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The remix with Kanye, Lil Wayne, and Eminem is quite possibly the best rap song lately
This is pretty good... Its bad without kanye west... Lil wayne was okay... Eminem beast (as usual) and by the way where is up all night?
Love this song to death
[Newest]Some of the greatest rappers of all time getting together for one of the greatest rap songs of all time.

This song is one of the greatest rap song ever... The beats of the song is so catchy... And he's got his own rapping style.. And also the lyrics which truly suits his sharp voice... This should be at number one...
Never Heard Such Good Rapping... Its the Best Song Of Drake... And Probably He is the Best Rapper Als
Headlines has a perfect video. as always drake has good flow, maybe you don't believe but I can't understand this song exactly cause drake's accent is so difficult for me. Lucky cash money all of the cash money users can create and sing expensive songs and videos.
[Newest]It's just the best. Great rapping skill, the attitude/tone has a ton of swagger, and the vocal melody goes great with the beat ("I even gave 'em a chance to decide now it's something they know")

why is this song not in the top ten? top 3 fo sho!
His best song he has relesed.. 'forever' and 'best I ever had' are over-rated deserves to be number 1 on this list
Nice beat, good lyrics, what more could you ask for from this song? Doesn't sound as Pop as some of the others, in a good way.
[Newest]I love all drake's songs but this one stood out because it helped me get out of a hump in my life, Drake is the best

4Best I Ever Had
Haven't heard much drake songs, but this is my favorite out of the ones I heard. It should be number uno but I still think forever is a good song. I also like find your love, fancy, right above it, and what's my name.
This is a good song- Find Your Love and Over are the


Best on the list. But my all time favourite Drake song is Show Me A Good Time
[Newest]This has to be top

5Marvin's Room
Are you joking me this isn't 1? who's voting for this stuff? no one with common sense! This song is for real not like any of those radio popular songs sitting at one and two. Vote this up to one and make this a legit site
This a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL song. He's going thru problems in his relationship but the melody, lyrics, beats of this song just transfer that feeling from him to you. Perfectly conveys the message n captures the depressing moods. Hats off to Noah 40 and drake Forever Drake!
This is like his best song ever! The lyrics can be related to almost anyone, and that is what he does best!
Keeping it real! And this is undoubtedly better than Forever
[Newest]People its getting real now vote

6The Motto
Should be in top 5 way too good to be 36.. In my top 25 songs in my ipod already who ever made this list needs to rethink it because I see more then multiple that should be higher

W0W 39? Wow.. This song has flow.. Its like a jerking song almost.. Its pretty Dope..
This isn't song isn't touchable..
Drake told us he would thank him later...
Take care...
Unfortunately, I don't think Drake has a signature song just yet. "The Motto", however, is a great track. One of Drake's best, to be honest. The beat is simple and not over complicated. Drake usually builds his beats and makes them completely full, but this is him going in a different direction from what he usually does. Anyways, it seems like a fun track to rock to, but again, Drake has yet to show the public a hard-hitting track.
[Newest]Insane song. One of my absolute all time favourite songs not just from Drake but from anybody artist.

7Take Care
This is a very deep song and I love it. Wow I'm kind of surprised to see it this low on the list. At least top 10 worthy.
A very deep song that penetrates right into ones inner feelings. You ve been in a situation like this, and if not yet you better try it, because there's nothing more beautiful in this world than this very sweet flavor of love sorrow..
I don't really listen to Drake but this song is REALLY good and I gurantee you will like it, the beat is beast and rihanna is in it! This song should be in top 10
[Newest]Its one of the best

One of Drake's fastest raps, this song is one of Drake's most successful songs, I suggest listening to it before you judge it.
This song is amazing I think it should be like number 4 because this song is beast. It is way beter than marvins room. This and the motto are definitely two of his best
When I listen to this song me and my cousin dance to his song I believe in drake and his my hero he came to the top with this song he rocks the world and takes it to a stand still this song should the best song eve woow
[Newest]Definitely in Drake's Top 10. Tip my cap to him.

