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21Mega Sceptile

Mega Sceptile is badass. He doesn't even need to be turned towards you to kill you! He can just turn around, and kill you without even looking at you. That is badass! He is so strong in competitive too! He destroys HO teams. I have 6-0ed HO teams with him in OU on Pokemon Showdown. Vote for Sceptile.

The grass/dragon combo is too good no fire weakness (replaced by dragon/fairy) he can wreck me water types and has ways to fight away the rare fairy types (not a good choice for fairy gym) he was already my favorite starter but could get anialated by for re types now not some much he rules!

Grass/Dragon what could go wrong

My favorite mega evolution, he is beast and is freakishly fast, there is nothing to not love about him

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Noivern is very easily the best dragon type there is! He/she is just overall amazing and the fastest Dragon type there is! You have to admit he is amazing!

Noivern deserves to be among the top Dragon-type Pokemon:
1. He has pretty good Special Attack and even better speed
2. He has a nice range of moves that if used right could make him the ultimate killing machine
3. He looks AMAZING

Definitely my favorite Dragon-type.

Why the heck is noivern here! He easily can beat any non legend ratings is the worst way to decide about Pokemon

Bats are my favorite animal, so it makes since that he's my favorite dragon type.

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Dragonair looks much better than its evolution, Dragonite. It may not have its flying type, but there are so many other dragon/flying types that it doesn't really matter! Dragonair for the win!

Dragonair is the best he or she will not be paralyzed or burn or sleep or ice or poison dragonair

The most elegant and sexy dragon type ever beats all dragon types forever

It's so much better than dragonite

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Altaria I My Favorite Pokemon It Should Be In The Top 3 At Least How Are Dragonite And Zekrom Better Than Altaria

Altaria is an absolute beast, and its mega evolution looks amazing! It should be at least top ten!

Altaria is my favorite Pokemon of all time it just wrecked everything

I love altaria it is one of my favorite dragon types

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What the hell totter is not a dragon he is just a stupid tree!

Torterra is amazing but not dragon

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Gyarados isn't even a dragon type Pokemon, regardless of whether or not he looks like one or is based off of a dragon legend. Of course, I don't think dragon Arceus should count either, so take that how you will.

He's based off of an actual dragon legend. The dragon gate. A carp swims up stream swims up a waterfall to jump the dragon gate to become a dragon. If his typing was water/dragon and with his stats and movepool he would be too OP. He even looks like a Chinese dragon. He should definitely get at least top 10

He's based on the Chinese legend " dragon gate " a carp swims up stream swims up a waterfall and jumps over the gate to become a dragon. The only reason he's not a dragon " type" is because water/dragon would be too OP. So they gave him a redundant flying type. Almost all the dragon trainer npc's use him. He knows good ragon moves and He looks like a Chinese dragon he should be top 10 at least

He's not a Dragon type he's a water and flying type

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Honestly, I think Dragalge is way underrated. He has a combination of two of the coolest types in the game. Poison and Dragon. What can be cooler than that? Not to mention he makes a great special wall and sweeper.

This bad boy has a very nice special defense but the problem is his speed is not very useful if neglecting that he is a dragon having powers to beat a fairy type

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Yeah. The same as Latios. They should stay together. (They're brother and sister. They should stay together.)

How is Torterra above this?!
Anyway, it is much faster than most other Dragon Pokemon, so that gives it an edge. Also, it looks cool!

A nice mixture of Dragon and Psychic its one of the faster legendaries and this makes it hard to hit with most attacks.

I love Latias she is my favourite pokemon

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It has so much power he known for 1 hit killing Mewtwo his attacks are some of the strongest in all Pokemon

The weakest dragon type, but 1# in visuals - it's so cute it makes me want to trade yvletal for it.

Bad pokemon, BUT the new EXP Share system in X and Y makes it easy to level him up without making him fight hard battles. Thus, it'll soon evolve into a Goodra - which has a monster base 150 special defense and access to Hydration. Another good use I found for Goodra is in Double battles. I'd just use Energy Ball or something on Goodra, then watch its power go way up.

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30Mega Ampharos

He is a huge monster in trick room with a whopping 45 speed, 90/110/105 bulk is amazing with typing both hyper defensive and hyper offensive. 165 is only 25 stats away from being the best special attack in the game, and a shallow yet AMAZING movepool, with the best moves being focus blast, thunder Bolt, Dragon pulse, power gem, signaal beam, cotton guard, and all the plus ability exclusive moves. The question is why aren't you voting him?

When he mega evolves he is electric dragon.

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32CharizardCharizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

As a girl that loves the 150, I can definitely cast my vote to Charizard. Charmander is so so so so so so so so CUTE!

This is fire/flying not fire/dragon

Boss it is not a dragon type it is a fire/flight types

Why is charizard even on this list

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33TorterraV5 Comments

Isn't croagunk poison and fighting?

Uh should only be used for dragging Brock from smexy women

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Who doesn't love Axew? Axew is the cutest dragon type Pokemon with no doubt!

Cuteness is my main concern in Pokemon teams, and in ORAS where having a dragon type Pokemon is super important, Axew and Dratini are in my top two

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The coolest dragon type out there, because this thing is definitely a dragon.

Best dragon type, no more ice weakness! I recommend spending all your whole life to find this Pokemon only because it's the best dragon type yet!

No dragon even comes close to Regice. Its full ice type makes it able to kill dragons.

He isn't a dragon type

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Ditto can transform into anything therefor, he is every type. Dragon, ice, grass, bird, if you can name it, he is that. So your point is invalid.

I guess it's a dragon type if it's fighting a dragon type, but it is NOT a dragon if it's fighting a normal or an electric or whatever.

Ditto is stupid whenever I use him he always dies.

Sorry u dummy, its base type is normal - socoolmudkip

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He's much rarer than all of these


It's on this list because it's a dragon slayer

Glaceon isn't a dragon type... Dumb...

Obviously the best dragon type in the game

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Tyranitar is the best rock type Pokemon there is. It learns rock slide, earthquake, crunch and hyper beam without any TM's. It took out every single Pokemon it faced when I was playing gold and it got better in saphire.
You won't think its great but once you try him out, you'll never regret it.
His speed may not be that great but he makes up for it with his enormous defense and attack.
Oh and he's rock and dark, a nice combo (although fighting type Pokemon may be a pain, one earthquake or hyper beam would be more than enough to take them out).

Tyranitar is pretty awesome. I think. I guess. I hope. Maybe.
He is strong and cool looking. But I didn't vote for him.

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