss only weakness is dragon so that's bos
[Newest]Palkia is too op

The Contenders

The blend of both dark and dragon types is amazing and you will dominate all of your friends with this pokemon. The High HP stat makes it take at least two highly trained pokemon to take it down and the good Spec. Attack and Attack stats will ensure it wont happen any time soon the only pokemon that has ever beaten my Giratina was a Raquaza AND my giratina had to be softened up first by a salamance.
Giratina is such a great pokemon. He has two forms with different stats for each so you can have the advantage. Shadow force is an amazing move as well. It breaks through protect. He is more powerful than Dialga AND Palkia combined! So do yourself a favor and get Giratina to be #1 on the list. He deserves it.
I already spoke about this beast of a Pokemon on the top ten ghist types. same applies for dragon types. The guy below me is an idiot, Giratina is Dragon/Ghost.

Anyone else notice how gen 1 Pokemon dominate most of the lists? These things are invalid. When you people overcome your nostalgia then they may be accurate.
[Newest]Giratina's not low because he sucks, he's low because I just put him here

I like Reshiram Black was my second (or third) Pokemon game, it can also learn a lot of strong moves like dragon pulse, outrage, dragon claw, and draco meteor to top off the cake, also could kick Zekrom's butt as Reshiram, he's simply awesome looking too.
Why is reshiram the version mascot for Pokemon black? She should be the version mascot for white! Reshiram's the white one, and zekrom's the black one. So how come their games are the opposite of their color?
The Same thing as zekrom except with fire and its good attack is replaced with Spec. Attack and it has lower defense.

One of the downfalls of dragon types is it's weakness to ice. He's an ice/dragon type. And he can't get picked up for a sky drop, which is another plus. I don't know about you guys, but other than Charizard and Rayquaza, this guy's my favorite.
You have got to watch Kyurem The Sword Of Justice. In the movie the elder said that Iris wouldn't like the strongest dragon type Pokemon. Know why? Because KYUREM IS THE STRONGEST DRAGON TYPE Pokemon BUT IT IS ALSO A ICE TYPE. Later it is mentioned as the strongest Pokemon. So Kyurem is the strongest dragon type Pokemon!
It said in the fifteenth movie that Kyurem is the most powerful dragon type Pokemon because its ability to change forms makes it wield the power of Reshiram and Zekrom. That means it should be above both on the top ten list.
[Newest]Kyurem has the ability to use the power of zekrom and reshiram

An electric dragon? That is Awesome! That was my quoted words when I first heard about this pokemon being made, it has a high attack which is good for dragon pokemon.
Zekrom is beast, it can use really good moves, and has less weaknesses than Reshiram
ZEKROM RULES! He is a the best dragon Pokemon ever because he is so cool
[Newest]He is amazing when he gets in update! Ever time I pay Pokemon well

Well first of its typing is amazing with only 1 weakness unlike salamence and dragonite with 3. Competitivley it can sweep with the ability swift swim. Its stat are good all around. Its design is also awesome! By the way salamence is a copy and paste of dragonite :/ Why the heck is druddigon here
The only dragon that isn't super effected my ice moves. So it's only weakness is dragon moves and plus his speed is something else =D
People ALWAYS forget about kingdra because they think gyarados is the 'best non-legendary pokemon'. This is prof. That kingdra is AWESOME:-)
[Newest]It's a great Pokemon water and Dragon with its ability to power up critical hits its amazing great moves

All hail the all powerful Goodra
I imagine Goodra's rank will rise as we see what's in store for Ash's newest team member.
He's incredible for a starting competitive team

17Arceus (Dragon Type)
Personally, I don't think an Arceus with a dragon plate counts as a legit dragon type.
Arceus is the god of Pokemon and in the 11th movie he is able to deflect attacks with his plates
Arceus is a normal type but he haves plates of all the types he is everything


[Newest]Arceus is the best Pokémon and should be at the top

I think this is better than latios because I pwned my friend with its speed stat. It also gets recover, and mine knows surf, recover, draco meteor, and psychic.
I own a Latios and is the core of my team, it can bring destruction if used well. Also he looks cute for a dragon with an amount of coolness
Latios is so epic Latios should be in the top ten GET HIM IN THE TOP TEN! Man is he cute to.

The only rock/dragon Pokemon
DinoDoom come upon all who oppose him!
Awesome my favorite Pokemon

Dragon flying bird thing
Oh come on! He has my favorite mega! Make it higher! :(
My altaria kills all...
[Newest]Just... Added... Altaria... To the list

Zygarde needs more love! I love him for his mysteriousness.
Its got aura reverse

Noivern is very easily the best dragon type there is! He/she is just overall amazing and the fastest Dragon type there is! You have to admit he is amazing!
Noivern deserves to be among the top Dragon-type Pokemon:
1. He has pretty good Special Attack and even better speed
2. He has a nice range of moves that if used right could make him the ultimate killing machine
3. He looks AMAZING

Definitely my favorite Dragon-type.
Why the heck is noivern here! He easily can beat any non legend ratings is the worst way to decide about Pokemon
[Newest]Should be number 1 he is awesome in every way possible and great color too

23Mega Charizard Y
Ya, even though he's not a dragon type he's still AWESOME!
He's awesome! In my opinion, he's better than charizard X
He's not a dragon type! Mega charizard x is a dragon but not mega charizard y!