9Find Your Love
It the stuff kanye produced this drake you the best forever mayne ever mayne man you the beest I can't wait for his next album I wonder what he'll bring next well need to wait it'll be worth it!
AMAZING. Why the hell is it not in the top ten? :O
My favorite song ever. The beats are simply too good they make you wanna groove.
[Newest]This is the best Drake song ever. I'm going to listen to it right now.

10Started From the Bottom
What I think as far as Drake is concern this is the only track wich shows that how much mature he has became now in this rap game, This is the best his carreer so far,

This song is THE boss. Awesome lyrics. Catchy beats. Great video! And most importantly the meaning of the song. Started from the bottom now he's here!
"Just as a reminder to my self I wear every single chain even when I am in the house! "
My goodness. This song is absolute rubbish. The video is STUPID. If he really committed the act of actually starting from the bottom, then the idiot should portray that in the video. SIGH. He's so overrated.
[Newest]Started from the bottom now we here drake, The Director more than anyone else make this song bigger and better. Great video and a simple beat but the quality of beat make song better.


The Contenders

11Hold On, We're Going Home
Drake has a lot of great songs, but I think this one is the best. Puts you in a good mood instantly. This song is new, so everyone needs to vote for it to get it at #1
The best chillin Drake's song ^ ^
This is the best Drake song ever. The beat is full of quality and it's one of drake's newest hits that everyone enjoys. It is probably the best song ever.
[Newest]This songs tells exactly why Drake is different from the other rappers. In a good way.

12Miss Me
This song is so awesome. It's like this is the BEST SONG EVER. Well done Drake you are my best musician I love you so much it's like 143 couldn't you sing wonderfully!
I've heard many of Drake's song, this should be on number one.
Hear to it, and you'll believe me
I love this song it's the greatest to me I love drake but I love this song more

13Make Me Proud
SERIOUSLY? THIS SONG isn't NUMBER ONE? HOW? ITS EPIC! The beat, drizzy's gorgeous singing, the lyrics, and OH YEAH, nicki minaj obviously...
This Song has got to be one of drake's best songs! I put this song on for an alarm for the mornin' and it TOTALLY wakes me up! Very catchy and epic! This song makes people really get into what your doing! A really rocking song!
God. This song turns me on, the lyrics.. The soft voice. Drake. Nicki.
It makes you feel it, touches you and makes you feel like your High. Like your light. All you want from a song. Deserves to be number 1 without a Single doubt.
[Newest]Seriously, this should make it to top ten, at least!

14All Me
Great song this deserves to be in a better position love the beat and lyrics
One of drakes best verses
This should be top 5 no question. One of Drakes best all around songs.

15Crew Love
Such I nice relaxing song and it makes me think about my crush if only I was in 7th grade again
Such a good pump-up song, This song really gives you that "reflection" mentality.

16Under Ground Kings
By FAR, the best Drake rap song of ALL TIME. Great beat, he spits fire, damn
He will take his crown to the grave, he is definitely NOT an underground king anymore. He made it to the top. And this song was the icing on the cake.
That's hands down the best ever drake song. His voice and this beat fit together like nothing I've ever heard before. The lyrics be fire too.

17Right Above It
This song is amazing! Drake and Weezy make magic, sick beat. Just downright amazing
Should for sure be in the top 10, I don't know how it was at number 9 and got moved down to number 12, you guys need to vote this one back up to the top 10s
Don't like my women single I like my chick's in two's

185AM in Toronto
This is his best pure Rap song. Murdered this song, filled with enough subliminal shots to make someone drunk laugh out loud
Listened to this song one time and can't stop. Drake goes hard definitely better than most songs he puts out now.
Drake sucks overall. But I have to hand it to him for this one. This is a really good song. This is the Drake I wanna see.
[Newest]Amazing beat and lyrics

Fancy should be at least top 3 on here but 9am in dallas is easily the best song ever by any artist this son though shows drakes different voices although he makes music in several diffent voices and writes his own music
Best drake songs, I don't know what everybody else is talking about, it should at least be in the top 3

20I'm Goin In
Is this war or somethin
This song is honestly in the top tens in my opinion its one of young jeezy's songs and Waynes and drakes also

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