He's based off of an actual dragon legend. The dragon gate. A carp swims up stream swims up a waterfall to jump the dragon gate to become a dragon. If his typing was water/dragon and with his stats and movepool he would be too OP. He even looks like a Chinese dragon. He should definitely get at least top 10
He's based on the Chinese legend " dragon gate " a carp swims up stream swims up a waterfall and jumps over the gate to become a dragon. The only reason he's not a dragon " type" is because water/dragon would be too OP. So they gave him a redundant flying type. Almost all the dragon trainer npc's use him. He knows good ragon moves and He looks like a Chinese dragon he should be top 10 at least
Can't believe he is so low. Maybe not the best outright dragon but definitely should be in the top ten. Wide variety of moves. It will be strong against all types with the right moves.
[Newest]I want a gyarados to mega evolve into a water-dragon mix instead of water dark.

25Mega Ampharos
He is a huge monster in trick room with a whopping 45 speed, 90/110/105 bulk is amazing with typing both hyper defensive and hyper offensive. 165 is only 25 stats away from being the best special attack in the game, and a shallow yet AMAZING movepool, with the best moves being focus blast, thunder Bolt, Dragon pulse, power gem, signaal beam, cotton guard, and all the plus ability exclusive moves. The question is why aren't you voting him?
When he mega evolves he is electric dragon.
He's electric type idiots!

26Mega Sceptile
Grass/Dragon what could go wrong

Dragonair is the best he or she will not be paralyzed or burn or sleep or ice or poison dragonair

As a girl that loves the 150, I can definitely cast my vote to Charizard. Charmander is so so so so so so so so CUTE!
Charizard isvery strong to be a dragon Pokemon he should be the second or third and dragonite should be 17 th
Charizard is awesome (this oppinion is from a dragon lover)

The coolest dragon type out there, because this thing is definitely a dragon.
Best dragon type, no more ice weakness! I recommend spending all your whole life to find this Pokemon only because it's the best dragon type yet!
Lol why is this here?

The weakest dragon type, but 1# in visuals - it's so cute it makes me want to trade yvletal for it.
I like goomy she or he is beutiful and his?

He's much rarer than all of these

Glaceon isn't a dragon type... Dumb...
Obviously the best dragon type in the game

Laugh out loud Missingno
Not real glitch Pokemon

Too OP dragon type

Aww one day you fly bagon..
One day... you won't suck

That day is lv 55

Tyranitar is the best rock type Pokemon there is. It learns rock slide, earthquake, crunch and hyper beam without any TM's. It took out every single Pokemon it faced when I was playing gold and it got better in saphire.
You won't think its great but once you try him out, you'll never regret it.
His speed may not be that great but he makes up for it with his enormous defense and attack.
Oh and he's rock and dark, a nice combo (although fighting type Pokemon may be a pain, one earthquake or hyper beam would be more than enough to take them out).
Not dragon type but still good

Ditto has the ability to turn into any Dragon Pokemon. Therefore he is the best Dragon Pokemon.
Ditto is stupid whenever I use him he always dies.

The first dragon type ever, and the best. it's shed skin cures himself from special conditions. it can also learn all attack

It is evolution of axew. It is awesome, when I saw fraxure's dragon rage in my Pokemon game. I wanted to catch him but it beaten me. So much amazing.
It is very good.



It can learn dragon moves. Outrage, Ice Beam, Fire Blast, and Hyper Beam.


Evolution of gible. It is really magnificent dragon/ground Pokemon. It is amazing. It deserves to be in the list.


How is Torterra above this?!
Anyway, it is much faster than most other Dragon Pokemon, so that gives it an edge. Also, it looks cool!
A nice mixture of Dragon and Psychic its one of the faster legendaries and this makes it hard to hit with most attacks.

Honestly, I think Dragalge is way underrated. He has a combination of two of the coolest types in the game. Poison and Dragon. What can be cooler than that? Not to mention he makes a great special wall and sweeper.

Best Pokemon ever, wiped out heart gold champion with ease... oh wait... that was my dragonite... never mind, dragonite is the best Pokemon ever
My caterpie wiped out the Pokemon champion in heart gold... what about this Pokemon is not amazing... oh wait, that what was my dragonite
Why should caterpie coming dragon types this Pokemon should be in top weakest Pokemon ever
[Newest]Best dragon type ever, wait was that not my gible?

Who doesn't love Axew? Axew is the cutest dragon type Pokemon with no doubt!
Cuteness is my main concern in Pokemon teams, and in ORAS where having a dragon type Pokemon is super important, Axew and Dratini are in my top two

Kakuna is not a dragon type
Kakuna best dragon, sweeper with harden

His ability is amazing! Rough skin hurts them every time he gets touched. He's strong and fast, wiped out the entire dragon gyms leaders pokemon alone
Favorite Pokemon people really should give him more of a chance smh...
Great Pokemon deserves a better place
[Newest]It's a proper dragon type!

He needs more love. It's a great Pokemon.
Aerodactyl is awesome! It should number 1.
What it's a dragon and flying type

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